Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

I shared with you all back in the beginning of July that I got the collagen peptide powder that I had been seeing all over the internet. Today, I am dedicating a full post to this magical powder (not sponsored) because it is just that: magic

You guys, IT WORKS. It truly, truly works. And I have to say, I'm totally not one for powders or supplements or a protein buff of any kind. So this is all pretty new to me, but I'm just glad to have seen results. And it seems like everyone else is seeing results, too. On both the VP website and on Amazon, there are thousands of reviews giving it 5 stars.

I have been drinking 2 scoops of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides (also available on Amazon) powder in 16 oz. of water (with a packet of True Lemon) religiously every single day. Here's what I've noticed:

My Joint Pain is Gone
I have bad knees in general due to a life of dance/gymnastics/cheerleading. They always bother me but have never hindered my daily life. However, my right shoulder started to kill me earlier this summer. It was so bad, I would wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to sleep...tears were shed. It got to the point where it was so painful I couldn't focus on anything else. I didn't want to rush to a surgeon, so I quit tennis for a little bit to see if that would help (I didn't notice a difference). This is actually how I found out about collagen peptides- I was googling around to see what less drastic things could potentially help with my joint pain and collagen peptides kept coming up in my search. 

Lo and behold, I started to drink it. At first only every few days when I could remember, but then I got myself in a groove around mid July. I have been drinking it every single day since. I started noticing a real improvement mid-August; meaning it took about a month. 

My Nails Grow Insanely Fast
This was one of the first things I noticed after I started drinking collagen peptides... it was very apparent. My nails were growing insanely fast. If you have brittle or slow-growing nails, this might help you immensely. 

It helps me to drink more water
Because of the added 16 oz. of water first thing in the morning, it's helped me to stay hydrated.

Less Breakouts 
Now, I honestly don't know if this is from the collagen peptides. I think it is probably more so my amazing skin care regimen, but it might be playing a part. The Vital Proteins website claims that it can help skin's elasticity and moisture levels.

My hair grows so fast
I've never had hair growth issues- my hair already grows really fast. BUT, I just went to get my hair done the other day and my hairdresser commented on how fast my hair grew since the last time (about a month). If you have slow growing or thin hair, this is totally for you. 

It has boosted my protein intake
I think the bit of added protein has helped me to feel less hungry in between meals. Two scoops contains 18g of protein (a chicken breast has around 43g protein), so it's not a ton, but a nice added boost. 

So here's what I do... The night before, as I'm presetting my coffee machine, I fill up the water bottle that came with the bundle I purchased and then place in my refrigerator. In the morning, just as I am preparing my coffee, I take out the water bottle and add two scoops of the Vital Proteins collagen peptide powder and one packet of True Lemon. I shake vigorously. It is lumpy at first... it takes about 15-20 minutes for the powder to fully dissolve into the water (this is something I couldn't figure out at first, but you have to let it sit to fully dissolve).

After I'm done drinking my morning coffee, I switch to the collagen peptide water.

While I LOVE this collagen peptide powder, it's not without its cons. Here are some of the cons about this powder:

It's expensive
Like, really expensive. Especially if you had never bought protein powder- this is an added 'grocery' expense. Luckily, the large tub lasts about a month... maybe even a little longer than that. I've heard that the Great Lakes brand is cheaper but comparable, so maybe I'll try that next. 

It's not flavorless
It says 'unflavored' and some people say it's tasteless, but I truly think it tastes AWFUL. I put it in my black coffee, and I couldn't even choke it down. To me the taste is indescribable, but it's just gross. I am thinking this just has to do with people's varying taste buds, but for me, I could never drink it in just plain water or coffee. The True Lemon packets hide the flavor entirely. I've also tried it in smoothies and it's flavorless in that, too!

It's a regimen
I think the only way for this to work is to truly use it every single day without fail. I'm curious as to what will happen to my shoulder pain if I stop using it. I have created a habit out of drinking it, so it's not bad, but at first, it was hard to get it incorporated into my daily routine. Having the small stick packs on hand make it easy to incorporate when traveling or having busy days, too.

It's a lot of powder
This isn't really a con, but when you are adding two scoops to whatever you choose to put it in, you'll realize that it's a lot of powder. I thought I was using too much at first, but then realized two scoops is just right. Just keep that in mind!

My biggest tip: Make sure you are getting the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides with the BLUE lid. This is their only powder that dissolves in both hot and cold liquid and doesn't change the texture of liquid at all. Some of the others only dissolve in hot liquid and will gel up in cold liquid. 

All in all, this powder has become a part of my daily routine and I'm so glad and relieved it has helped my shoulder pain. Definitely check it out if you are looking for something like this!


Lizzie said...

I've used the Great Lakes version for a couple years and highly recommend it. I had kind of forgot how much of a difference it makes since its been in my morning smoothie for ages but my boyfriend started drinking my smoothies as well and he keeps commenting on how fast his hair and nails are growing now with the collagen! I've found it helps keep the skin younger looking as well.

Lacy said...


I actually just started using VP this week and am super excited to try it out! I mainly was interested in it for my skin and hair but the nails and joints are a plus too! You mentioned that it's helped speed up your hair growth but have you noticed any difference in the thickness/fullness of your hair since? You said it'd be great for those with thin hair and I wanted to see if that's wht you meant.

Also, what is the lemon add in you mentioned when you drink with water? I'm drinking it with coffee but water would be a great alternative. Great post and I loved reading about your experience with it!!

Annie said...

I'm also using it and have found the same results as you...I am convinced! I'll try letting it sit longer...I've had some issues with it gunking up my iced coffee and NO ONE messes with my morning coffee. :)

Unknown said...

I second the endorsement of Great Lakes - I stir into my green tea and it has no taste and does not get gunky at all. Also, four times a week seems to be sufficient to maintain the benefits.

Annie White said...

I started adding mine to my bulletproof coffee in the morning and it's totally great! You can't taste it AT ALL!


Unknown said...

It is true that pure collagen is very helpful, for example in the case of wounds or regeneration.
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Anonymous said...

I "third" the comments about Great Lakes collagen. Vitamin C really helps with forming collagen in your body naturally, so if I don't add my collagen to my iced coffee in the morning, I add it with a pack of the lemonade vitamin C and splash of actual lemonade (I don't really love the taste of vitamin C packs...necessary evil though).


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