Friday, February 10, 2017

Lately 2/10/2017

Reading: I just got sent these two new books. I have started My Husband's Wife but haven't had time to get into it far enough yet, but I'll report back once I'm done with both. Have you read anything amazing lately? 

Watching: Callie and I saw Split in the theaters last week. I can't remember the last movie I actually saw in theaters. This movie was SO good...until the end. The last 20 minutes were so weird and disappointing and really kind of ruin it. I think the main character, James McAvoy, deserves alllllll the awards for this, though. His role must have been SO hard to play (considering he basically had to play 24 characters as one person) and he did so phenomenally.

Wanting: Some amazing things have started to show up in stores (and in my mailbox!). I'm so excited for a fun warm weather trip in just 3 weeks! I don't like the cold shoulder trend and am also not really a huge fan of off-the-shoulder tops, but this top is trendy and I love it! It is classic enough that I think I could pull it off... not to mention it's on sale!

Pittsburgh-ing: I recently went to Legume which is located in Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood. Despite the kind of random location, it has a gorgeous interior and a cute little bar attached to the restaurant. The menu was a little limited but lots of delicious options. I got the butternut squash ravioli and it was by far the best ravioli I've ever had. Then we had a lemon tart for dessert. I'm not really a lemon dessert person but this was incredible! I definitely recommend this spot! If you're looking for more Pittsburgh restaurant recommendations, check out my full guide, here.

Listening: February's playlist is now live! It's off to a slow start, but I haven't found too much that I am loving. I've really been jamming out to Olivia Holt's, History. It's so catchy and fun! I am also loving Bear's Den, Gabriel.

Loving: I am absolutely loving Brahmin's latest bags. Specifically, their Brinley satchel is stunning. It looks so luxe for the price!
Recommending: Today I'm sharing some of the beauty products you all suggested that intrigued me most. I've added them into the widget above. I'm most intrigued by this three-minute peel. It gets really good reviews and it sounds really cool. Someone else recommended this brow gel and said that they even stay in place while she sleeps! A ton of you use the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick as blush. I didn't know about this lip color but it sounds amazing. You apply as a gloss and it ends up looking matte and velvety! The person who recommended it says she uses the shade 148. And lastly, this makeup eraser cloth is supposed to take off all of your makeup without using any product and you can use it over and over again. The reviews make it sound like it really works, too!

bai bubbles
Drinking: Bai5 bubbles. I got such a fun press package from Bai5 last week and have been enjoying trying out the different flavors. I love carbonated drinks of all kinds, so I was excited to try these out. The flavor packs a major punch, so it's great to substitute as a dessert because it will definitely tackle your sweet cravings. The best part is that each can only has 5 calories with no artificial sweeteners. They also have 45mg of caffeine so that's like the amount of half a cup of coffee. I really like the gimbi pink grapefruit and the bogota blackberry lime. I'm going to see what they're like when I add gin ;) it's a much more waistline-friendly cocktail compared to my typical go-to of a gin and tonic.

Sale-ing: Cannot believe that this gorgeous Barbour plaid scarf  (and this one, too!) is on sale for just $30! You can also find some other great Barbour sales, here.

look for less gucci marmont pump look alikes
$aving: I'm always willing to spend a little more on a quality pair of shoes and I have a real penchant for designer shoes, particularly of the Ferragamo type. However, I don't love spending on shoes that are overly trendy. Knowing that they'll be out of style in the coming months or years, I don't like to make a financial commitment. I've been lusting over these Gucci shoes for quite some time. They're a bit flashy and most definitely trendy, but there's something so fun and chic about them. Enter these shoes which look extremely similar! Best part? They're under $100! A great way to try out a trend without emptying your wallet!

Quoting: A reader submitted this one in the survey! "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift" -Steve Prefontaine


Annie said...

OMG...I thought you said Balmain in reference to the "luxe for the price bag" and was like "WTH is she thinking?!" :) $350 is much better!

J. Roszak said...

I just finished My Husband's Wife. Super slow to begin. But keep going, it gets better. In fact last night, I had a little less than half way to go and I couldn't put it down and had to finish it. Keep going, it gets better.

And I use the face cloth and love it. I do still use my make up wipes first to get the bulk off. But then finish with the cloth to get the leftovers. My face feels so clean and soft after. It's a game changer for me for sure.

Lauren said...

I love that first navy dress!


Gold Clutter said...

I love the tassel dress.

Rachael Alexis said...

I love those Gucci shoes, but another part of me feels like they look like elf footwear (insert pensive emoji here). lol :)


Ashley said...

I'm reading The Husband's Wife right now too. I'm finding it a bit weird to go back and forth between the woman and a 9 year old, but hoping it'll get better and make sense soon!

Ashley Wissel said...

I highly recommend "Before I Fall"! I started reading it a few days ago, and am almost done! It is a super quick, easy read.


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