Saturday, June 2, 2018

Saturday Shopping 6/2/2018

All three sorority sisters! 
Alyssa, Nikki, Me last year at my big's baby shower!

Happy weekend, everyone! Right now, I am in Annapolis, Maryland visiting one of my best friends from college, aka 'my big'! I haven't seen her in a year! She and her husband had a beautiful baby girl and I am headed down to celebrate her first birthday! I am SO excited!

Because of the short week, I didn't see too much that I am loving but thought I would share the few things that I did love!


Allie said...

I love that blue and white scarf! The print is gorgeous! It reminds me of a porcelain vase almost. Have a great weekend, xAllie

Briana Trevino said...

Awh! I love when Bigs and Little hang out after graduation! Thanks for the shopping update!



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