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Lake Pajamas SALE + Review

Today begins the Lake Pajamas Annual Sale! There are SO many good things in this sale and some of the prices are really good, deeply discounted. I am a Lake Pajamas fanatic. Ask anyone in my family- I am hard to shop for, and they have all gifted me sets for holidays and birthdays. I have also given many family members and friends sets! For my wedding, I gave my mom, sister, and me matching robes to get ready in (seen above). I recently got my aunt a robe for her birthday and gifted one of my girlfriends a set and a robe for her bachelorette. I got my 97-year-old Grammie a robe recently, too, because I knew she would love it. 

My husband recently became a fan of the brand after stopping into their store on King Street in Charleston this past spring and buying his first set. He doesn't really wear pajamas, but he loves this short-sleeved/shorts combo for lounging! 

This post is not sponsored, but Lake has generously sent me pajamas throughout the years. Though I also might be one of their best-paying customers- I wish I could buy stock in the company, ha! 

I really like the Kimono set for a more stylish set of pajamas to wear to something like a pajama party theme. For example, I just went on a bachelorette in May, and this was the perfect thing to wear in the evening with everyone else as we were relaxing before bed. The tie in the front does not bother me at all when sleeping, and the fabric has a slinkier drape and stretchy to it. I wouldn't personally buy many sets of this because, day-to-day I prefer the Pima short-long, but I like to travel with the Kimono set and think the kimono set makes a great gift. I also think the Kimono set feels more youthful and stylish so a good option for those who may not like the look of Lake's signature set.

Wearing a medium, it's comfortably roomy. This set doesn't shrink like the Pima does. For a more tailored look, get your true size. For example, if I wore these pajamas the morning of my wedding, I would have gotten a size small. These are the pajamas that my mom, sister, and I wore on Christmas Eve into Christmas! The fabric is so silky smooth and stretchier than the Pima! These were gifted to us by Lake!

Long Sleeve + Long Pants (the kisses set is $62!!!!)// Robe

A Short/Long Set  in blue floral (which is my personal fave style in the Pima)

Robe options as low as $68!
Matching robes for my wedding for my mom, sister, and me!

If I'm a Lake first-timer and am only buying one thing, what should it be?
I don't think you can go wrong, but I'd say the Relax set (there is a short set, which is incredible, but I don't love the color on sale). I say this because I think it's the most versatile style from Lake (both the shorts and the long pants) because you could wear this walking your dog- it is more of a lounge-looking set than pajamas. But I wear them as pajamas, too. The Relax set is in the most perfect fabric. It's kind of stretchy, like a jersey knit, but the interior is slightly terry-ish. It's hard to explain, but it is incredible. I have paid full price for relaxed sets- they're that good. Otherwise, I'd go for the short-long Pima set, which is what I wear year-round and have the most of. The Pima fabric is so breathable and classic and soft. It's iconic and a best-seller for Lake for a reason. My second choice would be either the Pima or the Cozy robe, depending on what type of climate you live in. I would say I wear each robe for half of the year! 

How thick is the Pima? Are they too hot for summer? Is the fabric see-through?

They are thick in that they feel like a quality set of pajamas. But they are lightweight, so you can easily wear the short-short set in the summer or if you get hot at night. I even wear the short sleeve top and long-pants bottoms during summer and am fine. Cotton is breathable and the perfect fabric for sleeping. You could wear the long-long to bed in the winter if you get cold, which is great! In the winter, if I'm wearing them to lounge, I might wear a sweatshirt and slippers or a robe overtop for warmth, but I wouldn't want to wear much heavier pajamas. The fabric is not at all see-through.

Are they worth the cost?
Something being 'expensive' is very subjective. I love pajamas and only wear nice, matching sets to bed. So $75-$150 for a set of pajamas is the going rate at places like Shopbop, Nordstrom, etc. Of course, you can also find great pajamas at places like Gap and Target for $20-$30. It all depends on how you shop and what you like to wear to bed. I know many wear men's boxer shorts and old sorority t-shirts to bed, and that's fine, too! Whatever you feel most comfortable in is the most important thing!

wearing a size small

Striped Caftan Just $69!
Have you tried the dresses?
Yes! I have one pima nightgown that I don't really sleep in but like to wear as you would a robe- getting ready, lounging, etc. If you are tight on suitcase space, something like this takes a lot less space than an actual robe. Otherwise, if I am wearing a nightgown, I prefer a silky/lacy one that Lake doesn't offer (like this) - Anthro usually has a great selection. 

I've also tried their dresses that you could wear to sleep and wear out and about. I have this dress and love it. It's so comfortable, adorable, and easy to wear when it's hot outside. It's so well made and pretty that I don't know if I could bring myself to wear it to bed! I also like to wear it as a swimsuit coverup. It runs true to size if not roomy. I size up in their pajamas but not in the dresses as they run generously, and I don't dry them! You could even size down if your size is sold out in your true size. 

I most recently got this dress, and it's so beautifully made. I've been wearing it to get ready, but I will wear it as a dress with sandals out and about in the warmer months. This runs very generously. I would just LOVE it if they made it in a blue-and-white stripe or a short-sleeved option. 

I also love this striped button-down caftan. I wear it as a swimsuit coverup. The fit is SO cute and flattering.

Do you have a favorite style in the Pima?
Yes! I love the short-long (which is a short-sleeved top and long pants). I think choosing a style is a personal preference. I wear short-long year-round, and I think they are more modest than the shorts if you are wearing them around other people (like in a vacation setting or something because the shorts are kind of short).  

How do you wash them? Can you dry them?
The washing instructions on their site are very high maintenance, and I don't follow them. I wash mine inside out in a regular load with everything else; I just try to avoid doing them with anything that could snag the fabric. I use hot water and then dry on low (drying on LOW is key). See below, where I talk about fit, to learn more about what happens when you wash them! I saw someone ask about the colors fading; I can't speak to that because I have not noticed colors fading at all. I would imagine if that is an issue, washing on cold with delicate items and laying dry like the Lake website suggests would be the way to make sure that fading doesn't happen.
My first pair of Lake pajamas was over 8 years ago! I still have them and wear them often.

How do they wear after they are washed? Do they hold up after a lot of wear? Do they stay soft?
They're SO soft, and the best part is that they continue to be SO soft wash after wash. I've had pairs for years and wear them weekly, and they're just about as good as new. I also like that the Pima sets don't get wrinkly out of the wash. I still have my first pair of Lakes that I got over 8 years ago! 

What is Pima Cotton, and how is it different from any other cotton?
If buying quality items for your wardrobe is essential to you, it's vital to know your fabrics and fibers. Do a little research or a Google search of the fabric the next time you consider purchasing an item. Regardless of brand, the type of fabric used in a garment is always a great way to judge something without seeing it in person, as well as knowing how well it will hold up and/or if it will do things like wrinkle or shrink. 

Pima cotton is known as 'nicer' cotton. Pima is used in many infant clothing brands because it's soft, smooth, durable, and wrinkle-resistant. Did you know it is best to sleep in cotton? This is because it is breathable and keeps you cool. You should avoid synthetic materials- things like Polyester when you sleep because they tend to trap moisture and heat. If you get overheated at night, 100% cotton pajamas might be your answer. Also, 100% cotton usually shrinks in the dryer! 

I'm noticing more and more brands creating things in Pima cotton, which is terrific! 
What is the difference between the weekend style and the regular?
The weekend style feels a little more 'modern' and crisp, in my opinion.  The long-sleeve tops on the classic sets are not really 'long'; they're like a 3/4 sleeve, and I personally don't love that. I do love the weekend set, which is a true long-sleeved crewneck top and shorts (or pants, but I prefer the shorts set in the weekend style). The weekend style has a traditional high crewneck and does not have the contrast piping. The weekend set is a little slimmer in the fit- not tight by any means, but it looks a little more 'tailored'. 

How would you say they run in terms of sizing? Length? Are they fitted? 
Lake Pajamas are not meant to be fitted. They are not exceptionally stylish and definitely not sexy, in my opinion. They are intended to be looser and more comfortable. I would say the sizing is true to size, and if anything, size up (keep reading...) I have both sizes, small and medium. I typically buy my pajamas a size up from my usual clothing size as I like them roomy. They are true to size with Lake, but if you buy your true size, I suggest following the high-maintenance care instructions. This is because anything 100% cotton will shrink if you machine-dry it! I personally find that they shrink more in length than anything else. So if you buy a small and they fit, they're not going to get 'tighter' on you after machine drying, but the length will most likely shorten. You can combat the shrinkage in the dryer by drying the pajamas on 'low'- they will still shrink, but not as much. But if you dry on low, you have to always dry on low for the life of the pajamas (which is what I do). The second you put them on high heat to dry, they will shrink the most.  

I have purchased the tall sets (pants) several times. As the name suggests, the tall sets are made for taller people, so the lengths are longer. I am only 5'6", so when the pajamas arrive, they're very long on me- like too long; it would be dangerous to wear them because they would cause me to trip. However, they're the perfect length for one round through the washer and dryer (on high heat with the rest of my clothing). The first machine dry does the shrinking; after that, they won't shrink further. I wouldn't recommend a tall set for anyone shorter than 5'6" as they might be too long on you (even after drying), and you're likely to trip. 

Before machine drying, the regular length (in size small) is great for me at 5'6"- if you dry them, they'll likely be a great length for someone 5'4ish and under. I machine-dry all of mine, so the regular pants are ankle-length on me once dried. I don't particularly mind it, but I do l like the tall sets!

I have also gotten mediums (sizes sell out, so I get whatever they have, small or medium), and they are quite roomy on me at first, but once I put them through the dryer, they shrink right up and are closer in size to a small. 

I have a few short sets which I only wear in the summertime. I find them to be short, so I only wear them at home, not when traveling, and would potentially be around others in my pajamas. 

They're honestly not as high maintenance as they sound! 

Do you have the robe?
Yes! It's wonderful and feels the same as the Pima pajamas. That's the robe I got my mom, sister, and me for my wedding to wear as we got ready. The robe runs roomy, so get your true to size or size down! I also have the cozy robe, which is what I wear November-March ish. It's lined in the softest fleece material and is just heavenly! The cozy robe also runs true to size! If you dry on high, again, these pieces will shrink in length, so with the robes, I prefer to hang them to dry!

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Kelly C said...

I'm cracking up over 6 robes, hey girl if you want another robe I saw go for it! I got my first set of Lake pjs this year and LOVE them. And I would say all your responses are 100% true. I've always been hesitant to dry them myself. I did dry my Mediums and the shrink to me was barely noticeable. However my Smalls fit perfectly so I won't be drying them. They truly are the most comfortable things I've ever worn.

Kristen said...

What a great post! I recently bought a pair of Lake pajamas for myself, and a tiny pair (in an adorable heart print) for my daughter - awesome quality. That said, nothing beats an Eberjey sleep shirt for me!

Deborah said...

I am obsessed with Lake pajamas and it’s your fault- ha! I had never heard of them before you posted about them a couple years back. I am embarrassed to say how many pairs I have but it’s around 20 plus a robe! I also have both size small and medium and like the roomier fit of the medium even though the pants are really big in a Medium so I put them In the dryer. I wash them on delicate with Laundress delicate wash with my other delicates, lingerie etc. I mostly dry flat and they are perfect. I don’t like the dresses at all so I totally with you on that!

Adrianna Cacciato said...

I've also learned about Lake Pajamas through you and won't wear any other pajamas now! They are truly the most comfortable pjs I've ever had. One of my pairs ended up with a small hole in them soon after purchase and their customer service was great about the exchange. After getting the small hole I wash with sheets and towels (thinking the hole could have come from a bra clasp) and they come out great every time. Can't wait to buy more!


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