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Best of Skincare 2018

Best of Skincare 2018

Best of Skincare 2018
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Skincare is easily one of my favorite topics, something I probably spend most of my money on, and something I am very into researching. I love trying new products and I am always so happy when I find an amazing product to recommend to all of you. 

This year, I also had the opportunity to head to Cincinnati and check out Olay's amazing labs and learn so much about the brand and their products. Consider me an Olay-girl for life! 

Since I have tried so many products, I thought I would highlight my favorites from the year and explain why (see my 2017 favorites, here). Hopefully, you can find a skin care product that you love from my list and start your 2019 with your best skin yet! 

Olay Whips with SPF// I'm starting off with the *most* important product of all and that's a product with SPF. Olay Whips is something I use almost every morning. It has SPF 25. In 2018 I got very strict about wearing SPF daily and really protecting my skin from harmful rays. Using sunscreen is the #1 thing you can do to protect your skin not only from skin cancer but also from wrinkles and other signs of aging. This is my favorite because of the texture. It goes on and dries so quickly and makes your skin smooth and matte. Therefore, you could go out with just the moisturizer but it also acts as an amazing primer under your makeup. Did I mention it's affordable? It's under $30! 

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads// These are individual pads (similar to a cotton round) that are soaked with lactic and glycolic acid for chemical exfoliation. I love these because I am able to use them every single night without irritation or drying. These make my pores smaller and my skin clearer. Not only that, but these are really inexpensive compared to other brands. 

Cetaphil Rich Hydrating Night Cream// This made the list last year but I absolutely love this cream! I love the Cetaphil brand in general, but this night cream is one of the best products that they make (in my opinion). It's a super rich, thick cream that you can put on at night. I put it on heavily and sleep with it on. It doesn't leave your face greasy at all and really just makes your skin moisturized by the time you wake up. I also wear this during the day as a 'mask' when I am at home. For the price, this is an absolute must. 

First Aid Beauty Retinol// I used to use retinol religiously when I was dealing with acne and at some point, it fell out of my routine. I've recently started using it again and this is my favorite. It's over the counter so no need to head to a derm for a prescription. The retinol is very yellow which is great because that is how you know it is working and hasn't been exposed to air or sunlight. I also love that it doesn't irritate my skin or make my skin feel dry! Retinol is something I have heard every dermatologist I have ever been to recommend- it's like the holy grail skincare product so needless to say, this is going on my face nightly from now on! 

Olay Daily Facials// These are dry cloths that you get wet and they remove makeup but also clean your skin. Not to be confused with a makeup wipe- these foam when wet and really truly remove all of your makeup and your skin feels so clean afterward. They remove everything- even stubborn eye makeup. I am obsessed with this product and have been using it for years now and even keep a surplus of these in my closet so I never run out. This is primarily what I use to wash my face and they are great to travel with because they are dry! 

Tula Cleanser// This cleanser is what I use in the shower when I wash my face. It's super gentle and never strips my face of moisture. This is just a really good, basic cleanser that I will always have on hand. Use code SYDNEY for 20% off!

Tula Day and Night Cream// This is another great, basic product. I use this in the morning, very rarely at night. It's light and works well under makeup. I also think this works under your eyes, too! This is a skincare staple and another thing I always have on hand. Use code SYDNEY for 20% off!

Kate Somerville Exfolikate// First of all, I have to say that this stuff is so expensive for what it is. And yet here I am to tell you I have purchased several tubes of it. It's really good. It has a weird green color and also an odd minty scent but if you have flaky skin or dull skin this really does clear up your skin and make it glow in a matter of minutes (it even stings a small bit). I don't use it too often because it's so pricey (the $24 tube is like a literal sample size) but in a skin emergency, this is what I reach for. 

Bum Bum Cream// This stuff is amazing. It smells SO good- like you are on vacation. It has tiny bits of shimmer in it- seriously they are so fine you can't see it in a certain light, but they make my legs look so much better! I use this when I'm in a bathing suit, too, to achieve a nice, even glow. It's a splurge for moisturizer but so worth it in my opinion. This is not for your face- just body! 

Zo Skin Health C-Bright Serum// A great concentrated dose of vitamin C (10%). It's one of the highest concentrations you can find. It helps to remove discoloration from your skin to brighten and clarify. This made the list last year. It is pricey but I continue to purchase it. It has cleared my skin so much it's truly amazing- dark spots, acne scarring, redness, etc. is all gone!

Kiehl's Eye Depuffer// This is my newest obsession that I keep in my makeup bag. I love that it is in stick form (could easily be confused for lip balm) for sanitary reasons. It feels SO good on my under eyes and it truly depuffs them. It makes your eyes feel cool and awake and works well under makeup/concealer. It's technically a men's product, but everyone needs this! 

Dermalogica Super Rich Repair Cream// This stuff is SO good. For starters, it is dispensed by a pump so it is very sanitary. I think all products should be dispensed like this- tubs gross me out!! But other than that, this cream is quite literally super rich. It's not something you would wear under your makeup because it is so heavy and will make your face shiny once it's on. But, it's so moisturizing and just wonderful and luxe at night. To top it off, it has vitamin C in it so this moisturizer has anti-aging properties and is making my skin clearer. You really cannot go wrong with this product. It's pricey but well worth it in my opinion. I've been using it for a few months now and still have lots of product left! 

Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair// This is another Dermalogica favorite. It is super rich and luxe- perfect for nighttime. Again, I appreciate the tube that it is in instead of a tub! This was the year of eye cream for me. I tried tons because I really wanted to find something moisturizing and something that just felt good and this is it!

Shiseido Eye Cream// It's a toss-up between this eye cream and the Dermalogica. The Shiseido is a bit thicker and more luxurious feeling but I think they both work just as well. I got a deluxe size sample of this and ended up ordering the full-size because I love it so much. 

NeuBrow// Not necessarily for your skin, but for your eyebrows. You can put this on morning and night, although I really only use it every night and lately, I've just been doing every other night. Naturally, I do not have very thick brows. After about two weeks of nightly use, my brows started becoming so much fuller and thicker. This product truly works and you will see results! 

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask// There was so much hype about this $20 glorified lip balm this year. I drank the kool-aid and got my own jar. It's really thick and when you put it on your lips, they are really shiny and make it look like you are wearing gloss from 2004. But, it is not oily or sticky- it feels really good and hydrating. I put this on my lips at night and I swear it makes my lips less dry or chapped in the morning. 

Blistex Medicated Lip Balm// I think Blistex should sponsor me. I don't know how many tubes of this I have purchased in my life but it must be in the hundreds by now. This stuff is the best everyday lip balm ever. I have been using it since I was probably 10. It has SPF in it. The best, I can't see myself ever trading this in for something different. 

GOOP Exfoliating Instant Facial// This stuff is SO legit. It is something I have been using consistently for years. It is a chemical exfoliator and you leave it on your skin for about 5-10 minutes. It really stings and feels like it is working. I use this only at night before bed because it makes my face red. But, it truly works and makes my skin so clear, pores smaller, and skin soft. This product is heavy duty and not for the skincare newbie! This is very comparable to Drunk Elephant's baby facial- even the color, scent, and texture are similar. However, in my opinion, this is so much better. 

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream// This is a new-to-me product but when I got it, I got so many DM's saying how much you all love this cream. Consider me its newest fan. It is a thick moisturizer that you can use on both your body and face. I use it on both but it is so wonderful on my legs after I get out of the shower. It feels so rich and creamy but dries quickly and is not oily at all. If I haven't sold you on this, read the reviews- they are all glowing.

For Acne
I wanted to put acne in a separate category because it is not something everyone needs! For about 2 years I struggled with awful acne. It honestly embarrassed me. Luckily, I got rid of it entirely, but these are products that keep my blemishes at bay!

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion// This WORKS. Seriously, you apply it on a zit at night with a q-tip and by morning, it is visibly reduced 

Persa Gel// This is a really inexpensive tube of gel that you use as a spot treatment. Similar to the Mario Badescu product, you put it on at night and then wake up and your blemish is gone! This gel is for zits that are more 'far along' if that makes sense! I use the Mario Badescu if they are newer zits that haven't matured yet. 

Acne Clearing Gel// This is one of Tula's newest products and I love it. It's a lightweight gel that you can put all over your face. I use this at night whenever I feel like my face is starting to break out. I also use this when I don't have breakouts because this helps keep them away! Use code SYDNEY for 20% off!


Mariah Rickard said...

I love a good skin care routine! Will totally have to try some of these products. Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Yes, me too I love all about skin care products. Since I have a sensitive skin, I'm very picky for the products that I used, and I'm glad that most of your products are for delicate skin type and I can try all of these. Thanks for sharing this.


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