Friday, June 2, 2017

Ladylike Outfit at Omni Bedford Springs Resort

Heels (under $100, available in 9 other colors, also comes in a lower heel)
You read about my trip to the Omni Bedford Springs Resort on Wednesday and today I am sharing an outfit I wore while there. I got a lot of questions as to what kind of dress is appropriate for the resort. 

I'd say the entire atmosphere is very elegant and classic so it may feel like you need to be 'dressed' at all times. However, it is a resort with activities such as golf, tennis, spa, etc., so being dressed down in athletic clothes is quite appropriate and was very common. We were even able to sit in one of their fancier dining areas in our tennis clothes for brunch and did not feel inappropriate or out of place at all (we asked before we dined to make sure it was ok and the maitre d said it was more than fine). 

On the other hand, since the property is so beautiful and elegant, you can most definitely dress up, too, especially in the evening. I still kept it pretty casual, but I think if it was the weekend and I was with a date rather than girlfriends, I would have worn a little black dress or something a little dressier! 

I re-wore two of my favorite pieces in my closet for summer time. You last saw me wearing this linen shirt in this blog post and this striped skirt in this blog post. Being a blogger, I don't often to re-wear things in posts. I certainly re-wear things in 'real life', but I know that re-wearing things can seem stale and boring and I also know that you as readers get frustrated if I am wearing something that is out of stock in most sizes or no longer available. So, like most bloggers, I usually try to keep it fresh and different, but I really wanted to highlight these pieces again because they are really my favorite and can be worn by so many different ages and shapes/sizes. 

I am a big fan of linen- linen cover-ups, pants, shirts, etc. I just love the texture and the way it drapes. But finding a really nice linen piece is a lot harder than you would think. It can be itchy or too stiff, but this shirt is absolutely perfect. It's soft, easy to iron/steam, and doesn't wrinkle too much while packed away. Since it's super soft, it also has a beautiful, elegant drape that a lot of linen shirts lack. It runs true to size. 

The skirt is another closet favorite of mine lately. The blue and white stripes have my heart as does the a-line cut and the midi length. It runs a little big as I am wearing a size 2, the waist is just a touch bigger so you should definitely size down!

More linen pieces I love:


Katrin said...

Dear Sydney, I find it a little bit sad, that you don't re-wear clothes more often. That was one thing I actually loved about your blog and a reason I started to follow two years ago. I really liked your message of not buying tons of clothes but to choose a few classic staples you can wear in different ways. This set you apart from all the other bloggers who just tell their readers to buy more stuff. But now it feels more like a commerical platform than a personal fashion blog :(

Unknown said...

This skirt is SO perfect for you!

Pink Champagne Problems

Lauren said...

That skirt is so perfect!



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