Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Athleisure/Yoga Outfit ft. Vineyard Vines

I started 2016 off really strong when it came to being active and healthy, and then I slowly let it slide as 2016 progressed. Really, I have no excuses. But I love yoga and it's something I need to get back into with the new year. I don't love to make resolutions, but I plan on trying to make more of an effort to do more yoga in the new year. 

I also started tennis lessons after the first of the year, so that is something new and fun to kick start being more active in 2017! With that, I've been going crazy trying to find cute activewear. I know you can workout in whatever, but whenever I feel put-together, I feel like I get a better and more enjoyable workout. The same goes for when I was in college and would always dress up on test days-- dress well, test well!

Here's a look of what I wore to yoga a few weeks ago. It's a pretty simple outfit, but is put together enough if I wanted to run errands afterward or grab a bite with friends! What are your go-to athleisure pieces? Are there specific leggings you recommend I should try? A favorite sports bra? The cutest fleece? I'd love to hear your recommendations! I've been adding mine as I find them and have created on the right-hand sidebar with all of my favorites! 


Unknown said...

Loving your workout style!



Dana said...

I joined Equinox in November, and I definitely haven't been using my membership to its potential. Now that the new year is here, I'm setting a goal of 4x a week! PS: I love that long sleeve top - cute workout gear is my weakness.

Pink Champagne Problems

Renee said...

Love this look! I've been gravitating more towards athleisure for attending class and love how this still looks put together.

Renee //Gimme Glamour

Lauren said...

Those Vineyard Vines leggings are so cute!


Anonymous said...

Are we going to see a house tour or bedroom tour soon?

Anonymous said...

The hullabraloo bra by Athleta is the best I've used ever to keep the ladies perked and in place without straining my neck or shoulders. Also the Align Crop by Lululemon is amazing their Nulu fabric feels like butter. Smartwool phd run light socks are the only ones that I've used that keep my feet dry & breathable! Also they're so soft! The Zella tank tops from Nordstrom's own active line are great, flowy & breathable and perfect for yoga!

Unknown said...

Loving this! Your leggings are fab.

xx Kathryn


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