Friday, September 29, 2017

Life Lately + Outfit

Jeans (under $100)// Loafers (obsessed with the tartan version)// Sunglasses
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So today's post is going to be a bit of a hodgepodge-- basically a stream of my random thoughts. I didn't get a chance to update you all like I usually do in yesterday's post, so I thought today was the day!
My Apartment
Well... it's currently a disaster. And I know those of you that know me would say 'oh please, a disaster to you is if one thing is out of place.' But really it is. On Monday, my water was coming out of the faucet brown. By Tuesday, I got a call that my hot water tank needed to be replaced ASAP. Ok great, we got to the root of the problem! Well... apparently, the hot water tank is located in the ceiling of my walk in closet (why?!?!). So, to have it replaced, I had to empty the entire contents of my closet. Where are those contents? Sitting in my living room. No joke, it really does look like a bomb went off in my apartment. Life happens, but what really annoyed me the most is that I had just spent hours last Friday going through my entire closet and completely organizing and cleaning everything. It was in pristine condition! Oh well, time to put everything back today before I head away for the weekend.

On top of all of that, I'm having a new mattress and bed delivered. It's a hassle to have had to store the bed and mattress and not set it up while the hot water tank situation gets resolved, but it's all good and exciting! I've always felt my room was fine, but never even blog worthy. After 17 months of living here, I've decided it's about time to make it beautiful and 'finished'. So, next week, I'm going to have to bring everything out from underneath my bed, reorganize it (in the living room), take the old bed apart, get rid of the old mattress, vacuum/dust everything, put the new bed together, move the bed into a new spot in the bedroom along with moving other furniture to accommodate, and move everything back underneath the bed. I'm exhausted just typing that! Thank heavens for dads/boyfriends/friends. I'll be really excited for the final result, though! It's a canopy bed! 
I'm not one for workout classes. I don't really like organized exercise and prefer to do it on my own/on my own schedule. BUT, my friend Aly and I found this amazing pilates sculpt class near us. It was after we tried a trampoline cardio class which was SO not my cup of tea. The pilates class is an hour and it's grueling and painful, but I mean that in the best way possible. There are parts of the workout where my muscles are absolutely shaking and all I can do is close my eyes and hope for it to be over soon, so I don't give up, ha! The next day you're sore but it feels so good. Unfortunately, they only offer the class once a week, but rumor has it, they're adding in a second day. I'll definitely be doing it twice a week- heck, I'd do it more if it was offered. I don't love cardio and to me, this is such a good workout to tone what you already have and not add any bulk (and no insane cardio involved). 

I'm not sure if you have noticed- and actually, I didn't even realize until just recently, but I haven't been styling many dresses lately. I have so many upcoming events in the next three months where I need to be wearing a dress and haven't found a thing that I absolutely love! The only one I have come across is this gorgeous black dress, which is affordable, too! But other than that, nada! Anyone have any good finds?! 
An Affordable Scent
Yesterday, I ordered one of my favorite scents ever. It's super light and fresh and warm- perfect for fall. I haven't worn it in a while because I've been out of it and have been favoring others. For $39, it's relatively inexpensive, but what really got me to order is that I got free shipping and 10% off using code FEELGRAPE (it came out to be just $35).
I don't talk too much on here about undergarments but I was just texting with one of my friends who told me about this bralette and it reminded me to share with all of you. I hate wearing bras- I am not totally flat chested but there's not much there and I can easily get away with skipping out on a bra altogether. So, bralettes are my go-to when I can get away with it. This bralette in the burgundy color is SO comfortable and so so cute. I've also machine washed it and it comes out fine... which is a problem I have noticed with other bralettes. Let me know if you'd like to see a post on undergarments, I'll be glad to share. I'm pretty simple but what I have, I love! 

I'm a person that thrives on being busy, making plans, etc. But I also love my down time. However, I have every. single. weekend. schedule from here through January 3rd. Isn't that crazy? I'm excited for everything from travels (Kentucky, Charlotte, Paris, DC, Martha's Vineyard, Arizona, Ohio) to weddings and more, but it also makes me sad because I know it will be 2018 before I know it! PS. I'm going to Arizona for 5 days over New Year's Eve... Scottsdale to be exact- any must-sees/do's?! 

You guys were SO helpful with my salad questions, thank you so much! I have since done more research and taken some of your advice/suggestions! If you're a chopped salad lover, here are some of the resources:
- How to peel a head of lettuce (for lettuce wraps, I always ripped mine before watching this)
- I ordered this set of glass bowls with lids (I liked these sizes the best out of all the other sets offered..and I was able to get 20% off and free shipping (came out to $90) and used a gift card, so I literally paid nothing for them.)
- I got this chopper based on all of the amazing reviews. I have a ton of KitchenAid branded products in my kitchen and love them (you can often find them at Homegoods). I actually have a pair of kitchen scissors by KitchenAid and they're truly the best scissors EVER. So I'm hoping the reviews are right about this chopper- I'm so excited about it! 
- My two current favorite dressings are Whole Food's 365 Thousand Island dressing (vegetarian, paleo, and organic), and Cindy's Greek (sugar free). OMG Cindy's is SO good- I'm a huge Greek salad fan and this one is amazing. 
This is your last chance to shop the Shopbop sale! See my favorites, here! 

I keep trying to hold off on getting a dog, but 'dog fever' has really set in for me. I want one SO badly. I'm hoping to get one by next spring/early summer. I definitely want to adopt/rescue, but I'm also really set on an Australian Cattle Dog (like Mac!). So I basically stalk websites/facebook pages of local (and not so local) shelters every single day to keep an eye out for one! I also don't want a puppy. Whenever I find one I fall in love with him/her, I'm going for it!! One day, when I have a house with the capability to just let the dog out in the backyard, I want to adopt a senior dog (s). I always feel so bad for them and would love to give dogs like Mac (who is 15) a cozy and loving home! But I know as they get older, a very quick access to a bathroom is a necessity, so I'm holding off on that for now. 


Laura said...

I am thankfully retired at age of 63. My new job is exercising and walking at my local YMCA. It is ranked one of the best 10 YMCA"s. Twice a week I take mat pilates and weights in motion classes. Afterwards I usually walk 2 to 3 miles along the river walk trail which is accessible outside of the YMCA. I have started taking reformer pilates class on Saturday mornings and on Wednesday evenings when I am not too sore I attend a sculpt and barre class. I have been attending the YMCA on a regular basis for 21 months. The results and my sculpted arms and shoulders make me feel so good and proud that I have been consisted with my exercise regime.

Laura Baker Busic said...

I love life update posts like this! Your "Lately" posts are always favorites for me, and I love getting to know my favorite bloggers. Actually, I think that bloggers who become my favorites (you're my favorite of all!) are the ones who let their readers in and do these kinds of life update posts. Also, are you kidding me with those orange loafers?! SO chic! I would never have the courage to rock a pair of orange shoes like that, but that outfit is so classic-cool!

Gina said...

A few Scottsdale suggestions- La Grande Orange for brunch or lunch, if you hike, Pinnace Peak is a good one + easier imo than Camelback in my opinion. If you can work it in head up to Sedona. Do a Pink Jeep tour and hit up Tlaquepaque for shopping and dining. Have a great weekend!

Just Jess said...

I love the pyrex glass dishes. Good luck with the bedroom re-do! Jess at Just Jess

Anonymous said...

Check this dress out! I just bought it for a wedding next weekend, and it's a great price!

CeeCee said...

Hope Kentucky means a Keeneland trip! Tis the season! I'm already working on my outfits.

Lauren said...

Love the elbow patches on your blazer!! Good look with the puppy hunt!


Maryn said...

Try to eat at Sumo Maya in Scottsdale!


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