Thursday, January 8, 2015

Little White Shirt

If you are going to refresh one thing in your wardrobe every season, it should, without a doubt, be a white shirt. Whether you are a guy or girl, young or old, the little white shirt is a wardrobe staple. I like to try new brands each season, but I have a few tried and true favorites. 

I also like that there are endless ways to wear a LWS. I buy white button downs from the men's section, little boys section (Brooks Brothers is the best for this) and then from the women's. No department is off limits when it comes to white button downs. Here are some of my favorites:

Do you have a favorite LWS? Have a fabulous day! 



Lauren said...

The little white shirt is definitely a wardrobe staple!


Christine said...

I can always count on my trusty white shirt to keep me looking put together!

Anonymous said...

I don't, but now I need one!

Scarlett said...

White shirts are such good staples to have in your wardrobe!
xo, Scarlett
The Trendy Chick

Jillian said...

The little white shirt is such a great thing to have on hand! I'll have to check out a few of your favorites!!


Unknown said...

White shirts can be worn on their own but also looks great when layered! Definitely a great staple to have in the wardrobe!



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