Friday, August 25, 2017

Motivation: Getting To Know Someone

I wouldn't really categorize myself as a crier... sad movies, books, etc. they usually don't get to me. Every once in a while, though, something does. In this case, it has been the NBC series This Is Us. According to other viewers on Twitter, I am definitely not alone. 

If you haven't had a chance to watch, I definitely recommend checking it out, especially before the second season premieres this fall! I re-watched the last episode the other night to prepare myself for the new season coming next month.

It's a drama that follows a family throughout a series of flashbacks and through to current day. It's actually refreshingly real and deals with things that many people deal with while making their way through life. Love, loss, careers, family issues, health, etc. It's all very relatable. Normally, I don't cry during these episodes- although a lot of people apparently do.

However, there was one strikingly poignant moment in the second to last episode that I wanted to write about (stop reading now if you don't want anything spoiled!).

Let me set up the scene for you: The mailman walks up to the door and strikes up a conversation with the dad of the home asking where the grandfather had been. The dad remarks that the grandfather had passed away last week and the mailman gets choked up and says something along the lines of 'We got to know each other, people don't stop just to talk anymore, he always asked about my daughter.'

Just that few seconds of the show really hit me. It's true. People don't really stop just to chat anymore. Myself included. We all have agendas and priorities and schedules that we are following. We don't budget our time to get to know people that we may interact with daily. It quickly gave me a new perspective on life. 

I'm always of the attitude that you always want to be as kind as you can be to everyone you encounter, but going one step further, taking the time to really get to know someone you may interact with often is how you can enrich your life and others', too. I mean, at the end of the day, your connections to the people you surround yourself with are what matter most, right?

So I hope this gives you a little motivation. It certainly gave me some! Take the time to get to know someone a little better today! Happy Friday, friends!


Sharon R. said...

You're so right about stopping to chat -- to just be there where you are with the people around you. Posts like this are a major reason that I follow your blog. It's not just your sense of style, but the heart you put into it.

Kelly said...

It's hard!!! I definitely strive (and want) to be one of the people who will take the time out to have conversations and move beyond surface level interactions, but I'm also kind of guarded and cautious. There's such a fine line of appropriate vulnerability! And perhaps it's dependent on where you are (maybe don't have those conversations with creepy people in sketchier situations? ... but that makes me feel judgmental and kind of snobby). Lots of food for thought!


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