Monday, December 23, 2019

Top Products 2019

I always think it's so fun to look back on the most popular products from the year. It helps me to see a clearer picture of what you all love. Today I'm sharing the most popular items! First up is this gorgeous dress that I wore to our engagement party and several other events throughout the year. It's so gorgeous and now comes in pretty emerald green.

I feel like by now, we all have these Gucci headband lookalikes! At only $12 for 3 headbands, these are a steal and so cute! 
Check out the original post on this faux fur vest because I seriously love it SO much. It's so insanely soft and truly looks like real fur. It has a beautiful elegant drape to it!

I have talked a lot about this lip color through the years and it's because I LOVE it. It's so natural and easy to wear year-round. It's creamy and easy to apply without a mirror. There's a reason that it has a cult following. 
This is my 'Jackie O' top. You all know I love this funnel neck/mock neck style as it has a very 1960's vibe. This style is hard to find so whenever I find a piece with the neckline, I scoop it up! 

I wear this sweater non-stop. It's truly one of my favorite things I own. It's really pricey, however, I found an identical version for so much less and you can find it, here

I have 3 colors of these linen-blend shorts because they are the best. It feels like you're wearing athletic shorts but they look more put together. They're so inexpensive, too, and it seems like they restock them each year. You can still get them now if you are headed somewhere warm! 

These scarves are amazing. They're under $50 and truly beautiful. They remind me SO much of Hermés and look so elegant with anything. I love scarves in general because they can really dress up even the plainest of outfits. 
These are my wedding shoes! I love them so much and can't wait to wear them again at our shower! They're truly a classic and I feel so fabulous when I wear them. 

This is one of my most favorite swimsuits ever. The print, the colors, everything about it, I love. I can't wait to wear it again! 
For the price, these are truly the nicest and most comfortable chaise lounge chairs EVER. You can choose any fabric and it includes free in-home delivery. Such a good deal and I would highly recommend. 
How fun are these? Taking my love for blue and white up a notch, ha! I ordered these to wear on the morning of my wedding. Likely not when we are getting ready but to truly sleep in them and wake up in them haha! 
This is such an inexpensive wardrobe staple. It's just a nice, easy, wear-everyday type top! 

So I don't have a photo of these leggings- I have shared them a bunch on instagram stories, hence their popularity, but not one single photo. Why, you ask?! Well, if you do follow me on stories, then you know I literally LOST them. I lost my pants. How does one do that?! I lost them a few weeks ago (after only wearing them once or twice) and have yet to find them. They're fabulous, though. They look black, and then in the right light, they are so pretty and shimmery! Subtle shimmer but different than your typical black workout leggings. I have worn them to Orange Theory so they hold up nicely in an intense workout. 
You all have seen these tops so much since they came out. I truly think it is one of my most favorite tops ever. The fit is so flattering and comfortable and the fabric has such a nice texture to it. It's faux suede but it doesn't look cheap at all. Highly recommend! It runs big so size down. 

I wrote an entire blog post about this product so definitely check that out, but I stopped wearing foundation this year and it was the best decision!! 

I have two windows dressed in these curtains and I love them. They are super inexpensive. As much as I really wanted custom drapes in a designer fabric like Schumacher, it just didn't make sense to spend that kind of money when we will only be in this house for a few years. Down the road, in a forever home, I definitely plan to splurge as I think draperies can drastically change the look of a room! Anyway, I find most drapery panels that aren't custom to look kind of cheap. I searched for months and read TONS of reviews to find these drapes. They're fully lined and incredibly made for the low price. The fabric has a nice, quality weight to it and while the print isn't necessarily 'high end' it does not look cheap at all!! Highly, highly recommend! 
In my opinion, this crisp white button-down is a must for any woman's closet. The fabric doesn't need to be ironed and it's a nice, crisp white. It looks equally as good with jeans as it does with dress pants or a skirt. 
This is quite literally a plastic crossbody bag but a lot of places like stadiums only allow you to carry a clear bag. This is cute enough and the price is super inexpensive. I wouldn't carry it if it wasn't necessary, but when it is, it holds a lot and keeps my items secure. 
I love this beautiful knit cardigan that looks like a tweed blazer. It has Chanel vibes and is so comfortable! 

These slippers are one of my most favorite things that I own and I think my fiancé would say the same about his slippers, too. These are such high quality, so insanely comfortable and wonderfully warm. I could not recommend them more. 

These are one of my favorite pairs of pants. They're inexpensive, fit nicely and are so comfortable. I have had mine for over 3 years now and they have worn so well. They run true to size! My mom got a pair for herself and she loves them, too! 

I don't think I go a month without talking about Lake pajamas. You all know I am obsessed and for good reason. 

This one got its own blog post so you know I love it so much. I use it pretty much daily and you can read the post for a much more in-depth review. Highly recommend. 

This one kind of surprised me since I haven't chatted about it a ton on my blog and not much on Instagram stories either! But I truly LOVE it. It's so lightweight that when I first got it, I was worried it wouldn't be warm enough but this coat is truly incredible. It keeps me so warm. My other Canada Goose feels like I'm wearing a sleeping bag- it's just really bulky so it can be annoying sometimes... sometimes it's necessary because it's that cold, but when the temperatures aren't in the negatives, this is my go-to jacket. It also packs up into a small pouch. Perfect for travel- it can act as a pillow on the plane and also talk up minimal space in luggage.

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