Monday, May 18, 2015

All White

sweater// shorts
sandals// tote// bracelet 
sunglasses// turquoise necklace 
I love all white regardless of the season, but especially during the summer. I honestly would have never purchased this sweater with just having seen it online. I typically steer away from 'cropped', but when I saw it in the store, it looked perfect for summer, and not that cropped.  Once I tried it on, I was sold. I actually bought it to go with denim shorts, but it ended up looking nice with white chino shorts
I got these Jack Rogers while in Hilton Head and I love them! They are a little different than the classics, but that is what makes me reach for them instead! Plus, they're very comfortable and slightly more casual. They're my version of 'Birkenstocks', because that's probably the closest I'll ever get to that sandal 'trend'. I kept the entire outfit pretty neutral with basic jewelry and a simple tote, but like the small pop of turquoise from my necklace. Are you an all white fan? Have a fabulous day! 


Portuguese Prepster said...

Seriously love that sweater!

Erin said...

All white looks great on you!

Her Heartland Soul

Stella Cadente said...

So cute! I All white always looks so chic!

Lauren Elizabeth
Petite in Pearls

Pink and Green Mom said...

Are the regular J.Crew chino shorts in white not see-thru? I bought some factory and they are!

Sydney Carver Snyder said...

Pink and green mom, they are not see through! I don't shop at the factory store because their pieces are identical to the regular j crew but made of lesser quality material! They're not as completely opaque white as I would like (Ralph lauren is the best for this!!!) but they are not see through by any means! Hope this helps :)

Lucym said...

Is your tote bag a large or extra large? Always enjoy your blog!


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