Thursday, September 19, 2019


I cannot believe we are so far through September already. It's crazy to me. I've even started planning holiday content already and I feel like we were just celebrating the new year like yesterday!! How is this year flying by so quickly?

Tomorrow I am headed to Nashville for my sorority sister/college roommate's wedding! I am so excited. I've mentioned this before but my fiancé and I are in the thick of our friend's weddings the next few months! We have FIVE before 2020. My fiancé is actually headed to Boston this weekend because he is in a wedding- we have so many that this weekend we had to split up!! It's a bummer we won't be together but both weddings were really important to each of us so that's how we made it work! We have a wedding on October 5th, though, and I'm so excited because it's a family friend's wedding so my parents and sister and her fiancé and my fiancé will all be there. Then we have a wedding the following weekend in Connecticut and 2 more in December.

Speaking of weddings, my wedding dress already came in! It wasn't supposed to come in until December so this was such an exciting surprise. I will share more in the future, but I had my dress custom made so what I tried on was nothing like what my dress is actually like so I was extra nervous. I tried it on and it far surpassed my expectations, I am so thrilled and SO excited to wear it.

Wearing: You last saw this camel blazer in this blog post. I was styling it in a dressier/more office-appropriate look. But, I wanted to show how versatile a blazer like this is so I have styled it in a much more casual way!

Eating: If you are like me and love Nothing Bundt Cakes, you must try their pumpkin spice cake. I saw that they posted they had launched the flavor through an instagram post and literally the next day I went and got one. IT IS SO GOOD. One of the best pumpkin spice things I've ever had!

Drinking: Wow this Starbucks looks incredible. This is definitely a great example of stores going above and beyond to provide customers with an experiential experience. 

Sale-ing: I have an Acne Studios sweater from a few years ago and it is one of my favorites. It's so beautifully made and has held up so well. One of the things I love about AS sweaters is the chunky neckline. This sweater with the chunky neckline is so beautiful and classic and on major sale right now. Another great sale is Club Monaco's where they are offering an extra 30% off sale styles. 

 You guys, The Babysitters Club movie is on Amazon Prime and I had never seen it before because I was a little too young for TBC. I never really read books either. The movie came out and I think I was 4. It's so cheesy but also adorable and gives me all of the '90s feels. The neighborhood I grew up in reminds me of Stoneybrook and the neighborhood I now live in kind of reminds me of it, too. Very cute and a great movie to have on in the background if you work from home.

Watching II: OMG Freeform released a schedule of all of the times they are playing Hocus Pocus (which is 30 times, wow)!! I love love love that movie and it gets me in such a fall/Halloween spirit! 

Loving: I share this photo on Instagram stories and got many DM's about this beautiful vase! My aunt and uncle got it for my fiancé and me at our engagement party and I absolutely love it. I also would like to report that these hydrangeas are on their FIFTEENTH day. They are from Trader Joe's and I follow these tips that I wrote about a few years ago. I'm amazed. 

 Oh my goodness this Barbour jacket is BEAUTIFUL. I need to keep reminding myself not to buy it because I already have so many Barbour jackets but it's realllllly hard to resist! If you don't have a Barbour jacket, this would be a splurge, but a gorgeous one nonetheless. I am also loving these western-style suede booties. The western look is really in right now and I love it. I still have a pair of cowboy boots from my college days (because that's what we wore with dresses) and love them- they are beautiful. You better believe I am breaking them out this fall! Can we also talk about this bamboo silverware set that is seriously just $20?! So cute. 

Pittsburgh-ing: If you are a Pittsburgher, you might have heard of this awful story where 117 dogs were found in Ross Township in a hoarding situation. Reading the news articles that were coming out last week was sickening and brought tears to my eyes. I am not in the position to adopt another dog right now, but if you are, definitely consider adopting or fostering one of these pups. They are mostly Aussies which are so beautiful, sweet, and smart. Even if it is not one of these pups in the situation, adopting or fostering any of the dogs will free up more kennel space! If you are like me and can't adopt, I would highly recommend donating anything you can. I donated and can only hope it will help these poor pups live a much better life.

Pittsburgh-ing: Last year, I was SO disturbed when I heard insanely loud noises while I was watching TV at night in my apartment last year. When I took Henry out, we saw big black helicopters with no lights on and they were insanely loud and low flying and getting so close to buildings. I  legitimately called my dad freaking out because I thought we were under attack. So with that said, I'm sharing this article that is letting the public know that the SWAT team is doing exercises and practices this week. So don't be alarmed like I was! 

Smelling: Coming at you with another inexpensive Target candle find. It's 'Fireside' and it smells so cozy and manly (if you can't tell, that's what I usually lean towards in terms of fall scents). It's not overpowering but just releases a nice light scent. At $8, I highly recommend!

Traveling: Headed to Nashville, TN to see my college roommate/sorority sister tie the knot! So excited to be with my college gals! 

Quoting: 'If you can't be kind, be quiet.'// See more of my favorites, here. 

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I'm in Nashville now! Would love to say 'Hi!' If you're downtown


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