Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Athleisure You Can Actually Work Out In + Amazing Workout Playlist

Top (comes in 5 colors)// Leggings (runs big, size down)
Last week we had two unusually warm days (for January). One afternoon, it was 67 degrees, so my sister and I headed to a track nearby to enjoy the warmth! 

I'm not a runner. In high school, I ran a ton (I ran track my freshman year) and then with cheerleading we ran a ton at every practice and often, I would run 5 miles several times a week just on my own. But really, I hate running and quit during college. 

I've written about this a little in the past, but my freshman year of college, I lived in a somewhat unusual dorm situation. It was definitely one of the most fun years ever as I lived with 12 girls and 12 guys. We all became super close and spent most of our time together. Being someone that likes to workout, I would go to the gym with the guys. 

It was then that I learned to edit my workout to what I enjoy and they also taught me the ropes on all the machines and circuits, and even just basic 'gym etiquette'. Instead of running, I like to walk, use the elliptical and do activities (like right now I'm taking tennis lessons) that are enjoyable. 

Walking is definitely the easiest way to get steps in, and I find it relaxing, too. It's also great to do with a friend. You can spend time with them and catch up while getting some exercise... I'm definitely a multi-tasking fan! That's just what Callie and I did last week. We walked a few miles and chatted away. 

The elliptical is my favorite, though. I have terrible knees from cheerleading and this is the easiest/most enjoyable way to get in my cardio without killing my knees. If you're looking for a high-intensity playlist to get you motivated, I made one with about 75 songs. In my opinion, it's a really good playlist and keeps me going. Or, if I am feeling less than motivated, I put this on pre-workout and it gets me in the mood to workout.

I think my favorite type of workout, though, is building muscles and stretching. Whether it's machine circuits at the gym or just floor exercises at home (you can read exactly what I do at home, here), I always feel like I see the most results from this! I think my love for stretching comes from being a gymnast/cheerleader. I hate feeling stiff and even if I don't have time for any type of workout, I make it a priority to stretch morning and night.

One of the things I just started keeping better track of is my steps. I talked a bit about this in Friday's blog post, here. While I'm working out, I tend to keep my phone in a pocket or bag or even just leave it at home or in the car. So Fossil's Q Motion activity tracker has been great because it syncs with my phone and lets me know my steps. It's also subtle and cute. But my favorite part? It tracks my sleep! It lets me know how many hours of light and deep sleep I am getting and it's awesome. If I feel like I didn't sleep well, I am usually right on and can see my hours of 'light sleep' were higher than usual.


Gold Clutter said...

I love the top. I like to listen to calm music. I need to come up with a more peppy music list for working out.

Lauren said...

I love zella leggings - they are so comfortable!


Helen Nightingale said...

So excited for your playlist-- thanks so much! Our fitness stories sound totally opposite. I took tennis, dance, and swam in high school, but then became a runner during college just because it's such an efficient and affordable way to get in exercise. Last week, I completed my first marathon! But I agree with you that long walks catching up with friends and family are still my absolute favorite! It's all about finding what works for you. Have a great day!

Rachael Alexis said...

Your hair looks gorgeous in the lighting! I love athleisure, and I love that Lilly has so many options that make working out and looking pulled together easy. Also, I am going to Pittsburgh for an overnight getaway and staying at the Omni William Penn and just had to go back and reference one of your posts in the past! Your salad looked fantastic.


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