Friday, June 1, 2018

Father's Day Gift Ideas

fathers day gift ideas

When it comes to gifting, I feel like buying for your mother is way easier than for your father. Does anyone else feel this way?! My dad has everything he could ever want or need so finding something for him is always a struggle. My mom is so much easier because she likes what I like! 

Today I thought I would share some really great gift ideas that are outside the box of your standard tie or coffee mug! Father's Day is coming up on Sunday, June 17th (I love this post from two Father's Days ago) so this post will give you plenty of time to order something online and have it delivered in time! 

Dyson Fan/Air Purifier// This is as beautiful as it is functional. It would be great in an office or at home. A luxury for allergy sufferers or great for the guy that is always hot! 

Tula Skincare// I love love love Tula products! Did you know they are unisex?! They're gentle and some of them are anti-aging. This is great for the guy who travels but also for a dad who needs a simple and gentle skincare routine! Use code SYDNEY for 20% off! 

Nespresso Machine// I got my parents a Nespresso years ago and they still use it and love it to this day! I also have a Nespresso and love it! I love making cappuccinos with it! 

Shep Shirt// A Shep Shirt will forever be one of my favorite things ever (for both men and women). If your dad doesn't have one, it makes such a good gift. It's beyond comfortable and pretty much goes with anything and everything! 

Nike Tech Fleece Sweats// These are pricey (for sweats) so this is a great luxurious gift! 

Himalayan Salt Plate// This is a really cool way to cook and add a slight flavor to your food! You can use in the oven or on the grill! 

Wireless Headphones// These are so compact and great for travel or for the avid workout enthusiast! 

Dog Hat// I got my dad this Australian Cattle dog hat as part of his Father's Day gift in memory of Mac. They have a ton of different dog breeds and I think this is a great way to add a personal touch without a monogram! 

Tech Folio// I love this laptop sleeve because of the exterior pockets- such a great addition to stash earbuds, external hard drives, etc. 

Fun Shirt// Maybe your dad is not the most 'fun' dresser. Add a little color to his wardrobe with a classic 'fun shirt'! 

Growler with Keg Tap// I know absolutely nothing about beer, so take this rec with a grain of salt but I just thought this growler was SO gorgeous! You definitely wouldn't mind if it was sitting out! 

Coravin// I'm selfishly posting this because I want one- but seriously it would make a great gift for ANY wine lover! It enables you to drink one glass of wine without opening a bottle. Sounds too good to be true, right? It really does work! I think it's awesome for being able to drink just a glass of a pricier bottle of wine without worrying about finishing it in a day or two! The model I linked to is the first model which is $100-$200 less than the newer model

Yeti Tumbler// My parents are obsessed with all things Yeti and always have their tumblers with them. It's an easy way to keep your water cold throughout the day and encourages you to keep drinking water!


TLA said...

I realize that this isn't the point of blogger gift guides, and certainly every person and every family is different, but there are other great options for Dads or people for whom it is hard to buy. As my family has gotten older, we have found that shared experiences and the opportunity to make memories have been our favorite gifts. I know you have posted in the past about treating your family to a weekend in DC around the Christmas holidays, or attending various performances. My parents honestly have everything they could ever need or want, as do I, and we enjoy spending time together at various performances, bucket list restaurants, or volunteering.

I'm certainly not knocking tangible "gifts", just trying to present another perspective/alternate ideas. Tickets to arts performances, special museum exhibits, or sports events; greens or cart fees at a bucket list golf course; entry fees to a race or other athletic event; making a charitable contribution or volunteering time in a person's honor (or volunteering together!) for a cause meaningful to them are all out-of-the-box ideas for the hard to shop for person. You could even start an account to fund something bigger, like a dream vacation--a photo safari, a chartered cruise around the Mediterranean, a trip to the country/ies from which their ancestors came--and for birthdays and holidays, give a card stating that a contribution to the fund has been made, and accompany it with a related token gift to build excitement, such as a travel guide, coffee table book, or a novel related to or set in that country. Just a few ideas that go beyond the same gifts year after year!

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