Thursday, July 26, 2018

Lately 7/26/2018

 Dress// Hermes Oasis Sandals (similar)

This week just about killed me... not in a bad way! All good things, it was just a lot. It's especially hard when you come back from being away from your desk for an entire week (but so worth it!). There was a lot to catch up on and I'm not even fully caught up yet. It will happen, though!

Tonight I am excited because I am going to the Pittsburgh Symphony where they will be playing the scores from the first Harry Potter movie (The Sorcerer's Stone). The scores will actually be played live- set to the actual film playing on a huge screen. Pretty cool, right? My friend Aly and I bought these tickets months ago, so it's exciting that it is finally here! I'm such a Harry Potter fanatic... you can see the photo of me above at Platform 9 3/4 in London, ha!

Wearing: This floral dress is so pretty! It is a bit out of my comfort zone with the plunging necklace and asymmetrical hem, but there is something so youthful and fun about it, don't you think?

Eating: Georgia peaches are seriously one of the best treats EVER. They're so juicy and sweet. I brought some back with me and I've been enjoying them all week. 
Top (also in white)// Jeans (best white jeans ever)

Drinking: I wouldn't describe myself as loving lemonade. I don't order it anywhere but Chik-Fil-A. If you have not tried it you absolutely should! It's tangy and sweet (but not too sweet). I get the diet so it is low on calories. It's a nice sweet treat during the hot summer months. 

Reading: Everyone needs to read 'The Perfect Couple'. I loved it and breezed through it in 24 hours. It's light and fun with an unexpected twist at the end! I'm currently reading The Two Mrs. Greenvilles. I have had it on my list for a while and am just now getting around to reading it!

Sale-ing: The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is still going on. It ends 8/5! 

 On vacation, we watched A Quiet Place, I Feel Pretty, and IT. They were all mediocre at best. Fun to watch with a group, but nothing amazing. Have you seen any really good movies lately? I am dying to see the Mr. Roger's movie! I am so fascinated with Fred Rogers- I read a lot about him. He is always one of the people top of my list when I make an imaginary dream dinner party list. Reading about him makes me want to be better and do better. He is a true inspiration. Check out his 2002 Dartmouth Commencement speech. It's moving. 

Listening: With so many road trips, I have now listened to the first season of Serial, the second season, and S-Town. I know these are all old news, but they're SO good. I still think the first season of Serial is the best, but they're all entertaining and worth a listen! I really love the crime-style podcasts, so if you have any recommendations, let me know in the comments below! 

Loving: These flats. They're a little 'much' but I think they would really dress up a neutral outfit and add some fun pizzaz! I'm also loving these navy blue suede mules- SO chic. Remind me a bit of the Prada bow flats! 

Wanting: I think I am going to try out a jean skirt... like the kind I used to wear back in early high school. I think that it might look really cute with a crisp white button-down and loafers. We shall see! What do you think of the denim skirt making a comeback? I'm also currently head-over-heels for this striped cashmere sweater. Swoon. 

Pittsburgh-ing: Just a heads-up, Restaurant Week is coming August 13-19th! I have been disappointed in the selections and menus in the past few restaurant weeks, so I am hoping this is a good one! 

Traveling: I'm headed to Ohio this weekend and next weekend. Oddly enough there are two weddings in similar locations...back-to-back weekends! 

Quoting: "Build someone up. Put their insecurities to sleep. Remind them they're worthy. Tell them they're magical. Be a light in a too often dim world." // See more of my favorites, here. 


Ashley said...

You have to listen to the Dirty John podcast. It is a shorter one (5 episodes I think) but sooooo good. Don’t google anything about the players until you finish either. It’s worth it!

Sarah | all in the details said...

You are the third person I follow who is reading The Two Mrs. Grenvilles! The real story it's based on happened where I live!

Sarah | all in the details

Shannon said...

If you love Harry Potter come to Orlando and to Universal Orlando to experience the Wizarding World of Harry Potter :)

Kelly said...

I recently re-discovered a jean skirt from 2004 in my closet and tried to wear it the other day. I think the issue with it was that it's designed to be worn slung around the hips rather than high-waisted (and I just don't know how to wear skirts that way anymore!!). An untucked top looks a little sloppy, but I don't know what would look right! So please do a styling guide if you do delve back into the 2000s jean skirts, because I'm utterly lost!

Unknown said...

Where in Ohio?!

Laura Baker Busic said...

I am SO into the jean skirts coming back! At first I was skeptical... but I'm not super into wearing jean shorts, I'm almost always wearing a dress or skirt, so when I thought about a jean skirt as a substitute for jean shorts, I was totally on board! I got the "High-Rise A-Line Denim Mini Skirt" from Old Navy and it's the PERFECT one, no crazy distressing, just a raw hem.

Katherine said...

If you like murder mystery podcasts 'My Favorite Murder' is a great one!

Unknown said...

I would definitely recommend the "Up & Vanished" podcast if you enjoyed Serial and S-Town. My whole family is hooked! And...they are starting a second season on August 20th.
Enjoy :)


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