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Wedding Wednesday: How We Met

Wedding Wednesday: How We Met
A lot of you have asked how we met so I thought I would share the story! We met on New Year's Eve 2016! 

One of my best girlfriends and I didn't really want to do anything for New Year's. We had both recently broken up with guys we were dating and a lot of our friends were out of town. So, we decided to have a low-key night and stay at my friend's apartment with good food and good champagne! 

One of my other girlfriends was planning on going to a party in the same apartment building and had told us about it. We were almost not going to go but decided it would be fun to be social leading up to the ball drop. Plus, we didn't have to go outside in the cold and deal with Ubers or anything like that!

So, we walked over to the apartment. Funny enough, there ended up being a lot of guys there who went to my high school! It ended up being fun since I knew more people than I thought! 

I remember I spotted Andrew and I asked my girlfriend about him because I thought he was so cute. He was also apparently recently single and had played lacrosse in college with the guys from my high school. Such a small world! 

I went up to him and I specifically remember us talking about what kind of music we liked. But other than that, I don't really remember what we chatted about. Midnight came and went and we all went home. 
The photo above is the only photo I took that night! My friend Dani and I at midnight! It's so funny about this sequined top I was wearing. I had it in my closet from college (it's from Talbots) and about a year after Andrew and I started dating, he told me he remembered what I was wearing and was right! I had to go back to the photo to see that he was right.

I didn't really think anything of the night but I still thought he was cute. My girlfriend that had invited us to the NYE party ended up having a birthday party soon after. It was so much fun. They rented a big party bus and we went bar-hopping throughout the city. 

I had come late from dinner with my family. So, I brought my sister with me. It turns out, Andrew was on the party bus. I actually ended up talking to Andrew all night long and after that the rest was history! 

It's kind of funny the way things work out. I know it is SO insanely frustrating when people say 'don't go looking' or 'just let things happen' or whatever advice people in relationships give to single people. I would always roll my eyes or get SO frustrated. But it is kind of crazy because I never in a million years thought I would be meeting my future husband on New Year's Eve 2016!

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Laura Baker said...

So cuuuute! I always love hearing the story of how people met.

Jackie said...

Love this!!!!!

Bridget White said...

Such a darling picture of you both! Great was just meant to be! ❤️

Hannah said...

Adorable! So crazy that I knew Andrew (and apparently guys you knew in high school. OU Lax makes the world so small.) in college and found your blog organically a few years later. This is such a sweet story. It's so true that you know when you know! Love following along with this process.

Unknown said...

you two are adorable!! xoxo!!

Andra said...

I love this story - made me smile. You two are completely adorable together. May I say that I love how you are posting about how you two met and how he asked. It really is a feel good moment. Thank you -


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