Monday, February 13, 2017

Casual Blush Pink Outfit

glossier balm dotcom review
We've been having some pretty bizarre weather here in Pittsburgh. Last week started off feeling like spring, then later in the week, we were hit with a snowstorm and by Saturday, everything was melted because it was warm once again! Dressing for these changes in temperatures can be rough, but layering is really the key. 

When we took these photos, it was 60 degrees! It was so refreshing to be able to ditch my coat for a little while, but a sweater was definitely necessary. Also refreshing? Just rocking a simple long sleeve tee shirt (that's just $28!). I don't often wear something as simple as this, but it's so comfortable and I was able to dress it up a bit with the coordinating blush shoes and bag! I've definitely been having a blush moment the past few weeks. It's just such a subtle, feminine color and really pairs nicely with most colors in my wardrobe (aka navy, white, camel, black, and gray!). 

Another thing that has been absolutely saving me with these weird temperatures is Glossier's balm dotcom. My sister gave it to me and I'm now hooked! It's quite like Vaseline, but the flavors are awesome and the consistency seems to have a slightly higher viscosity than your typical petroleum jelly so it's better to use on lips and dry patches of skin because it's easier to spread and then it stays put. I keep tubes all over my apartment, in my car and in my handbag. The packaging is pretty cute, too, right? I'm definitely a sucker for pretty packaging and I, often, find that the prettier the packaging does not equal a better product, but luckily for this balm, it does! 


Dana said...

Obsessed with this look on you, girl! We had similar weather here in NYC, and I'm just doing major eye rolls because I don't know how to dress for it all;)

Pink Champagne Problems

Gold Clutter said...

I love the long sleeve tee.

Mariah Rickard said...

Blush is my favorite color! Love this look on you.

Chic in Carolina said...

Love this look! I love your flats and that striped sweater is so pretty!



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