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Outfit For Meeting Your SO's Parents

Holiday Outfit for Visiting Your Significant Other's Parents

meeting your boyfriend's parents for the first time outfit

outfit for the holidays at your in-laws

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When I sent out my survey a few weeks ago on the type of content that you'd all like to see this holiday season, talking about what to wear to your significant other's home over the holidays was the #1 most requested topic!

Since this was so requested, I'll share several outfits from here forward that are geared towards that to give you some inspiration. Today's outfit is something I think would be perfect for going to Thanksgiving at your significant other's/inlaws. It's not too dressy but it's not super casual either. It's just right in between! 

There are a few things to note on this topic, though....

Consider the climate// If you're from California and coming to New York, you're definitely going to want to bring tights, pants, sweaters, coats, etc. Duh, right?! This also goes for weather, too. You want to check the weather to make sure you have a coat or whatever you need to feel comfortable. Meeting new people (especially people who you want to like and want them to like you) can be stressful and feeling comfortable can help to ease that stress. 

Consider the parents// Are they super conservative? Are they outdoorsy? Knowing a bit more about their styles and tastes can really be in your favor. I always suggest going the more conservative route if you're just not sure. You want to be yourself, don't get me wrong, but if they're super conservative and you show up in a low cut shirt, heels, and leather leggings, that may send the wrong message. 

 Consider Your Footwear// The way I normally dress in regard to shoes is to wear some sort of heeled shoe, or loafers (with no traction), or (pricey) flats. But, if you are visiting your boyfriend's parents who, let's say, live on a farm, you're probably not going to want to wear any of the above. You'll need a sensible shoe! Just like if you were visiting your significant other's parents in Manhattan for lunch, you're more than likely going to be doing a bit of walking. Five-inch heels are probably not the best choice. Kind of obvious, but this is also a reminder for you to ask your significant other what you'll be doing so you will be dressed appropriately. 

Consider the Venue// Are you going to be having dinner at their country club? I always use this example when my friends ask me what they should wear. Because first and foremost you can take most of the guesswork out of anything if you just ASK! But, secondly, it shows that you really do need to bring the right thing. If you go to their country club, then you need to have clothing that would follow the dress codes. For example, the club that we go to, you're not allowed to wear jeans.

Consider the Level of Dress// For Christmas Eve in my family, we all get dressed to the nines. However, I know not everyone does it that way! Even in my survey, a lot of you mentioned that you have a very casual Christmas Eve. So it's important to find out what kind of dress the family wears. For example, if you are going to church with them on a Sunday morning. At my church, I would never wear jeans, but at some churches, some people wear leggings and ugg boots!

Bring a backup outfit// I think this really only applies if you are staying overnight. But, it can always ease your nerves if you bring a backup outfit. So if you're wearing a dress, bring a pair of jeans and a sweater. So if you should be dressed 'wrong', you can just easily go change!

Consider the itinerary// Maybe you're visiting for Thanksgiving... the outfit I am wearing above may be all fine and dandy, but what if they have a tradition of playing a Turkey Bowl in the morning? My one biggest tip- no matter where I am traveling and regardless of how long, I always have a comfy/athletic outfit with me. Always.

Bring a Gift// My host/hostess gift guide went live yesterday and has some really great ideas in it! Definitely, check it out because you don't want to arrive empty-handed! 


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