Friday, January 19, 2018

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him
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On Wednesday, I shared my favorite gifts for 'her' for Valentine's Day! Today I'm talking about some gift ideas for the guys. 

I'm old fashion in that I feel like, in a traditional relationship, Valentine's Day is more for the guy to impress the woman, but I can't resist giving a great gift... it's really fun to give, isn't it?! Do you give your boyfriend/husband/fiance a gift or just a card/candy? 

Just like my 'for her' guide, I've included small gifts like this travel shoe cleaning kit, but also pricier gifts such as this cashmere 1/4 zip and this duffle backpack

One thing I always share in gift giving guides is that I like to be 'extra'. So for example, if I gave my boyfriend a Yeti mug, I would also gift him a pound of his favorite coffee... like a 'set'. Or if I gave him a Quip toothbrush, I'd give him a tube of his favorite toothpaste. Typically, the 'extras' are little and not costly, which is great, and I really think it adds something special to a gift!


Lauren said...

That desk valet is such a perfect gift! Love this gift guide!


Unknown said...

I love your posts! The gifts ideas are special.
Like it very much.


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