Friday, January 9, 2015

NYE 2k14

This is a little off topic, but it provides some back story. 

When I was assigned my dorm freshman year, I was assigned the smallest dorm on campus. The dorm actually was an old on-campus fraternity house. There were 24 people in the dorm. I was a little disappointed when I received my assignment because as an anxious freshman, I wanted to be in a huge dorm to make a lot of friends. Anyways, in this dorm were 12 girls and 12 guys. And let me tell you, the entire experience was pretty much what you see on Friends... late nights ordering pizza, Sundays all snuggled together in one room watching a movie, all of us getting ready for a night out blasting our favorite music. Ohhh those were the days. 

We were all so very different, but we all became family and it's an experience that I am so thankful for and will truly never forget. They're literally some of my best friends and we all have so much fun when we get together... it's like we never left. It's sometimes fun to hang out with mostly guys because they have no problem 'telling me like it is' and there is absolutely no drama whatsoever and I love them for that. 

Sometimes we will go a month without chatting, and then we'll conference call and it'll be like we never left the dorm. Or the group texts will have me crying-laughing at my desk while I'm at work. It's the best. So anyways, I packed my bags and headed down to DC to ring in the new year! Most of the boys live in DC so we planned to go to the Ritz in Georgetown.... get ready for a ton of photos....

It wouldn't have been a good DC trip without a visit to M and Wisconsin for some quality shopping. Lauren, a Pittsburgh bff came along and had never visited DC before, so of course I had to show her all the best spots: Kate Spade, Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines, Zara, Ralph Lauren, Barbour, etc. Shopping tires you out, and what better a way to kick off the night than stop at Clyde's for bubbly and snacks. 

 Then, I was finally reunited with my boys. We popped the bubbly and all got ready. 

Then we had a 20394823098420 photo photoshoot. I'm so glad I got this dress-- it was the perfect thing to wear. I love the sassy back, but the conservative front. 

The best part about the Ritz was that there were balloons, confetti and so many different party hats and 'favors'. I have so many goofy pics in my camera roll of all of us trying on different hats.. Pretty sure I carried around balloons for 50% of the night, too. It was also fun to change rooms-- one room had the ball drop area, one room was a jazz trio and lounge furniture, another room with a DJ and dance floor and then an awesome band in another room... needless to say, we weren't bored. 

My facial expression accurately shows how I feel about Champagne. Also,  don't you just love my NBA wristband-- adds that je ne sais quoi to the whole ensemble ;)

And we capped off the visit and kicked off 2015 with Brooklyn Bagels in the warm sunshine in our comfiest of clothes. It could not have been a more fun and perfect NYE! How was yours? Have a fabulous day! 



Unknown said...

I love your NYE dress it's so cute! It looks like you had an amazing time! I hope 2015 brings you nothing but joy!
xo, Kyla

Anonymous said...

Aw, I loved this post! I grew up right outside of DC in Northern Virginia, and it's always cool to see pics of your favorite spots. And that dress looks so good on you!

Christine said...

Omg you look gorgeous! It looks you had a fabulous New Year.

Katie said...

I literally live a block from Brooklyn Bagel....absolutely addicting!!

Kelli said...

Silly question - but what brand of tights are you wearing? Love them - look sheer.

Katie Olivia said...

I love the pictures, it looks like you had a great time. And of course the dress and your hair is perfection!!


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