Thursday, June 21, 2018

Lately 6/21/2018

This week was nuts but in a good way! After being in Nantucket all last week and all of the Father's Day festivities this weekend, Monday was the first day I really was able to start unpacking, sifting through e-mails, cleaning up the apartment, doing laundry, etc. It was also when I started getting a cold. Yesterday was the worst of the cold (hopefully) but it wasn't debilitating and I kept chugging right along.

I always feel a bit overwhelmed when I get back, but now that I am mostly caught up, it feels so good! I have a 3-week 'break' before my next trip so it will be nice to get back into a good routine.

Wearing: I love a good swimsuit coverup and this one is SO cute. I also love when they can double as a dress and this one can! I wore this to Cisco Brewers one day on Nantucket. It's super easy breezy to wear- perfect for super hot weather (which we did not have on Nantucket, ha!).

Eating: These low carb wraps taste SO good, are huge, and low in calories compared to most other wraps and tortillas. 

Drinking: I've shared this before, but I've been drinking it a lot so I thought I would share again. One of my all-time favorite tea is Tazo's Refresh green tea. It's mint so it's light and refreshing and since it is caffeine-free, I really enjoy drinking it before bedtime. 

Reading: 53 Amazon products with the highest ratings. I have been seeing this ice roller EVERYWHERE and finally caved and bought it because it also made that list. I'll report back! 

 I follow the 'Who Remembers' page on Facebook and every once in a while a real gem pops up in my newsfeed. This week, this 90's 'I'm Back from School' video popped up and it brought my entire childhood back in a flash.

Watching II: Speaking of the 90's, my friend Aly made me aware that Disney (on demand) has SO many Disney Chanel Original Movies to watch! Think Halloweentown, Smart House, Rip Girls, Brink, Johnny Tsunami, and more. Totally brings me back... I hope Disney keeps adding more because Disney was my jam when I was little. My sister and I watched these movies over and over! 

Listening: My June playlist is chugging right along! There are some real gems on it. I'm especially into James Bay's new music! 

Loving: Just booked a trip to stay in a literal treehouse this fall! I saw these treehouses last summer and by the time I tried to book a house, they were all filled, so this year I got way ahead of the game and booked 4.5 months in advance! Can't wait!

Wanting: For a busy week, I managed to come across a bunch of great stuff! Can't get enough of these pajamas they will forever be my favorites. They're expensive but worth every penny. I have several pairs and wear them weekly. I just ordered a new pair and can't wait for them to arrive! They run true to size! 

Pittsburgh-ing: This sandwich is sooooo good and totally worth a trip to Primanti's! 

Quoting: 'Feel the fear and do it anyway.'// See more of my favorites, here. 

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OH LA LATKES said...

LOVE that tote! So cool.
Just what I need for summer - a monogrammed piece.



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