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Gift Guide: Jet Setter

Gift Guide: Jet Setter
As one who travels a ton, this gift guide includes a lot of items that I own and love. I've included a bunch of different price points- so whether you are looking for a small stocking stuffer or something a little more luxe, this guide has got you covered. 

Marysia Swimsuit// I just recently started buying this brand of bathing suits. I now have three and I could not love them more. They are pricey but they truly look and feel high-quality and the designs are so chic and unique. 

Straw Tote// I just recently got this and I love the simplicity with the grosgrain handles. I also love that this can fit a ton so it could double as a personal item on a flight. 

Cashmere Travel Wrap// Definitely my #1 must-have travel item. I take one on every single flight I go on. Whether using it as a blanket or balled up as a pillow or wrapped around my neck for neck support, this thing is so good.  Less pricey version

Kona Eye Stick// I just got this product and I love it. It depuffs your eyes so it is great for a post-flight nap. Not to mention, it's in stick form so you can literally put the stick right under your eyes for a more hygienic application. 

Baume de Rose// Best lip balm ever. It's pricey but if you try it, I promise you'll be able to tell the difference. Plus it smells delightful. I chose to share the crayon version because again, this is for traveling and the regular pot that it comes in just isn't as hygienic as the stick.... can you tell I loathe products that come in jars?!

Jack Rogers Sandals// I truly wear mine almost every single day of warm weather. They are my favorite sandal. I wear them so much in one season that I usually get a new pair each season. They go with everything and although they are casual, if you get them in a metallic color, I find you can dress them up a bit more!

Olay Whips with SPF 25// Love this sunscreen. I wear it daily under my makeup but it's especially great if you are skiing or by the pool/beach. 

Silk Sleepmask// I have this and use it every single night. I also take it with me on flights. It's luxurious and soft but also blocks out all of the light. I've gotten my boyfriend hooked on them, too, and he now has one.

SK-II Mask// This is an expensive mask considering you only get one use out of it. However, there is tons of extra serum in the bottom of the pouch that you can get 2 or 3 uses out of it. I'm not really one to do a mask that you can truly see on a plane, but I am not opposed to doing one on an international flight. If you are going to do a mask, though, this is it because it truly makes my skin glow right after using it. 

Ear Buds// I have these and love them. They are basically knockoff beats for a fraction of the cost. They work so well and have a nice sound. I have the Bose headphones that drown out noise but I find that they are so annoying to travel with since they take up a lot of space in my carry-on so I almost always carry these Bluetooth headphones. 

Chic Sunnies// How fun are these?! I want them!

Packing Cubes// If you aren't using packing cubes, you are not doing it right. Seriously, packing cubes are a total game changer. I have been traveling a lot with a carry-on and the only way I would ever be able to do it is with the packing cubes. You can stuff things inside and everything will stay in place. They're just brilliant. 

Laundress Travel Kit// I don't know about you, but I always spill. I am pretty sure I spill more when I am wearing lighter colors, too, I am cursed. but how annoying is it when you are traveling and you spill something? This kit is so handy and also great if you are traveling and have access to a washer/dryer. 

Portable Charger// This portable charger is one of my favorites because the cord is actually attached to the charger. So you don't have to carry a cord, too- works so nicely in small clutches! 

Tile// This one is so inexpensive and is great to put in your luggage. That way, you can track your luggage should it ever get lost. You can also tell when your bag will come out onto the carousel at baggage claim because you will get notified that your tile is close to you! 

Ole Henriksen On the Glow Cloths// I carry the small set of these with me wherever I go but they are especially nice when traveling. After long flights, I use one of these cloths to refresh my skin. Whether it is before I put my makeup on or just to clean my skin, these are so good. I have the 100 cloth bag at home and use these almost daily!

Custom Framed Photo// This is such a cute gift idea. You can have an Instagram photo printed and custom framed for just $39. If your recipient went on a trip recently, it would be so thoughtful to have one of their Instagrams framed! You can see in the example photo in my collage, I used the Instagram photo I took while in NYC at Rockefeller Center! 

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