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summer wind hair

summer wind hair

summer wind hair

summer wind hair

summer wind hair

summer wind hair

Since I started Summer Wind back in 2009, the subject of my hair has always been the top topic of discussion. It's always so flattering and I really appreciate all of the compliments! After I tried out Wella Professionals color and WELLAPLEX bond repair system and shared my experience, I received an influx of questions. So, I decided to gather all of the questions and create an FAQ post!

What color is your natural hair?
Dark brown! I grew up with dark blonde hair and it became increasingly darker as I got older. 

What is your natural hair texture?
Extremely thick, voluminous and frizzy. It's not pin-straight but has a very subtle wave to it. Growing up, it was always pin-straight and has gotten a bit wavier as I get older. 

Since your hair is naturally dark, how did you transition to blonde?
I started going blonde when my hair was naturally much lighter... around 6th grade. I used Sun-In (haha!!) and it started to turn blonde during the summers on its own. In 9th grade, I finally went to a salon and got highlights and I've been blonde ever since. My hair holds blonde color very well. 

How do you get so much volume? 
This is one of my most popular questions! Truly this is mostly natural. I wish I could tell you I have some great technique or magic product but for the most part, this is just my hair. The only thing I can recommend is that I blow-dry my hair upside down (just because that's quickest for me) which I think probably helps with the volume. I also think adding dry shampoo to your roots a few days after washing really helps. I think it particularly helps when you are styling your hair in a side-braid, top knot, or something that 'pulls' on your hair.

Top recommendations for salons in Pittsburgh?
I go to Studio Booth in East Liberty which does both Wella Professionals color and WELLAPLEX treatment. I go to Jay and couldn't recommend the salon or Jay more! You can find a Wella salon in your area, here. 

Does WELLAPLEX change the texture of your hair?
WELLAPLEX quite literally repairs your hair. I personally noticed that my hair seemed shinier, stronger, and my stylist said that it helps hair to hold the color better and longer! Couldn't recommend this more.

How do you keep your hair healthy in between salon visits?
I use the Wella Professionals FUSIONPLEX Intense Repair line. This consists of an Intense Repair shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. These products work along with WELLAPLEX but you can also use them even if you haven't done WELLAPLEX. It helps repair your hair which is super important to me because when you color your hair, you are creating damage- especially for blondes. I truly think this is what has made my hair so strong, smooth, and shiny. Plus, it smells wonderful. 

How often do you get your hair highlighted?
Every 4-6 weeks. I really wish I could go longer in between appointments but my hair grows SO fast. 

Will you ever go back to your natural color?
Never say never! But I doubt it. Blonde is just me. Any stylist I have ever seen has told me to never cut it and never do anything dramatically different with the color because I have such good hair that holds blonde so well. Sometimes, during the winter months, I go darker, but never anything dark enough to be considered 'dark'.
What is your favorite shampoo to keep your blonde color looking bright?
This shampoo and conditioner from the Wella Professionals FUSIONPLEX line. It's not specifically for blondes, but I use it because it helps to repair the damage! I do not use a purple shampoo or anything to keep my color looking 'bright'. I personally prefer a golden blonde so that type of product is not right for me. I am extremely picky when it comes to shampoo and conditioner so for me to recommend a shampoo/conditioner, then you know it's good. 

What do you ask for when you get your haircut?
I get it cut straight across in the back and then subtle face-framing angles in the front.

What do you ask for when you go for highlights?
I don't typically ask for anything, I just say 'do with what you think is best but keep it golden blonde'. I get WELLAPLEX with Wella Professionals BLONDOR FREELIGHTS lightener, and a golden toner. I think the golden toner is KEY if you want to replicate my hair color. My hair often shows up platinum or very bright in photos, but in real life, it's truly more of a warm, golden blonde. I have never been into white blonde/ashy. Nothing against it, that is just my personal preference and what I think works best with my tones! 

Do you get your roots lifted?

How do you keep your hair from getting frizzy?
A weekly intense hair mask is really great for keeping hair shiny and healthy. I love the Wella Professionals FUSIONPLEX Intense Repair mask. I also swear by the Wella Professionals Oil Reflection Luminous Smoothing Oil. If it's humid or I'm traveling and in a humid climate, I carry around the travel size Light Luminous Reflective Oil and reapply when necessary. I use the 'light' version because I will have probably already used the oil several times so I don't want it to build up heavily in my hair! 

I'll also just 'own it' if it's super humid and I can't seem to tame my hair. I love doing a side-braid or top knot to keep it tamed and under control.

How do you preserve your hair when you sleep?
I don't really do anything special, but I don't roll around too much while I sleep, If you do- grab a scrunchie and twirl your hair up into a bun on the very top of year head. Tie the scrunchie very loose so your bun feels like it is going to fall out. This will keep your hair from getting messed up but also won't create any creases. I also think silk pillowcases make a big difference! 

What do you use to pull your hair back?
I swear by these claw clips and these coiled hair ties. I've tried the less pricey versions of the coiled hair tie and these are honestly worth the higher price. They don't break and they hold my hair so much better! 

Was your hair always long and if not, how did you grow it?
It was short once in 5th grade and never again. I've asked stylists over the years if I should cut it and they've all said absolutely no so I don't. While it's always been 'long' I have had varying lengths. Sometimes it's super long and sometimes it's a bit below my shoulders. When I get a cut (about 4 or more times a year), I just say 'take off as much as needed for it to look healthy again'. My hair grows back extremely fast so cutting off several inches never bothers me. 

I think if you are looking to grow your hair faster, Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides is something to try out. It makes my hair and nails grow SO fast. 

Do you ever use extensions?
Nope. Never. Nothing against them, they're just not for me!

Do you wash your hair every day? 
No! The only time I ever wash my hair daily is if I am on vacation and in and out of pools/lakes/oceans/ etc. and it absolutely needs to be washed. I wash my hair about once a week, sometimes twice. It varies a lot because it depends on workouts/sweating/traveling/etc. 

What is your favorite dry shampoo?
Wella's EIMI Dry Me Dry Shampoo.  I typically use dry shampoo the day before I wash my hair and it needs a little 'oomph'. 

Thank you to Wella for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.


Unknown said...

Hi Sydney!
Love this post, and have always thought you have the most beautiful hair! I think I remember you saying that you used to love the Dove shampoo and conditioner, and the it's a 10 hair mask. Would you recommend these Wella products over those?

Sydney Carver Snyder said...

Leeann, Dove is great and still one of my favorites, but I think if you're willing to splurge more and get the Wella Fusionplex shampoo/conditioner, it's 100% worth it (I also really like their oil reflections line but I think their Fusionplex is the best). It truly does make my hair shinier and softer and more moisturized. Plus the smell is incredible!

Regarding Wella hair mask vs. It's a 10, they are night and day. I had no idea a hair mask could be so great until I tried Wella's version. If you are looking for a great It's a 10 product, they make a leave-in conditioner that you spray on damp hair and I think that's the best product that they make! Otherwise, I'm Wella all the way!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for responding, Sydney! I think i'm going to try it! The Wella shampoo and conditioner are included in Ulta's hair sale right now, making them only $14.99 each! Thanks again - have a great day! :)

Unknown said...

Hi! Do you find the collagen peptides work better than biotin? Ive only ever taken biotin capsules..but have been reading a lot about the benefits of collagen peptides and what they can do for your skin, hair, nails and overall health.


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