Thursday, December 13, 2018


I honestly can't believe it is already Thursday. This week has absolutely flown by. I can't believe we are just 12 days from Christmas. Quite honestly, my countdown usually revolves around Christmas Eve. It's my favorite night of the entire year and it is a tradition we have done since I was a baby. 

This year, I have so much (in so few days) leading up to the actual holiday. Tonight I am getting dinner and drinks with my girlfriends. We have all been so busy between work and the holiday season so it will be nice to spend some time together! Sunday is Henry's Gotcha Day so it will be all about him! 

Next week I have Home Alone at the symphony, our country club ball, and my sister comes home. I am so excited! My aunt and uncle will also come into town for the holidays so whenever we have everyone in town, we do dinners every night together which I love. 

That also means I'm most likely either in pajamas/sweats or dressed to the nines. There is not much in between in the next few days, ha! 

Wearing: You all know I am pajama obsessed and my obsession continues. This set is just so cute and SO soft!

Drinking: I am definitely going to try and create this pomegranate ginger paloma. It sounds AMAZING. 

Reading: Love this article that shares the holiday memory the year you were born. Very fittingly, mine is Home Alone- one of my all-time favorite movies.

Listening: My December playlist is so good. I merged it with my November's playlist because I had abandon November for Christmas music, ha! It's mostly fun and upbeat and a nice break from Christmas music if you need one!
Loving:  My little Christmas pup! I just love him and always miss him so much when I am away. Sunday marks exactly 1-year since I adopted Henry. I have a post about him coming up on Monday sharing the results from the dog breed DNA test we did!

Wanting: Not having a Club Monaco close by is probably a blessing in disguise (for my wallet). Since Club Monaco carries a lot of neutrals and basics, I think it's hard to really get a sense of the textures and fabrics just from their website. When I was in NYC I fell in love with this coat and this sweater. They both looked so cozy and luxe while still looking polished and versatile. Obsessed.  This leather mousepad is the most ridiculous thing I have ever wanted. I can't bring myself to spend $98 on it, so I will just stare at its beauty online. But seriously, it really is gorgeous... for a mousepad. 

Smelling: This is THE BEST holiday candle and affordable, too! I've been burning it all month! 

Quoting: 'Wealth consists not in having great possessions but in having great possessions but in having few wants.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

Gifting: I wanted to include my gift guides in this post because I know a lot of you still haven't finished your shopping! Tomorrow is the cut off for USPS ground shipping in time for Christmas, so just keep that in mind. I worked really hard on my guides to make sure they weren't overwhelming and included products I have used and loved or items I have given as gifts in the past. They are highly curated! Saturday I'll have a roundup of items you can have shipped quickly via Amazon Prime!

See My Gift Guides Here:
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2017 Under $100 (most items are still in stock)

Cyber Week Guides (a lot of the items I highlighted are still on sale, so that is why I am still linking to them):

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