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The Best Coffee Maker

The Best Coffee Maker

ninja hot and cold brewed review

ninja hot and cold brewed review

the best coffeemaker
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Ever since we got engaged, I've received an overwhelming amount of requests to talk about what we are registering for! It's funny because I have been asked this question (and often) for years. Before I was even engaged, I wrote a post about it because I was getting asked about it so much! The post I wrote is pretty comprehensive and worth checking out if you are in need of kitchen items!

I think nowadays, it's hard to recommend exactly what to register for because so many people are getting married at all different periods in life. For us, for example, we moved into the house together in April and I had absolutely everything we could ever need and if we didn't have it, I ordered it! 

I'm a big proponent of always buying quality things, so in my adult life, I've always splurged on nicer sheets, higher end kitchen pots and pans, beautiful china, crystal, and silver. 

Because of this, we don't need anything, and we don't want too much stuff...when cabinets and closets get too full, it makes me feel out of control. So our registry is not going to look like someone's who may be getting married at a younger age or may be moving from a house with roommates to a house with their husband or someone who moves every few years and it hasn't made sense to invest in quality items. There are just so many different situations, you know?!

I know there are registries out there where you can ask for money for a honeymoon or what not, but that's just not something we plan to do. But, there really seems to be a registry style for everyone! 

With that said, we still have a while until our wedding, so I won't be sharing our specific registries until later this fall. In the meantime, I thought I would share some household items that we have and love and would be things you could register for!
Today's registry recommendation is the Ninja Hot and Cold Coffeemaker. It looks like you can get it on Amazon, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Kohls. It looks like the best price is on Amazon. For a store like Kohl's, you can get coupons that make a good dent in the price and might even be able to beat Amazon's! 

Last spring, I wrote about how I was unhappy with my Kitchen-Aid coffee maker. Ninja ended up reaching out and sent us the Hot and Cold coffee maker to try out! I've been using it for about 10 months now. 

I am a huge coffee person and I honestly just love a strong cup of hot black coffee. I'll drink a fancier drink like a cappuccino or what not, but my go-to, favorite thing ever is just so simple! When you are drinking your coffee black, the coffee has to be made well because the taste truly matters and makes a big difference. 

Here's what I love about the Ninja...
- Just like the name suggests, it brews both hot and cold. 
- There are different cup size settings: small mug, large mug, travel mug, large travel mug, half carafe or full carafe. 
- There are also strength settings. They have regular, rich (the setting that I love), over ice, cold brew, or specialty which is for something like espresso. 
- There are no pods involved. I like fresh ground coffee and this lets you brew just one cup with your favorite fresh ground beans. Plus, I think pods are usually more costly than coffee beans anyway and this is just so much better for the environment. My fiancĂ© and I like different coffee so this also caters to us being able to brew totally different cups of coffee in seconds. 
- My old coffee maker had the water tank in the back of the machine. It was so annoying to have to move the machine every time I wanted to refill the tank. The tank was not removable. The Ninja tank is easily accessible on the side of the machine AND you can remove it for cleaning or refilling. 
- No coffee filters needed! 
- There is a built-in milk frother!! You can actually brew an espresso (on the specialty setting) and make a cappuccino with frothed milk. I mean this machine can do EVERYTHING so you don't need multiple machines crowding up your counters. As much as I love my Nespresso machine, we store that in a cabinet because we really only use it on weekends or I'll brew a cup of decaf at night.  
- The coffee it brews is delicious. It's absolutely perfect every time. 
- You can brew loose leaf tea in this machine and there is a separate basket for it that is made for tea leaves! 

There are absolutely no cons in my opinion. None! It's an angel of a machine and I could not love it more. I mean if you don't believe me, read the Amazon reviews they are almost all 5-stars! 

I know I mentioned the Nespresso that we have. We do love it, it just doesn't get used as much. I think if you are someone who drinks a lot of espresso or espresso-based drinks, it might make more sense for you to just stick with a Nespresso!

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