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Holiday weeks are nuts but it's getting back into the swing of things post-holiday that is even nuttier. Cyber week is a doozy for me and most bloggers, so I am SO GLAD we have that behind us! Phew! Now this time period between Thanksgiving and New Year's is a bit wild because I always have to alter my routine a lot due to so many different variables. Lots of FUN things, yes, but I also thrive on a routine. The routine that I've had for the last several months is so good and I'm in such a good groove. So, I'm trying to keep things on track as much as possible this holiday season and carry this great routine and good habits into the new year.

This week was the perfect example of 'not on track', ha! I was sick Sunday/Monday/Tuesday and then our furnace decided to stop working on Wednesday. It was nutty but I'm glad everything is back to 'normal'. We are actually headed to Philadelphia for a wedding- it will be the last wedding of 2019 and we don't have another wedding until our own wedding in the spring (AH!).

I'm going to do a life update post because I have too much to post!

Wearing: One of my favorite cashmere brands, White and Warren, sent me this beautiful navy and cream sweater. You all already know my love for these cashmere wraps, but they also make so many other beautiful cashmere pieces. This sweater is so thick and chunky and the slight balloon sleeves are a great update on an otherwise classic silhouette. It is one of the nicest made sweaters I have ever worn.

Eating: This is an odd food preference of mine, but I LOVE creamed spinach. It's truly one of my favorite foods of all time. It's actually pretty easy to make, too. I try to limit myself from eating it because it's not exactly healthy with all of that fat, but I came across Aldi's creamed spinach and tried it because I was intrigued and it was SO GOOD. You guys. I went back to Aldi to specifically buy alllll of the creamed spinach. I literally bought 5 packages of it. 

Drinking: Have you guys tried this cranberry ginger ale? We discovered it years ago and love it as a festive cocktail mixer. It pairs nicely with vodka and you can garnish with a skewer of cranberries. The ginger ale is quite sweet (obviously) and I don't like super sweet/sugary cocktails so you can easily cut the calories and sugar by adding in the addition of Trader Joe's cranberry and lime seltzer and then just top off with the cranberry ginger ale. 
Sale-ing: These are the leggings I keep raving about on instastories. They are SO soft and remind me so much of my favorite lululemon wunder under leggings... except these are just $32. They run true to size, I'm wearing a size small. They wash wonderfully and I have worn them to Orange Theory many times now and they hold up so well. I highly recommend these! 

 Over the Thanksgiving holiday/long weekend, we watched the series, Safe, on Netflix and it was so good! A dad's daughter goes missing and it's a wild mystery that eventually reveals where she is. I highly recommend it and was a great show for my fiancĂ© and me to watch together. 

Loving: I love Henry's bow collar. It really pops against his dark fur and anytime I see the bow it just gives me a chuckle. I have loved seeing all of you share your pups in the bow collar, too!

Loving II: Did you guys see the Stoney Clover x Loveshack Fancy collaboration? I love it and it definitely has early 90s Laura Ashley vibes. 

Wanting: These custom name hair clips are SO cute. You all know I can't resist anything personalized, but these are just so fun! I LOVE this cashmere sweater. It's so chic. 

Traveling: We are headed to Philadelphia for a wedding this weekend!
Recommending: I shared this Color Correcting Stick with you all on instastories and got a lot of questions! It's a peach stick that is meant to go on your under eyes before you apply your concealer. The peach color cancels out the purple/blue of under-eye circles. You then apply Concealer overtop of the peach color and your dark circles are gone. It seriously works and is worth every penny. 

Quoting: 'If it's out of your hands, it deserves freedom from your mind, too' // See more of my favorites, here. 

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