Thursday, January 12, 2017

Lately 1/12/17

Loving II: I received the cutest package from Gwenyth Paltrow's, Goop, the other day! It's a detox package which is right up my alley. It included: luminous melting cleanser, exfoliating instant facial, detox body oil, bath bomb cube, runway ready supplements. I'm excited to try these products out as I've heard such amazing things about the Goop line! I've also recently become very interested in vitamins. Daily, I take a multi-vitamin, l-lysine (I read an article that this helps with anxiety!!), and a probiotic (which I think really WORKS). So I am excited to try the supplements!

Wearing: It's been absolutely freezing here this past weekend and into this week so I've been in full-on cozy-mode. It has just started to warm up a bit, though, which is a nice change of pace. I'm having a ski weekend this weekend, so I'll definitely be welcoming snowy/cold weather!

Sale-ing: I've recently been browsing Last Call's website. They have sooooo many discounted cashmere sweaters. Many are under $100. This high-low sweater is just $112 and is one of my favorites. It would be so great for lounging when paired with leggings!

Watching: I just watched Fathers and Daughters a few weeks ago. It was filmed in Pittsburgh, so that's why I originally wanted to see it. However, it was disappointing and I wouldn't recommend it. Something I would recommend would be CNN's mini-series documentaries on Netflix. I've written about them before, but Netflix just added the 80's episodes and it's good!

Reading: This article about how Taco Bell has become one of the healthiest fast food restaurants. Ummm if you know me, you know I live for Taco Bell. No, seriously. Their cheesy gordita crunch and the crunch wrap supreme are two of my favorite things ever (although, I'm fairly certain they are not healthy at all).

Loving: My alma mater, James Madison University won the FCS Championship on Saturday! Go Dukes!!!!

$aving: I love that this shoe has become so popular. The style is so classic and feminine. However, there is no reason you need to empty your wallet to have the style in your closet! I found a pair that looks SO similar to the pair Alexa Chung is wearing for under $40! Major steal. 

Listening: Ed Sheeran released two new songs. Both of which I really like- not on love status yet, but they're both worth a listen and are gracing January's playlist. Admittedly, this playlist is not one of my bests. I've been in a little song rut.... any suggestions?!

Pittsburgh-ing: Just going to let the graphic above sink in...

This might be a little bizarre because it is geared for 6-14-year-olds, but I saw it on a morning show and it intrigued me. It's a monthly subscription service called Bits Box and teaches kids how to code. I am a beginner at best when it comes to any kind of coding so this might be worth a try!

Wanting II: I am just dying over the Louis Vuitton Montaigne GM bag. While I was in DC, I checked it out and carried it around the store and fell in love. I have been dreaming of it ever since. What do you think of it?

Pittsburgh-ing II: This past weekend was busy, busy, busy. I literally didn't eat a single meal at home, which I love (but also talk about unhealthy). So this week, I've been kicking my butt into major health-mode.

Friday night, some friends and I tried out Social House 7, which is on 7th downtown (right next to Howl at the Moon). It had a really cool atmosphere. It kind of felt like Nobu or Tao if you've ever been to either of those. The cocktails were my favorite part. We ended up going back on Saturday night just for cocktails. They have a nice list, but there was one cocktail, the Szechuan Buzz, that had a flower on the side that looked like a mini dandelion. You were supposed to eat that then drink the cocktail. When you eat it (it doesn't taste good), your mouth gets really tingly and almost goes numb. And then when you drink any liquid (even water) the liquid seems really fizzy. It's hard to describe but so worth trying it out. Between the three of us, we ordered 8 dishes. They're all very share-able and everything was good. My favorite was the Godzilla roll and the rock shrimp. Definitely, make a reservation if you want to eat dinner because it was full when we were there and my sister tried to make a res for the following weekend and they were all booked. They have two huge bars, though, so it's a great spot to go for drinks if you're looking for a trendy/clubby vibe.

Quoting: 'If you know you can do better, then do better.' // See more of my favorites, here.


Unknown said...

Love the pajamas! Sophie x

Julie said...

Will you please link you multi vitamin and probiotic? I'm interested in trying!

TLA said...

Good call on CNN's The Sixties/Seventies/Eighties! I enjoyed the first two, but absolutely loved The Eighties. If you enjoy documentaries and history, you might also check out Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States on Netflix. I haven't always agreed with all of Stone's conspiracy theories, but the series is well done and presents history with a unique perspective and encourages thinking. I believe it is 10 episodes with two appendices at the end, but I preferred watching the appendices first, in order to view the entire series in the order events occurred.

I'd also like to say some of your readers might be interested in a report of your ski fashion, equipment, apr├Ęs-ski, and dining! I know you aren't a "fitness" blog per se, but I'm a formerly avid skier (not so much since I moved to the south!) so that part of your bio has always intrigued me. I'm the only person I know who honeymooned at a ski resort instead of a tropical resort. Have a fantastic weekend!

Piper Ellice said...

Soooo glad to know that CNN series is on Netflix. We have Netflix and SlingTV, and I was watching the 60's series on Sling just last weekend and finished it all. I'll have to check out the rest this weekend!

Piper Ellice @
Starting Out Southern blog

Lauren said...

That food looks amazing! Hope you have a wonderful ski trip!


Christy F. said...

So, Pittsburgh has never really been on my "destination list", but gosh, your pictures are making me want to take a food-cation there!

Ellen | A Pop of Pink said...

Here we go Steelers, here we go! Really hoping they get a win this weekend. It was so nice last weekend to watch and not have a heart attack. Also, I haven't had a crunch wrap supreme in SO long, but I used to get them pretty frequently during my freshman year at Pitt. I mean, when it's right next door, it's hard to resist. I actually had a dream about Taco Bell last night. How embarrassing and weird is that?

Ellen | A Pop of Pink

Unknown said...

Love this roundup! That Louis Vuitton is to die for.

xx Kathryn


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