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Is It Safe to Go To Paris?

Is It Safe to Go To Paris?

This post started out as a blurb within another post, but it got way too long (that's your warning this is a very text heavy post, so get ready to read). So I decided it's an important topic anyway, it might as well get its own post! Today's topic is on the safety in Paris. It was something that weighed heavily on my mind before the trip (in November) and I know it weighed even heavier on my parent's minds as both my sister and me prepared to travel abroad.

I've gotten a ton of e-mails about Paris since I went, and one of the most asked questions is if it is 'safe' to go? So I figured I'd make a post that I can guide you to should you ever want to know! You can read all of my other posts about Paris, here, and there are more to come (plus a video... finally!!).

You can read more about my trip here:
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I want to provide a little backstory. Peyton and I had planned to go to Paris the spring of 2016. It's kind of crazy because the day before we were going to book our flights, the attack at the Bataclan happened. It really spooked us and we decided not to go. 

With all of the craziness going on in the world right now, I'd be lying if I said that traveling to Paris and London did not freak me out. But I am also someone who doesn't really want to live my life in fear so I just kind of pushed my fear into the back of my mind and we booked our trip. As it got closer, my parents were the ones who were really worried and kept talking to me about safety and being aware of my surroundings, etc. 

One of my life goals is to see Van Morrison in concert. He is one of my all-time favorite musicians. Wouldn't you know he was in Paris while we were there! I told my parents, friends, family, etc. of plans to get tickets a few months before our trip and every. single. person. told me that was a bad idea because of safety concerns. I don't really regret much in life, but now, after being in Paris, I really regret not going to the show. I'm sure it was phenomenal.

I was also a little scared of the 'pickpockets'. I can't believe how many people mentioned it to me both here on Summer Wind and offline. It made me feel like they would be swarming Paris and my wallet and passport were sure to be stolen. So many things I read online and comments, etc. made me terrified to take the metro, too. I'm being a bit dramatic, but it really did frighten me. 

However, the entire time, I never once encountered a pickpocket or felt like someone was after my bag/stuff/etc. I never felt unsafe around anyone that we came across and we even walked alone at night a lot. 

And actually, the metro was incredibly easy to use and inexpensive, I really couldn't recommend it more! I don't want to discount the safety info given by friends and family, though. I am sure there are more pickpockets during the more populated touristy times and more issues in different neighborhoods. Like in any city, it's always important to know that and keep an eye out for yourself and who you are traveling with.

We all three ended up carrying our passports with us at all times. We weren't aware of this law, but a police can stop and ask you for your passport at any time and if you can't provide it to them at that time, there is a pricey fine (a copy doesn't work). A wonderful girl right behind us in line at the airport gave us the rundown. She said that this has been the law for a while, but no one ever really followed it. Now, she said with the heightened security, police are asking people to see their passports a lot more. She was an American now living in Paris and she was so sweet and helpful. Also, we were glad to have our passports on hand as we shopped so we were able to provide the information to the sales associates so we could get part of the VAT tax back


Now here's the real story and where things became unsafe. Our first night in Paris, we were in our apartment enjoying some snacks, having some champagne. We were having a great time all getting ready together for our first night/dinner in Paris. We were right across the street from the new Louis Vuitton which is right at Place Vendome in the 1st arrondissement in Paris. It's a beautiful neighborhood and our street was lined with all of the best boutiques you can think of: case in point, Goyard was literally our next door neighbor.

Our apartment had your typical 'large colored door' which lead to the sidewalk of Rue Saint Honore (as seen in the photo above). During the day, our door would be open and you'd walk through a hallway and it would come out into an adorable courtyard which was surrounded by apartments (and then on the bottom floor were cute boutiques). At night, the large door would close at the sidewalk and you'd have to scan a key to get into the courtyard and then again to get into your apartment building. Once inside, we used a key to our apartment door. We loved how safe everything was. 

Well, as we walked downstairs from our apartment and into the courtyard that first night, we noticed everything was dark and all of the shops were dark, too...but people were in the shops. We were walking towards the door when a man came out of the patisserie and was speaking broken English to us. We didn't fully understand for a couple of seconds and then we realized he was telling us that the police had barricaded us in and we were on lockdown because of a bomb. 

Obviously, all three of us thought, what on earth, there is no way! We were definitely freaked out and we rushed back up to our apartment. We weren't really sure what to do except to look it up on Google since we hadn't yet figured out how to get our TV to work. The unfortunate thing is that since this was all unfolding right at the moment, the news sources were hard to come by, but we found enough to know that there was a protest earlier in the day at Place Vendome and a suspicious looking truck that was left right at the Louis Vuitton (aka right across the street from us) and there was believed to be a bomb inside the truck.

So, we sat in our apartment for a few hours to wait it out. We were all really scared at first, but being on lockdown, there really isn't anything we could do. We just hoped everything would be ok and tried to enjoy our time together in the apartment. 

Eventually, everything was all cleared and we were able to head to a late dinner. I share this because it was truly scary and it showed us that things really aren't as safe as you hope them to be. But we took this as a sign for us to be extra vigilant throughout the trip. We stayed with each other at all times and were always aware of our surroundings. 

And you know what? Other than that scare, we all talked about how safe we felt throughout the city. Again, we never encountered anything else that made us feel uneasy. Even during the bomb scare, the man who came out of the chocolate shop was so kind and so helpful to us. There's the misconception in America that the French are rude to Americans and we felt the exact opposite. I'm not exaggerating when I say every single person we encountered whether it be border patrol police, waiters, sales associates, etc., they were all so kind and welcoming. 

And often, we would make mention of just how safe we felt because there are so many French Army men and women walking everywhere throughout the city. It's actually scary to see at first. We first saw them once we crossed the border in the airport and were very startled- we thought something was wrong! They are really suited up and carry huge guns. But we found out that they are all around Paris to make sure everything is safe. There is also a ton of security to get into any major attraction. Even if you just want to walk under the Eiffel Tower, you have to go through security that is almost like going through TSA! 

Overall, my suggestion would be not to let your fear hold you back. Really, that's kind of a life lesson, but it really applies to travel, a lot. Unfortunately, it's a scary world we live in, but my Paris trip was one of the best things I've ever chosen to do in my entire life. I can't wait to explore more of the world! 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

January Favorites

favorite products for women in the month of january

Between shopping and being sent a bunch of products, I'm often discovering items that I love! Sometimes I have so many favorites that a bunch don't even make it to Summer Wind. So, I've decided to do a monthly favorites post so I can share with you what I'm loving. I see a bunch of YouTubers who do this and I love watching them! 

Now that January is almost done (can I get a HOORAY!), I'm sharing my first favorites with all of you! 

This is the hero product for this month's post. Why? Well, for starters, it's cheap (in price)... like really inexpensive for a high-quality down coat (under $60). Secondly becuase it's SO warm. It's no Canada Goose, but it has been great for anything above 30ish degrees! Thirdly, it folds down into the smallest little ball so you can pack it for anything. It feels so good on, too. I hate feeling restricted and bulky and this is a puffer that feels like you could even work out in it because it is lightweight and moveable. And lastly, it's cuter than your average puffer because it has an oversized collar and a chic A-line shape. 

I have been working out more so I needed a few good workout tees. I love seamless pieces so I wanted to try out this tee. I was skeptical becuase it's very inexpensive compared to brands like Athleta and Lululemon, but seriously, the quality is great! It runs true to size- this is more of a fitted workout top, just as an FYI! I also ordered this tee but ended up returning it because it seemed low-quality. 

I'm a huge believer in probiotics. I take on every single day and have been doing so for over 2 years. I've never really been a fan of a certain brand. They're expensive, so I typically buy whatever is on sale. Well, one of my favorite skincare brands just released their own probiotics and I am obsessed. They're priced really well, too, so it's a no-brainer! They help so much with digestion and I truly think they also help to keep my skin clear, too. You can use code SYDNEY to get 20% off your purchase of this kit ($22.80 off!) which includes all of my favorite Tula products and a pack of the probiotics. If you bought all of these products separately, it would cost $170+, but you can get it all for under $100. Such a good deal. 
I'm not a huge cereal person, but this is SO good. I especially love that it has 10grams of protein per serving and 36% of your daily fiber! It's sweet enough to curb your sweet cravings, but it's very light and just overall delicious! 

I loathe socks. I don't know what it is, but as soon as I get home, if I am wearing socks, I take them off... and of course, my feet get cold. These slippers have been such a life saver for this crazy cold month. I would recommend these to anyone, any age, any gender, these are the best. They run true to size (maybe a touch big- or so the reviews say). I'm always between an 8 and 9 and wore the larger size (since they do not come in half sizes). 

These are SO good. But I actually just came across some 'knock-off' versions (the ones I just linked are the cheapest- 6 for $3!) because the invisibobble brand is a bit pricey. I think in this situation, the brand really doesn't matter because they're just plastic hair ties. But anyway, they are the best because the coils really dig into your hair and hold things in place! 
Inexpensive Hair Coils:

This is kind of weird one to include on the list, but I was in an accident this month and after dealing with Progressive (my car insurance) I cannot say enough good things about the company. They were so easy to deal with and made everything seamless. I have an insurance agent, so they help me to choose all of my insurance for everything, so they recommended Progressive, but honestly, I'd choose Progressive again after the great experience I had! 

This is one of the best skincare products I've ever used. I was sent a sample last year and fell in love. So, I ended up purchasing a full-sized tube. It's not really a serum in the traditional sense. When you apply it, it feels like you are applying primer, but it's actually 10% vitamin-C. The before and afters on the website are incredible and I truly notice a difference in my skin (it brightens and clears my skin) while using it. I'd purchase it time and time again- even at the higher price point, it's so worth it. 

I have been craving a new show. I swear I've watched absolutely everything that's 'good' and I ran out of options. So, I started Homeland, a favorite of mine, from the beginning. I forgot how good it is! I am already starting season three. If you haven't seen it, definitely check it out! 

Monday, January 29, 2018

6 Things That Make Me Happy

Sweater (comes in 3 other colors)// Jeans
Sunglasses// Chanel Ballet Flats (almost identical $100)
Shop the Look:

Last week, I talked about little things that you can purchase for a 'pick me up' dose of happiness. Of course, we all know that buying stuff doesn't make you happy, but sometimes it can brighten up your day a bit! Well, today I wanted to share 5 things that make me happy that you can't put a price on.  

It's important during these cold, grey months to remind yourself of the little things day-in-an-out that you can rely on for a bright spot in your day! I will share 6 things today, but I urge you to make a little list of things that make you happy, so whenever you are feeling down, you can pump yourself up with your list! 

A Great Outfit
I always feel a million times better when I feel good in an outfit. I'm a true believer in 'dress for success' and in college, I believed in 'dress well test well'. It doesn't mean I have to be wearing a ball gown, but it does mean that there are certain pieces that make me feel SO good! An example of that is the outfit above. It's not really anything special, but it's the type of outfit I feel best in. Casual, simple, and put together. 

Good Music
This is something you can practically 'do' anywhere, anytime, etc. A good playlist, a good song, whatever it may be, makes me so happy! 

Going Outside
Even if it is freezing and dreary, getting outside and breathing in fresh air can do wonders. Even if just for 5 minutes. I find it helps me to clear my head and reset if needed! It's actually been wonderful having Henry and having to go outside many times a day... sometimes I don't love it when it's frigid, but once I'm outside breathing the fresh air, it's actually enjoyable. 

Talking to a Friend
No, not texting, actually talking. I find that when I talk to a friend whether on the phone or in person, it's easy to be happy! You know the feeling you get after chatting with your mom or catching up with your best friend who you haven't talked to in a few days? Always sure to put a smile on my face. 

Getting Organized
I will always put this on my happiness list because it's truly something that makes me feel at peace. Whether it's cleaning/organizing my entire apartment, cleaning up my desk, or, even if it is just getting my to-do list in order, I find that organization and order make me happy. 

Looking Forward to Plans
Whether it's an hour from now or 6 months from now, I find that having fun things planned really helps me to get excited about the future. Even if it's just a happy hour with friends next week or something bigger like a trip to Europe in 6 months, having a fun plan to look forward to always makes me happy!

Friday, January 26, 2018

A Jacket for Work + Play

A Jacket for Work + Play

A Jacket for Work + Play

Tweed Blazer// White Tank (old, similar)
Shop the Look:

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you have some fun plans this weekend! My weekend is going to be casual and low-key before I travel three weekends in a row starting next weekend. I hope to take advantage of the 'warmer' temperatures we have by taking Henry on a few long walks and also try out a new restaurant. Today, I'm coming at you with a style post. 

I'm often asked: what is one wardrobe tip that will help you to save money or reduce having 'too much' in your closet? My biggest tip is to buy pieces that have maximum versatility. 

This jacket is one of those 'maximum versatility' pieces. Why? Well for starters, it is classic and a neutral color. Secondly, this jacket, when styled appropriately, can be worn to work or on the weekends... or even on a date.

I styled this a bit casually since I'm wearing jeans. But, if you are able to wear jeans to your office, this is a really put-together way to wear jeans and still look professional. It looks clean and sharp. Post work, throw on heels and grab a clutch and you're ready to head to happy hour or date night. 

Do you work in a more conservative office? These navy pants are one of my favorite pairs of work pants ever and they look great with this jacket! Is it 70 degrees and you want to wear this jacket? Wear a scoop-neck a-line dress (like this one) and wear the jacket over top! When you put your mind to it, the options are truly endless. 

So in short, when you're on a budget or looking to reduce your clutter, only purchase pieces that you know you can wear for multiple different occasions or events. It will save you time, money, and sometimes, your sanity when getting dressed in the morning!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Lately 1/25/2018

Similar Sweater (on sale)// Leather Leggings  (my absolute favorite under $100)
Shoes (50% off!!!)

This week has been off to a great start! My car (that got hit by a semi-truck) was finished with repairs much earlier than expected, which I was SO happy about. The rental car that I have been driving around in is the worst and I am so happy to get rid of it today! Also, the weather has been so much warmer. I looked at the Pittsburgh 10-day forecast and there is not a 20-degree day in sight. Lots of reasons to be happy!

Wearing: On Saturday, I met my parents at the William Penn bar. It is one of our favorites in the city. The bar is not only incredibly beautiful, but they have great drinks! My go-to is an extra dirty Hendrick's martini! I posted the image above to Instagram and a lot of you wanted sweater details. The sweater I am wearing is one of my favorites and is from Club Monaco (last year). It has since sold out (looks like there is one on eBay), but I wanted to link to an extremely similar sweater since you guys were all loving the sweater! Club Monaco's cashmere is second to none. The quality is always superb and last for years and years! My shoes are also 50% off. Every single time I wear them, I get compliments. They're so different than any other shoe in my closet and they work so well with neutrals and pops of color alike!

Eating: This weekend, I made the best guacamole ever. So instead of having regular avocado toast, I had guacamole toast and it was phenomenal! 

Sale-ing: I swear by traveling with clear pouches and this set of 3 is half price right now! Tartan and Twine also make really good clear travel pouches!

Sale-ing II: I just ordered this one-piece swimsuit and it was an extra 50% off the sale price, making it only $40! I love that it looks retro and the vertical stripes will be super flattering!

Reading: I feel like a lot of people can probably relate to this, but I go through phases of reading. I'll read a ton and won't be able to put books down, and then I go cold turkey for months at a time. Right now, I'm in a phase where I haven't picked up a book in a while. My schedule is starting to get pretty busy, so I'm just looking for something easy to read... mindless, almost. Do you have any recommendations? I, embarrassingly, love a good YA drama book!

 Who else is SO excited to watch the next This Is Us episode? This week's episode was so good!

Listening: Listen to this YouTube video the first time without watching it. It's SO cool. 

Listening II: I started listening to Hanson this week (not really sure how that happened) and it brought back alllll the childhood memories. I was madly in love with Zac Hanson when their Middle of Nowhere Album came out in 1997. I was 7 and Zac was 11- an older man, oooh la la! I remember screaming at the top of my lungs when I first saw them appear on an Eggo commercial and specifically remember my parents telling my sister and I that we were going to the Hanson concert. I cried tears of joy. I was only 8, but I will remember that night for the rest of my life, I was beside myself with happiness.

Anyway, I have been listening to their albums on repeat, but this version of Hanson's classic, Mmmbop was done acoustically by the brothers last year and it is SO good. One of the things I absolutely love about Hanson is that they are truly musically talented on their own (they covered Bill Withers and it's fantastic). 

Loving: You all know I'm a major Jack Rogers sandals fan. I wear them almost every single day in the summer. I find them so comfortable and easy to wear. They're just an overall great classic sandal. Well... Jack Rogers released a new Collectors Edition capsule collection and the first three pairs of the collection have been released! So far, my favorite is the gold, but they will be releasing 3 pairs each month through 2018! You can see all of the pairs, here.

Loving II: I was just sent Supergoop's Unseen Sunscreen (SPF 40) and I'm excited to try it out. If your curious about how it's different from other sunscreens, it is a totally invisible, weightless, daily SPF that grips makeup... I'll report back!

Wanting: So many beautiful pieces are starting to come out! Scroll through to see my favorites!

Pittsburgh-ing: Last week, the Honeygrow team invited me in to try out their latest winter menu! They added a roasted garlic stir fry which was incredible! It's located in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh. It's fast casual and inexpensive and offers healthy and fresh choices. Plus, the staff there is SO friendly. I go often and I love that they change their menu based on the seasons! 

Smelling: I was browsing through Target the other day (very dangerous to do, I don't recommend it) and fell in love with these inexpensive Smith and Hawkin candles. One of my pet peeve with cheap candles is that they're often ugly or just look cheap. Well, these Smith and Hawkin candles not only smell wonderful (the rosemary mint is my favorite) but they also look beautiful, too! 

Recommending: I was watching someone's instastories the other day (I think it was Aimee Song's) and it said that you can press your iPhone's power button 5 times and an emergency option will come up. I had absolutely no idea and it's such a good thing to teach everyone so if you are ever in a sticky situation, you can use that to your advantage. 

Traveling: Mother-daughter Caribbean cruise trip is right around the corner. My mom and I are counting down the days and having so much fun getting some new warm weather clothing! I'll be going to two new-to-me countries: Mexico and Grand Cayman. I can't believe I've never been to Mexico! I am so excited! 

Quoting: 'You don't need the whole world to love you. Just a few good people.'// See more of my favorites, here. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A Workout Must-Have (just $30)

the best earbuds for working out

workout hairstyle ideas

senso wireless bluetooth earbuds review

inexpensive earbuds
Earbuds ($30!) 
Shop the Look:

So a few weeks ago, I took to Instastories to ask you all what your favorite earbuds are for working out. My inbox was flooded with messages recommending all sorts of options. You guys are always so helpful when I need product recommendations. 

I figured I would share the wealth of info with all of you becuase I've learned a lot about wireless earbuds now and a bunch of you had asked that I share which earbuds I decided to go with.
The top 3 recommendations from everyone were:

I'm leaving the Apple Air Pods off of the list becuase I specifically said I didn't want them. I personally just hate how they never fit my ears properly!

After reading all of your recommendations, I did some research and read a ton of reviews. A lot of reviews said that while the Powerbeats are amazing, they break often. I actually even had some readers mention that to me in their DM's. So I ruled those out. 

I already have Bose headphones, and overall I just love Bose's sound quality. But the headphones I have are not for working out (in my opinion).  

Callie and my dad have the JayBird's and I can first-hand tell you they're amazing in both quality and sound quality. So, I contemplated getting them, but I am really particular about the buds staying in my ear as I'm moving and without the little 'arm' around the ear, they don't stay in my ears! So basically, I wanted the Powerbeats but just didn't want to deal with them breaking all of the time. 

Enter the best $30 I've ever spent. These Bluetooth earbuds are seriously only $30 and not only look almost exactly like the Powerbeats but they also sound incredible. Over 22,000 people have reviewed the buds and they get a 4.2/5 rating. I wanted to workout in them for a bit before I started to recommend them. Now that I have, I wholeheartedly recommend them. I'm going to use them for travel, too, since they do a really good job at blocking out noise, too. They stay in my ears, sound great, hold a nice charge, and come with a bunch of helpful accessories. For $30, these are a steal!

Another great workout necessity? These hair ties. I keep recommending them, but they're particularly great for working out. The coils grip into your hair and don't leave a crease. So, I can work out with my hair done because when I take the hair tie out, it still looks perfect! 

I have 3 go-to workout hairstyles: a top knot, a high ponytail, and half-up. The topknot is typically reserved for workouts like yoga and pilates where I'll be turned upside down a lot and want all of my hair out of my face. A ponytail is for 'typical' workouts, and then I reserve the half-up for strength training/toning where I won't be sweating as much as I would (like with cardio). I use this hair tie for all of these styles!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Little Pick Me Ups

Little Pick Me Ups
Sweater (in 8 colors)// Jeans
Shop the Look:

Do you ever get into a funk? January and February are two of my least favorite months. I hate to be a downer, but aren't they? It's just after Christmas, so the celebrations are over, it's back to work/reality and then the weather is just gray and cold. 

As a blogger who focuses on fashion/decor, etc. it's sometimes hard for me to feel inspired during this time. I'm typically wearing the same (warmest) sweater and boots. 

I think everyone can get into little funks like this. It's not necessarily that you're sad, but you just need something fun and bright to change your attitude a bit. 

Buying things don't make you happy, I know, but I thought I'd share a few little things you can pick up for yourself or the home that might get you excited or put a little pep in your step! Even if you are on a budget, a lot of these items are really inexpensive!

Little Pick Me Ups
Bright Lip Color// I'm not talking hot pink or anything wild, but just get something new and refreshing! I really love the lip glow line because it's super hydrating just like a basic lip balm, but packs in a subtle hint of color. It's great for everyday use!

Spring Mani Color// Go for a color you don't typically go for around this time of year. I typically stick to OPI's Big Apple Red or OPI's I've Got the Blues for Red, but just recently, I went to one of my spring/summer favorites, OPI Bubble Bath. It's subtle, but refreshing to be more neutral and light!

New underwear// I have this thing where I have a million and one pairs of underwear. I'm always paranoid I am going to run out! Sometimes just tossing a few pairs that have seen better days and replacing them with new can be a great little pick me up. I swear by this underwear. I used to be a huge Hanky Panky fan, but I've since converted to these because they're just as good and a fraction of the price!

New Socks// This is just like underwear, but getting rid of old socks and getting a few new pairs is so refreshing! I also love these no-show socks with the silicone grip at the heel to hold them in place. I have these and wore them all around Paris and they really didn't slip!

Hair Ties// I got these for Christmas and they are about the best hair ties I've ever used. I'm a huge top-knot wearer and these hold my bun in place SO well. They're a little pricey as far as hair ties go, so it's fun to pick up a 'little luxury' every once in a while. They're such a gamechanger and I could not recommend them more!

Pretty Pajamas// This pajama set is on sale, so I promptly ordered it. I think I should have a closet just dedicated to pajamas becuase I am obsessed. I can't resist a new set, and wearing a new set the first few times really puts a smile on my face! I also love these cute pajama shorts!

Cute Sports Bra// I feel like a cute sports bra is a little luxury. Not super expensive, but for some reason, I don't often buy a new one. Looking good while working out can make things more fun and exciting!

New Note Cards// Buy a fresh set of notecards and make a list of people you want to send notes to. I love getting a beautiful fresh set! Sending cards for no reason is so much fun and can even feel therapeutic at times!

Get Organized// You don't have to spend a fortune to get organized in a pretty and functional way. I actually just ordered a bunch of acrylic storage items from Amazon. Typically, I find that acrylic storage is expensive, but this one is very inexpensive. I used these under my bathroom sink and everything is now orderly and pretty. You can also find pretty reasonably priced lucite storage at Target, too!

Loungewear// I'm all about switching into sweats/comfy clothes as soon as I get home. Anyone else like this? But, at the same time, I always try to wear 'cute' loungewear so I don't feel lazy/like a slob. Getting a new pair of sweatpants are so exciting to me, I'm not quite sure why, but these are my latest favorite pair.

A Candle// Sometimes just refreshing the scent in your space can refresh you... especially if you are still burning your holiday candles. Two of my affordable favorite candles are Voluspa's Moso Bamboo and French Cade Lavender!

Fresh flowers// These are a 'duh', but in the winter, I often skip out on the flowers. Adding some bright blooms add a bit of spring to your space, but I also love to pick up a new vase here and there. It's great to have a good vase collection and it's always fun to see your favorite flowers in a different light becuase of a vase!
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Monday, January 22, 2018

Packable Puffer at Frick Park

Frick Park Pittsburgh

Frick Park Pittsburgh

packable puffer down jacket

packable puffer down jacket

packable puffer down jacket

Coat (on sale 25% off)// Leggings
Shop the Post:
This weekend, was, surprisingly warm. Ok, so not actually warm, but it was in the 40's, and it was about the best feeling thing ever. Friday night, I went out to dinner with friends for restaurant week and it felt so good wearing 'regular' shoes (aka not boots) and a 'regular' coat (aka not a parka). 

Then, Saturday morning, it was gorgeously sunny and I knew it would be the perfect time to take Henry on an adventure! So, we packed up and headed to Frick Park, which is a 640+ acre park in Pittsburgh (near Regent Square). 

My mom grew up near there, so when my grandparents were still living, we would go to that park because it was close to their house. I hadn't been in a while, so it was fun to be in a place that brought back great memories. 

Don't let the snow fool you! It was about 50 degrees and while the park was covered in snow, it was the perfect day for a long walk. So many people were out and about. One thing I love about having Henry is that people are so much friendlier. Everyone that passed me would say hello or question about what breed Henry was, or just say some pleasantry. I love that!

If you are in Pittsburgh, definitely check out Frick Park. It is the largest park in Pittsburgh and it's so beautiful. Plus, it's really easy to get to no matter where you are in the city! If you're a Mac Miller fan, this is the famous 'blue slide park'! 

I wore comfortable clothing, but I really wanted to highlight the jacket I am wearing. When I was traveling to Arizona, I didn't bring a coat at all... but, I was FREEZING before finally getting to the airport. It was 0 degrees outside when I was leaving for the airport, but Arizona was going to be 70 degrees. I didn't want to lug around a parka just so I could be warm for the quick walk in and out of the Uber. 

So, I have been looking for a cute packable coat that I can carry with me as I travel. This coat is great because it packs up into a small pouch that you could also double as a pillow on the plane. It's lightweight, so you're likely to get a lot of use out of it in the fall and spring, but it really works wonderfully for winter travel, too!
More packable puffers:


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