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Best Skincare Products of 2017

To say this was the year of skincare would be a major understatement. I swear I was sent a different skin care brand each week. I have drawers and drawers full! This year I also learned that the reason skincare companies are so lucrative is that their markup is one of the largest in retail. Hence why there are SO many brands and new ones popping up seemingly every week. 

I only have one face and I want to be as transparent and truthful with you as always- especially when it comes to caring for your skin! I typically share the 'best of' during the week between Christmas and New Year's but I thought you might want to shop some of my skin care recommendations either for yourself or for someone on your list. 

Everything I am about to list is something I have tried. I've tried it for at least a week straight, but most products I have used for months. I stand behind all of these products. They have worked for me and they are truly worth the money. I'll try to be as descriptive as possible, but please feel free to leave a comment if you have a question! 
Skinceuticals C E Ferulic// This product has thousands of rave reviews across the internet. It's super expensive and even smells awful. Doesn't sound great, does it? It is SO good. This serum has 15% vitamin C (which is even stronger than the product below). I pat this serum on my face in the morning and at night. If I am wearing makeup, I skip it in the morning, though, since it makes your face shiny. The effects of C E Ferulic last 72 hours and can't be washed or rubbed off. Like holy cow! It's truly reduced the redness and cleared up my skin. I think if you're willing to spend and looking for very noticeable results, this is exactly the product you want to be using. 

Zo Skin Health C-Bright Serum// A great concentrated dose of vitamin C (10%). It's one of the highest concentrations you can find (besides the serum above). It helps to remove discoloration from your skin to brighten and clarify. I really think this is helping with my acne scarring. I put it on immediately after cleansing both day and night. I also feel like when I put it on, it smoothes out my skin, making it a really great primer for makeup.

Resurfacing Gel// I'm a HUGE fan of the entire Tula brand, but the resurfacing gel has become one of my top favorite skin care products. I've been using the product for almost 7 months now and I've noticed a huge difference in my skin. You use it in place of a toner after cleansing your skin. I skipped out on my prescription strength glycolic acid to use this to see if it was at all comparable. And guess what? It worked just as well, if not better and I don't use the prescription glycolic acid anymore! I use it every morning and night (after cleansing) and it very gently exfoliates your skin because of the glycolic acid, but what sets this apart, is that it also moisturizes using hyaluronic acid, too. Use code SYDNEYHOLIDAY for 20% off.

m-61 PowerGlow Peel// These little pads are individually wrapped and saturated with glycolic and salicylic acid to exfoliate. These are my go-to for travel so I don't have to lug big jars/ bottles of products. I really like that they feel strong on my face, and I can tell they're working but they are not irritating. 

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides// A lot of you have been e-mailing and DM-ing me asking if I am still taking collagen peptides after this post. The answer is YES! I stopped taking it for about 2ish weeks to see if I would notice a difference, and no joke, my shoulder pain came back. This stuff is in my skincare post because I also really believe my skin is better because of it, too. It's a miracle worker and I really think it's worth taking every single day! I just recently started taking the pills (about two weeks in) and so far, so good! 

Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel// I am doing a partnership with Olay for a year, which is really exciting. They are one of my favorite skincare brands. Luckily, I get to try out so many of their products because of this! This eye gel was part of a campaign in September and I LOVE it. I put it on every morning. It's so lightweight and hydrating. It's also chilled (without even putting it in the refrigerator). I feel like it really helps my eyes to look awake and refreshed. 

Bioderma Micellar Water // This is the best micellar water out there. It's specially formulated to regulate sebum, which is what clogs pores. I use this when I have stubborn makeup that refuses to come off and love it for traveling when you need a quick cleanse before you apply your makeup.
Persa-Gel 10// This is a gel cream that you apply directly to a zit and is probably my favorite product ever for getting rid of a zit overnight... it also happens to be one of the most inexpensive. Major win. Not to be confused with this product. The packaging is very similar and it is made by the same brand, however, Persa-Gel 10 has the maximum amount of benzoyl peroxide in it before you need a prescription (10%). I always have a tube of this on hand. You just dab it on at night as a spot treatment and it reduces, of not totally gets rid of a zit.

Colleen Rothschild Salicylic Treatment// I love love love this brand. This salicylic treatment seriously helps to keep my acne at bay. I am most impressed by it because it works but without drying out my skin at all. Ever. You actually put this all over your face so it's not a spot treatment!  

Tulasara Face Cream// This is the holy grail of face products for me. I know I have written about this product a bunch before but that is because it's a miracle product. It's supposed to brighten and firm skin over time, and while I'm not sure about the firming part, it TOTALLY brightens my skin. It's a super thick cream and I apply it at night after cleansing and toning. I wake up and my skin is instantly brighter and smoother and just all around healthier looking. I know that sounds too good to be true, but this stuff is pure magic and worth every single penny. I'll continue to use it for years to come. 

Tula Hydrating Cream// One of my all-time favorite face creams. I use every morning and it wears so well under makeup. It's incredibly hydrating for how lightweight it is and very gentle. I actually think it helps to clear up my skin- which isn't something you'd think a moisturizer would do! Use code SYDNEYHOLIDAY for 20% off.

Colleen Rothschild Complete Eye Cream// I feel like I've tried a billion eye creams. I typically like most eye creams; I don't think I've ever come across an eye cream with a strong dislike, but the texture of this one is absolutely wonderful. It's rich and creamy and I truly feel like it works. It's a bit heavy so I like to use this at night. 

Cetaphil Rich Hydrating Night Cream// I absolutely love this cream! I love the Cetaphil brand in general, but this night cream is one of the best products that they make (in my opinion). It's a super rich, thick cream that you can put on at night. I put it on heavily and sleep with it on. It doesn't leave your face greasy at all and really just makes your skin moisturized by the time you wake up. For the price, this is an absolute must. 
Olay Daily Facial Cloths// I did a whole post on these and they really are a game-changer. Check out my full post to read more about why I love them so much. I don't think I could go a day without them! 

Ibuki Cleanser// This is a little more than I typically spend on a face cleanser but it is amazing. If I am feeling extra oily or maybe gross from a workout, I use this cleanser. It not only cleans my face but makes it feel so refreshed. You only need to use a pea size amount and warm water and voila, fresh skin. I also love the way this smells. It just smells clean. 

Erno Laszlo Lighten and Brighten// This is a 2-step vitamin C mask. I've tried so many of Erno Laszlo's products and while I really like all of them, this is by far my favorite. You can truly see it lighten and brighten your skin.

Irish Mood Mud Mask// Love love love this black mud mask. I use this a few times a month and after removing, it makes my skin instantly look fresher and clearer.

Goop Instant Facial Mask// This is an exfoliating mask (using AHAs and BHAs). You only leave this mask on for a few minutes because you can actually feel it tingle on your face. This is definitely one you want to use at night as once you remove it, your face is a bit red from the acid. I try to do this once a week or when my face is looking really dull.

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