Monday, August 31, 2015

The Perfect Transition Outfit

Last week was actually chilly. We're talking 'put your seat heaters on, wear a jacket in the morning, need a sweater at night' kind of chill. I welcomed the 60 degree temps with open arms. I love summer, but I also love to layer and sometimes those things just do not go hand-in-hand. 

During the day, though, it still gets hot enough that you wouldn't want to be stuck in a sweater or boots or anything 'too fall'. Enter the outfit above. 

It's perfect because of the transitional fabrics and colors, minus all the layers you would need for actual fall. I am a big believer in the LWS (little white shirt, read about here) and denim. It's the simplest outfit that works for a number of season and occasions. This shirt combines a menswear inspired, classic, crisp button down with an updated tunic finish. It's classic with a subtle twist and definitely works for a multitude of styling options. 

I don't really ever wear jeans in the summer. I get too hot, and really prefer dresses and skirts. However, I reached for jeans last week for the first time in a long while and forgot how much I love them! This pair is hands down my favorite style ever. It comes in a multitude of washes and well worth the price. They're so comfortable but very well made and flattering. The style/cut comes out every season, so I've collected the Halle in a lot of different washes! 

The flats are one of my favorite pairs of shoes in my closet right now. The pop of red is very fall, and adds a nice dose of color to my other wise neutral outfit. Not to mention, these are inexpensive, well made and uber comfortable. They have arch support built in which is a major plus. These are cute, but also functional enough to walk around in a large city for hours on end. What are you wearing to transition into the new season? Have a fabulous day! 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Cozy Sweats

First of all, thank you to everyone for their feedback about yesterday's posting format! Glad to hear you all like it! Thank goodness it is Friday! I feel like I have a lot of work to do this weekend in regard to my blog, but also some fun things planned! Can't wait to SLEEP... I know I say that every weekend, but the weekends are the only time I really make time to actually sleep. 

Anyway, onto today's post. I know it's only August, but seriously, when the air conditioning is on full blast, I can't help but to pull out my cozy pieces. I lived in this exact outfit all winter long. Seriously, these sweatpants might be the best ever. They're men's... So it's a little weird I am wearing men's sweatpants, but I got an xs and they're the perfect amount of baggy. They're also a lot thicker and softer than the women's version in terms of quality and the roomy pockets are a major plus. 

I also have worn this pink sweater about a million times in so many different ways. I've worn it with white shorts, white pants, boyfriend denim,  black skinny pants, etc. It's versatile and comfortable. For sizing reference, this runs slightly large. I sized down from a small to an XS. Do you have a go-to comfy outfit? Have a fabulous day! 

Thursday, August 27, 2015


The view from my office-- we are currently sitting 17 floors higher than usual for two weeks while construction is done on our floor. What a view!! New orange key ring is Michael Louis

How is it already Thursday?! This week has absolutely zoomed along. I've been super busy at work as this is our busiest season in addition to being super busy with Summer Wind on the back end, not to mention, I've started in a new daily workout routine that's also taking away sometime... I feel like it was just yesterday that I was introducing this series (see last week's version here)!

Let me know if you like this format (or not), I'd love to hear your feedback. I personally like that it's simple, quick and easy to digest! So here we go...

Watching: Jay Alvarrez's videos. This kid knows how to live. He's also got a killer instagram. Where do I sign up for this lifestyle?!

Also Watching: This video. It's beautifully shot and contains a very strong message that most can relate to. It's not until the end you realize it's an advert for a Spa. Talk about a great campaign.

Eating: KIND Popped Dark Chocolate granola bars. SO good, filling and healthy. I keep them in my 'snack drawer' at work and one always in my handbag for when I get #hangry.

Smelling: Carven L'eau de toilette-- my daily go-to

Drinking: Enjoying the last few weeks of summer with Chandon's Rose. If you follow me on Snapchat (SummerWind41490) then you'll see that this is one of my go-to inexpensive bottles (under $20) of sparkling rose.

Wearing: I haven't worn this buffalo check shirt yet (you might have seen it on Snapchat: SummerWind41490), but I just recently got it in the mail and am obsessed. The quality is really nice for the price and the fit is comfy and cozy.

Reading: The heartbreaking news of the death of JMU 2012 alum, Alison Parker and her colleague, Adam Ward that shook the nation yesterday. While I did not personally know Alison, like me, she was a fellow JMU 2012 alum.

I first heard of the news, early yesterday morning on Facebook as friends started posting their thoughts, prayers, memories, and photos of Alison. President Alger said it best as he proposed a moment of silence yesterday while welcoming JMU's class of 2019, "As you all know, JMU, is more than just a university, we are a family, and as many of you may have heard on the news, earlier today, we lost one of our recent alums, Alison Parker, in a tragic shooting near Roanoke...Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of all of the victims of this tragedy." Once a Duke, Always a Duke.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected in this senseless tragedy.

Listening: Walking In The Wind- Steve Winwood/Traffic (the live version). Turn this up on surround sound speakers and jam out!

Loving: In other JMU news (this is happy news!), my big's wedding (you may remember this post) is on District Weddings. Such stunning photos and brings me back to her absolutely gorgeous wedding. It is almost their one year anniversary! Goodness gracious, how time flies!

Wearing: Bright pink pumps. They're especially cheery when worn on Mondays.

Wanting: These Printed Leggings// Ingenious Leather Duffel/Weekender// Plaid Wrap// Cheetah Print Clutch// Tassel Flats 

Pittsburgh-ing: Hello Bistro. Best salads in the entire city. Locations in Oakland, Downtown, and South Side.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

To Mac, Love Syd #NationalDogDay

In my opinion, there are too many National ______ Day. A day for watermelon? Really? A day for seemingly everything under the sun, seems a little ridiculous to me. But today? National Dog Day? This is one I can get behind. 

When we got Mac, our beloved Australian Cattle Dog in late 2004, I was a freshman in high school. My sister wanted a dog badly-- we had never had a pet before. At 14, I was somewhat uninterested in having a pet. I was too into being a high school freshman-- too into school, boys, cheerleading, clothes, makeup, friends, etc. When my dad and sister came back with Mac one evening, I remember thinking how strange it was that there was an animal in our house. It was such a foreign concept to me. 

My sister Callie, took to him right away. Mac is short for McAllister, named from our Scottish heritage. I remember being unsure about him for the first week or so. In the first few months, he was a pup full of life... we left the kitchen for an hour or so one day and he managed to get up on the island in our kitchen and eat our entire dinner for later that night! He's also torn through the garbage a few times-- but no one, including me can ever seem to even get the slightest bit angry about it. 

The first Christmas we had him, we went overboard on toys. We let him tear through his stocking and other gifts. He was a rescue, so we assumed it was his first 'real' Christmas. As he finished tearing through, he darted to the back door of our house and demanded to be let out. He promptly ran out into the snow and dug a hole in our backyard and buried his toy! Having never had a dog before, we were all so confused. But it was SO funny. I will always remember that Christmas. 

We've now been blessed to have Mac in our life for over 11 years and he has taught me so much about life and love. Those that do not have pets might find my statements to be dramatic, or even cheesy. But I can assure you that getting Mac was one of the best things to ever happen. I truly never knew I could love him as much as I do. Even at age 13, Mac is still such a character. He is so smart and funny and so incredibly loving and loyal. Although an animal, he is a member of our family and one of my absolute best friends. 

Mac is getting old and slowing down, which worries me . But he still is able to go on walks with me and go on puppuccino dates and ice cream dates. He absolutely loves watermelon and soft, squeaky toys, and hates the water and getting brushed. I cherish every second I get to be with Mac and hope he continues to thrive with us for as long as God allows. 

So here's to you, Mac! A well deserved day in your honor, but who are we kidding, every day is Mac's day! I love you, my sweet pup, always! I am so lucky to have you in my life.

Chambray Blue + White Tunic



Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt and Jack Rogers Sandals
 Tunic (c/o, $28, comes in navy, too!)// White Shorts (on sale, under $30)

There's a super casual restaurant on the lake that you get to by boat. The food is so-so, but the charm of it is being able to have a cocktail cruise on the way, park your boat and then a sunset cruise home. It's one of my favorite evenings. Being on a boat with friends, family and drinks as you watch the sunset, is in short: heaven. 

The weather in the mountains of Georgia is the best. It's cool in the mornings, gets scorching hot in the afternoons and then cools down again in the evening. My favorite part is getting on the boat at night and cozying up with a sweatshirt

Since the restaurant is casual, I wore this pretty blue tunic with a gorgeous piping detail. It looks great with the white shorts, but I've also been pairing it with white pants. Come fall, I plan to pair it with boyfriend jeans and sneakers. It's most definitely a classic, and great quality, too. It's currently on sale for less than $28 so act fast before the sizes are sold out! Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Perfect Nightshirt

First of all, I'd like to say that my 13 year old cousin, Jack, took these photos.... aren't they great for a guy his age? He's the best and such a good sport. Thanks, Jack!

I am not a morning person. At all. I love sleep so much. However, I have become somewhat of a morning person because of having to get up for work each morning. Adulting is hard ('adulting' has recently become one of my favorite fake word verbs, FYI). In college I was the queen of sleeping. No joke, I could go to bed at midnight and wake up at noon the next day. My roommates knew not to coming knocking until after noon. Ohhh the college days. 

Now, I stick to a pretty crazy schedule and admit to not getting the sleep my body needs. Because I work and blog and freelance and try to have a social life, I don't go to bed until around 1am each night and then get back up at 6:45am. Because of that, on weekends, I usually go to bed early and wake around 9 without an alarm. A major improvement from my college days, that's for sure. One day I hope to be someone that naturally wakes at 7am... one day. 

Well, I will say, I am proud to report on vacation, I never slept in too late, but it was quite the luxury to be able to sleep as long as I'd like. Heading down to the dock when I woke up to catch up on my book was probably one of the best parts of the day. This book, Summer at Tiffany's is a great read. I had read it a few years ago (read my review, here) and fell in love and decided to re-read. Definitely solidified my love for this book! 

I have the shirt/pants version of these pajamas, but just recently got the nightshirt. The cotton is light and easy and the style is very classic. It fits comfortably loose but without a frumpy look. It's the perfect PJ's for this time of year... I like to wear nightshirts during the fall months with high cozy socks to lounge around in the mornings! Do you have a favorite type of Pjs that you prefer? Have a fabulous day! 

Monday, August 24, 2015

White + Blue Stripes

Almost forgot to post this outfit from the lake! I only remembered because on Friday night, it was very cool, so I reached for this great striped shirt! I have far too many striped button downs, but this one is by far a favorite. It looks crisp and fresh and works right now but will also transition nicely as we enter into a new season! 

My Barrington Gifts monogrammed tote was a favorite of mine while at the lake. I have several patterns and use mine all the time for various purposes. Going to the grocery store, as a handbag, as a pool bag, for my laundry, etc. They're durable and roomy, which I think are two aspects that make for a great tote! 

Get all the 'all white' ensembles as you can because soon we won't be able to sport them. Although, I don't follow the 'no white after labor day' rule any more. It's more fun to break the rules anyway ;). Have a fabulous day! 

Friday, August 21, 2015

J. Crew New Arrivals

J. Crew's new arrivals rollout dropped in stores this week and I'm actually loving what is available. I've found J. Crew to be hit or miss the past few years. I'll still buy staples like this cashmere sweater when it's on a good sale, but other than that, they've become very lackluster. 

However, I actually think their first fall rollout is pretty darn good!  A lot of staple pieces mixed in with some very wearable, but unique pieces! I also feel like the (full) price points aren't as ridiculous as they can sometimes get. 

I also usually dislike the way J. Crew styles their pieces in the catalog and online. They're often sloppy and don't work for actually wearing the pieces in 'real' day-to-day life. However, to me, the above outfit is pure perfection. 

It combines uber classic staples: the twin set (cardigan and shell) and then updates and 'youthifies' (totally just made that word up) the look with a pleated leather skirt. I also love that they have updated the cardigan and shell with gold buttons. I think it gives a luxe look and adds some interest to a simple, classic. 

I ordered the entire outfit, which is something I normally never do. It came out to be well under $250 (with promo code), which I find to be a good deal. Especially because I plan to pair the pleated skirt with a silk tank and pumps for a cute 'going out' look and then I will also get a ton of wear out of the cardigan and shell literally works with anything. Throw on some pearls for the office or a chunky gold necklace and boyfriend jeans for a polished weekend look!

Scroll through to see my favorite new arrivals. Are you loving J. Crew this season? Have a fabulous day! 

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Thought I'd share what I've been loving lately. I like this quick little format I created, so I am going to try and do this weekly! Here it goes.. 

Smelling: Arquiste for J. Crew No. 31 (on sale!)

Watching: Grey's Anatomy (Netflix). I loved this series in high school but stopped watching in college. I just started from the beginning and am binge watching it all. I'm not a crier, but I forgot how sad some of the episodes can get. It's a good reminder of how fragile life is.

Eating: Bomb Pops. It's a true addiction. Also, they're only 40 calories! Make sure to get the Bomb pops brand, they taste differently than all of the other red, white and blue popsicles! 

Drinking: Moet and Chandon Ice Imperial, it's champagne concentrated and specifically made to be poured over ice. It's sooooo good and perfect for the last few weeks of super hot weather.

Listening: If you are on Spotify, check out my August playlist here. I just started getting back into the running groove, so a lot are upbeat songs that are great for a good workout. My most played song right now? Roses by the Chainsmokers. #TurnItUp

Wearing: These new kicks. Part cool girl, part preppy classics. Hint: order a kid's size. I got a 7 and am usually a women's 8 and they fit perfectly.

Pittsburgh-ing: Eddie Merlot's in Gateway Center. Incredible food, extensive wine list and delicious cocktails. Perfect location for date night (ask to sit on the patio).

Reading: Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse. Really interesting read about the state of dating in 2015.

Wanting: These sunnies// these booties// this navy bag

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Look for Less: Manolo Blahnik

I have long admired the classic and luxurious Manolo Blahnik slingbacks. Wear them to work, to dinner, on date night, or even to a cocktail party... they're versatile and a powerhouse in a timeless, sophisticated wardrobe. 

At $645, though pricey, these are a very classic purchase. If you are going to spend on shoes, a classic style like this, that doesn't really go 'in' or 'out' is the way to go and typically how I tend to decide if I want to spend or save. 

For this particular shoe, I found an almost identical pair, though for less than $100 and knew I had to share. If you're looking for a color other than black, be sure to check them out because they come in all sorts of textures and colors. I really love the 'winter sky' shade. I also found a pretty similar pair that is navy glitter. So. Cute. If heels aren't your thing, there's a perfect pair of flat slingbacks, too! 

I found this great image of Miranda Kerr rocking the splurge pair. They look every bit as good with a cocktail dress as they do skinny jeans! Do you own a great pair of slingbacks? Have a fabulous day! 

A Marketing Professional: What I do at work and my career

I get a lot of questions about my career. Mostly from high school and college aged readers who are curious how I ended up where I am today! I figured a post about it would be helpful to those in college who are considering what they would like to do for a career.

I graduated from James Madison University in Virginia in 2012 with a BA in public relations and a minor in writing. When I started college, I went in with my major as business. I took a year of business classes and ultimately decided it was not for me. The accounting classes and econ classes were pure torture (in my opinion) and really made me rethink what I wanted to do. After talking to my adviser, I started taking classes for public relations and writing. For those in college, I recommend really taking advantage of your adviser and his advice/knowledge. Mine helped me to choose PR and I never looked back! 

Honestly, for the majority of my PR major, I always thought I'd work in traditional PR. However, by senior year, I knew I wanted something a little more digital with more social media involvement. While in college, I had tons of fun, joined a sorority (ZLAM!!!) and was very social overall. However, I really did take my education seriously and worked very hard to maintain exceptional grades. 

While grades aren't everything, I do think it helped me to land a great internship. My senior year and the summer after my senior year, I interned at an internet marketing company where I did research and wrote web copy. After interning at the marketing company, I found a wonderful job at the top luxury event planning firm in the city. I started out working as an event coordinator, but then became the social media manager and launched the company's social media and blog efforts. I loved writing about gorgeous weddings and reviewing stunning images of weddings. It was a great 'first job'. It was also a very small office of only several people, so I got a taste of what a small business was like. 

After 2 years, I started working for a full service digital ad agency, which is where I am now. So what do I do at my job?

Day-to-day, I work in the marketing department with 60+ other people, a very big contrast to my first job of only several people. I work closely with the IT department, editors and graphic designers to create content for digital platforms.

From digital display campaigns, to landing pages, to pre-roll videos, to microsites, to marketing and re-marketing; I live in a world of optimizing content for the channel and for SEO (search engine optimization). I also interpret web analytics and data and consult with campaign teams on how to improve digital campaign strategies. There's also a pretty big element of project management involved as I'm always working on many campaigns at any given time. It sounds like a ton of work (it is) but it's also good to note that it's not just me doing all of this work myself, as I work with an awesome team! 

I really like my job. Not only are the people as an entire department wonderful, but I couldn't ask for a better team or boss. They're all creative, smart, and encouraging and I'm honestly so lucky to be part of such a great group! I never dread going into work each day and I feel that my hard work is valued. I feel like I grow daily and am always presented with new knowledge and opportunities that help me to grow as a professional; and that is something that was very important to me when looking for a job. 

As much as I love my job,  I don't mean to paint a picture of perfection. It's called 'work' for a reason. I have stressful days, to-do lists that span a mile, weeks where I eat through lunch, times when I don't know the 'right' answer and so on. But for the most part, I do love what I do and the people I work with.

I think it is important to note that I am also glad to have figured out what I don't like. I'll leave that off the internet, but I think it's worth noting. You should know what you enjoy just as much as you know what you don't enjoy. This was a concept I don't think I considered before graduating but have gradually learned. Sometimes, in life, you have to do things you don't enjoy... and often, that happens at work, but I've learned that happiness at work is one of the most important things considering you're there for 40+ hours a week. This is a concept, I'm not sure I fully understood until I graduated and actually entered into the working world.

Backing up for a second, when I graduated college, I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted to do. I had a slight idea, but nothing specific. Fast forward to now and I realize I'm very into building and creating websites, optimizing content for digital platforms, search engine optimization, and social media platforms and trends. I'm really glad to report that it's truly something I am passionate about and I'm so glad I've already discovered this at such a young age. 

For a short time, I contemplated going to grad school (which is not out of the cards!). However, more school is just not something I'm interested at this very moment and I feel like I can't fully dedicate myself to that undertaking.

However, I am really interested in continually learning. If you are an undergrad, I encourage you to read your industry's publications to stay abreast of everything going on. If you are into digital media and marketing trends, like I am, here are my favorites:
Right now, I'm most focused on how to write HTML. I can read HTML and edit it, however, I can't write it from scratch. I always set attainable goals for myself, and right now, being able to write HTML is a professional goal I have set for myself. I think when you graduate from college, you think you show up at work, get paid, and that's 'it'. But I think the root of happiness is setting goals and always learning! That's half the fun, right?!

So that's how I got to where I am today! What industry do you work in? If you are in school, what is your major and where do you see yourself as a post-grad?  Have a fabulous day! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

White Grecian Maxi Under $100

Felicity and CoCo Grecian Jersey Maxi Dress at Nordstrom

First of all, Summer Wind PSA: Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is going down right now, so head over and shop till you drop. Get the details on the sale here. It ends today! 

So here's the story behind this dress. I came across this dress while browsing online one day. I fell in love instantly. But, I had no justification for the purchase. The price tag was too high for me to buy for no reason. Not to mention, I had no event coming up that required a dress like that.

Soooooo, while browsing one afternoon, I came across the dress you see above. It's the same 'color' and has a very similar vibe but for a fraction of the Rachel Pally version! At well under $100, this dress was a great find! It also might be the most comfortable thing ever. It's made of stretchy jersey material and drapes loosely and effortlessly. A great casual addition to any wardrobe and something very different from what I normally gravitate towards. 

I wore it while at the lake one evening (hence the creeping owl in the background of the last pic, haha). It was so easy to throw on, paired well with a tan and was easy to lounge in once I was in a food coma (it happens every night at the lake). Have a fabulous day! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Shoe Care Tips and How to Store Your Shoes

I just made a major purchase. I had been thinking about them for years (literally). I had a favorite Talbots pair of beige and black cap toe flats that lasted quite a few years. I wore them so much, I wore a hole into the leather toe area... not because they were poor quality (they were really nice), but because I wore them that much. 

I went in search for a new pair (sadly Talbots no longer makes that style). I found a gorgeous pair for under $150. They have a nice leather upper and the colors are pretty spot on. But then, I decided I would jump into the deep end and get the 'be all and end all' of a classic black and beige cap toe flat: Chanel. 

First, I stalked The Real Real to see if a never worn pair in my size would pop up. If you are not familiar with The Real Real, it's basically a very highly curated online consignment store. The items are very gently used or brand new. Several pairs of Chanel ballerines would pop up in my size (hint: they run small, I went up an entire size) every few weeks (you can sign up for e-mail alerts on certain items), but they were either too used for my liking or they were not the neutral color combo I was looking for. Then, I took to eBay. I would come across a pair that were brand new in box, but never had the patience to bid. So hence, I just pulled the trigger and bought my first pair (queue the monkey emoji covering his eyes). Shop some of my favorite cap-toe ballet flats (that are a fraction of the price of Chanel):

I haven't worn them yet as I am getting a heel saver put on as well as getting a rubber sole added to the bottom to protect them, which got me thinking, I should share some of my shoe storage and preservation tips! 
  • Store shoes in the dark. Sunlight fades colors and dries out leather, so you want to make sure they are stored where they are not always exposed to sunlight (same goes for handbags). I know your prettiest shoes look great on your bookshelf, but you might want to rethink it to keep them in their best shape!
  • Stuff the shoes/toes to keep their shape. I usually use balled up running socks or tissue paper but shoe trees are actually made for this purpose. My dad uses shoe trees in all of his shoes as I think this is more of a men's shoe thing, but I ordered a pair for my Chanel flats because the benefit from the shoe trees is that they are made from cedar and will keep the moisture and possible smell from staying in the shoe. For tissue paper, I usually just save the tissue paper in shopping bags from a day of shopping! For boots, they make shoe trees, but I used rolled up magazines. I've also seen cut up foam pool noodles for this use (great idea!). 
  • Make friends with your cobbler. Some cobblers are awesome, some are not, so it's good to make sure you find a great one. There is a great one a few blocks away from me that saves my handbags, shoes, and other leather goods when something happens. Make sure you keep an eye on the taps of your heels before the metal starts to show and take them in to have replaced. For my Chanel shoes, I am having heel savers added to the heels. I'm not really sure what they're made of, I think either plastic or rubber, but they go on the bottom of the heel and are a crescent shape that saves the heel from wearing down. My shoemaker also replaces the soles of my worn down shoes. For some shoes, it makes more sense to replace the shoe entirely, because this can get costly. For pricey shoes, this makes a lot more sense, though. For the Chanel pair, I had a rubberized sole added immediately to prevent the wear on the leather sole (I'm super rough on shoes). 
  • Get your leather conditioned. Sweat, wear and tear, and extreme temps make the leather dry and more prone to wrinkles and cracks. It's similar to why you should have your Barbour waxed each season. You can do this yourself or you can take it to a shoemaker to do it. 
  • Don't let your friends borrow. That's not to say never let them borrow anything, but your friend that's even just a half size bigger than you? Politely say no. A half size bigger can even make a difference after one wear. They will be reshaped and the leather will be stretched and there is no going back after that.  
  • Don't commute in your nice shoes. If you are in a city or have a long walk to work or school, try buying a lesser priced shoe to commute wherever you are going. In the summer, I wear my Jacks to walk to work and in the winter, if snow is on the ground, I'll usually reach for my riding boots or L.L. Bean Boots. I hate sneakers with work clothes (circa 1984), but I do see a lot of it. It's smart for not only saving your shoes, but so much more comfortable. The rubber sole of a sneaker lasts so long, which is why it makes sense. I'm just not that sensible. Limiting the amount your shoes touch rough, uneven concrete will make them last so much longer. 
  • Wear weather appropriate shoes. This sounds like common sense right? I cannot tell you how many times I've been caught in rain with suede shoes. That's a big no no. Having rain skimmers stored at your office can be a big help as well as rain boots on hand. That way, you'll always be prepared. 
  • Use inserts. It sounds like something for 'old people', but I have a super high arch which makes wearing most shoes, even 'comfortable' ones uncomfortable for me. I found two styles of shoes by Ferragamo: The Vara and Varina that don't hurt me at all. Those are literally the only shoes my feet actually feel comfortable in (Varas are more comfortable than Varinas), which is what justifies my three pairs. Don't even get me started with heels. I've only ever found one pair of high heels that I actually like to wear. Every other pair hurts my foot after about an hour or two. I also think that if you're going to buy a pair of shoes, you should wear them! You're not going to wear a shoe if it is uncomfortable. I really like these clear inserts. They're almost unnoticeable and make heels wearable and flats feel like slippers. I also have these shearling inserts that I bought a few years ago to wear with my Bean Boots (order now while they are in stock before they're on backorder) and other boots. They're for the absolute dead of winter because they keep my feet SO warm but also super comfortable trekking in the snow. 
Do you have any tips for keeping shoes in tip-top shape? Have a fabulous day!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer Sale

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale 2015

The Lilly Pulitzer after party sale has been confirmed that it starts tomorrow at 8am! 

Check out this page on the Lilly Pulitzer website to make sure you are ready to shop right at 8am... the website has crashed in the past, and things sell out super quickly, so it's best to have an account and a card on file so you can get first dibs! The accounts shut down tomorrow morning before the sale, so it's best to do it tonight! 

They've also updated the process so everyone is in a virtual line to shop the site. So get on the Lilly site early so you can get your spot in line! I always love this sale because I get summery things on my doorstep just as fall is starting to kick in. I admire what I ordered, but don't wear it and put it away for next spring/summer. It's so fun to have something brand new to wear that I completely forgot about over the fall/'s even better when I have a warm weather trip planned in the winter and can pull these new items out! 

Are you shopping the sale? Be sure to check out this past week's post about the outfit in the photos above and all of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer new arrivals (like this ruffle hem top), too! Have a fabulous day! 


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