Friday, November 30, 2018

Gift Guides: For the Pups

This is a new gift guide this year! I will have had Henry for one year on 12/16 so not only is it an anniversary but Christmas, too! Therefore, I'm going to spoil him with lots of treats and toys in his stocking this year. Last year, I wasn't really sure what to expect so I didn't really get him anything specifically for Christmas and this year I am so ready!

These are great for all pup owners but also great if you are looking for a gift to give a pet/pet-owner!

Dog Bowl// This is so cute and would match well with blue and white decor.

Collar// Let's be real. A dog only 'needs' one collar, but I have half a dozen for Henry. Sometimes they are just too cute to pass up and this seasonal one is just that!!

Dog Hat// This one is so good! I got it for my dad after our sweet Mac passed away and he loved it and wears it often. This Etsy shop has lots of different breeds to choose from! 

Dog DNA test// I think I am going to get this for Henry! Has anyone else done a dog DNA test? I soooo badly want to know what he is mixed with to make him as small as he is! My guess is Corgi, but I'd love to know for 'sure'.

The Other End of the Leash// This book is really interesting because it focuses less on the dog and more on the human around the dog. I love reading psychology behind things and this is just that!

Turtle// The brand Outward Hound is one of the best toy brands, in my opinion. These toys take longer for Henry to destroy and are well-made. This exact turtle I have gotten for Henry 3 times now and it takes him days, sometimes weeks to destroy! I have gotten other OH brand toys that are different shapes and he goes through them in minutes, maybe hours but this turtle is the best!

Hair Remover// This thing REALLY works. It's super inexpensive and great for any hair removal whether you have a cat or dog. It's a must!

Merrick's Powerbites// These come in a ton of different flavors and Henry loves them. They're small enough that you can give these treats frequently. 

Inside of a Dog// This one was so interesting because it is from a dog's perspective. It teaches you to understand dogs better and I think it helps to be a better dog owner!

Dog Advent Calendar// My mom got this for Henry! It can be found at Trader Joe's. There is a treat for every day leading up to December. So adorable.

Custom dog ornament// Isn't this so cute?! It's inexpensive yet personal and so special.

Dog Game// In the winter when temps are super low, Henry can get super bored having to stay inside more than usual. These games exercise his mind which he really needs. He is insanely smart and a working dog so this is like giving him a job to do and he loves it. It takes him a bit to figure a new puzzle out but once he does, he is pretty quick!

Personalized Leather Collar// This one is so chic and high-quality and I love that it comes in several color options.

Customized Leather Dog Tag// I got this for Henry in blue. It's beautiful and at just $7, it makes such a nice gift!

Nylabone Dogwood// This is by far Henry's favorite toy that occupies him the most. He chews on this for what seems like 30 minutes at a time! This dino is a close second place!

Cable Sweater// I totally told myself that I wouldn't be 'that person' that dresses their dog in clothing but Henry really does get cold in the winter and this sweater is SO cute.

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