Thursday, December 21, 2017

Lately 12/21/2017

I have so much to talk about in today's post! Between my fun trip to Martha's Vineyard for a wedding and this busy holiday week, I don't even know where to start! 

My trip to Martha's Vineyard was so much fun. The bride and groom are from Boston and their family has a house on MV so it's a really special place for them and their family. I loved seeing the Vineyard with a fresh blanket of snow and charming Christmas decorations! 
For the wedding, I ended up wearing this gorgeous black gown. Which was really a gamble. I saw it online and I thought it could be really classic and gorgeous or it could be cheap looking and a bit scandalous. But sure enough, it was just what I thought: a classic stunning black gown. It's something I'll be glad to have in my closet and I'll be able to re-wear on many different occasions. I listened to the reviews and it does run a bit small. I'm wearing a size 4 and would have typically ordered a size 2 in this type of gown. 
It's the last lately before Christmas. Can you even believe it?! This week I have been so insanely busy with family things and holiday parties/etc. Last night I saw The Grinch at Heinz Hall and it was phenomenal!

Today, I am headed to the Nordstrom Cafe with my parents, Grammie, and Aunt Lindey and Uncle Fitz. It's a tradition we started long ago and now we always meet at the Nordstrom Cafe for lunch right before Christmas! I love this tradition and wouldn't miss it! I'm sad Callie will have to miss out but she will be home tomorrow night and I cannot wait!

Tomorrow, we are going to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra with my family and family friends. This is another tradition that we do every year that they come to Pittsburgh. I haven't been in a few years, though, so I'm very excited! Afterward, we'll all get dinner together, too!

Tomorrow my 'big surprise' is going to be revealed so definitely check back. I actually can't believe I've kept it quiet for this long because I want to share it with EVERYONE because I am so excited!!!

Posts will be slow from here through the new year. I am not putting any pressure or stress on myself to follow my typical posting schedule nor am I going to put pressure on myself to post to Instastories and Instagram/etc. I want to be in the moment during the holidays and make sure to spend as much time as possible with my family and I hope you can all understand! Check back from time to time as I may upload some content as I'm inspired or have a little extra time on my hands, but I won't be back in full-force until 2018!

Eating: This week I posted one of the easiest dessert recipes ever that is sure to please a crowd! 

Gifting: If you haven't shopped yet, there is still time. I posted a last-minute gift guide and some of the items you can still order and receive in time for Christmas!

Drinking: My parents gifted me a magnum of my favorite champagne last year for Christmas and I keep forgetting to drink it. So, this Christmas eve we are popping it open! Can't wait!

Sweater// Pants// Shoes
Wearing: I'm all about rocking a Christmas sweater and this one is perfect. It reminds me of a classic old-school holiday sweater which is why I am so drawn to it.

Listening: Christmas playlist is in full swing, that's for sure!

Pittsburgh-ing: There's a game on Christmas day! Last year there was one, also. It's kind of funny to be sitting at the dinner table on Christmas watching TV and erupting in cheers and shouts, but I kind 

Traveling: I'm headed to Arizona next Friday for New Year's Eve. I have never been, so I am very excited! 

Quoting: 'And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.' Luke 2:10


Maureen said...

Sydney! Thank you for your sweet card! It meant a great deal that you took the time to send it along. Reading SW is one of my favorite things to do each day. You set us all up for a positive day w/ your fun, upbeat posts. But also love that they are full of great info. The Xmas playlist has been a joy and will be on rotation through out the holidays! Merry Xmas from Essex, MA.

Much love,

Lauren said...

I want to take a trip to Edgartown Now! Hope you are having a lovely week of Christmas!


Jennifer said...

When I lived in Pittsburgh (North Hills) I took the day off of work to attend the grand opening of Nordstrom at Ross Park Mall. My mom and I went to shop and have lunch at the Cafe. Being from Southern CA with several Nordstrom near me, I was dying to have one close again. I hope you enjoyed your lunch!
PS- TSO is the best! I have seen them 10+ times and they always put on an awesome show in the 'burgh. So festive!!
PPS- Here We Go Steelers!!


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