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Dudley Stephens Review

Dudley Stephens Review
Pieces That I Have and Love:
I originally posted this in January of 2020, but I am reposting this post with updated styles and information as my love for DS has continued to grow. I receive many questions about Dudley Stephens whenever I share it on Instagram so this will be a great home base for DS that I plan on updating as I add more fleece pieces to my closet!

I am most definitely one of Dudley Stephens biggest fans. If you are not familiar with the brand, it is a woman-founded company and the pieces are made from fleece that is sustainably spun from recycled yarn. Not only that but the pieces are locally made in Brooklyn, NY. If you've been seeing them all over the internet, there is good reason for that: they are the real deal.

I have many Dudley Stephens pieces including the Park SlopeBrighton BoatneckHighland High-Low TopCobble Hill, and the Jay JoggersEach of these pieces are on heavy rotation, especially during the colder months and the fact that I'm at home now more than ever. 

I get asked a lot if a Dudley fleece is 'worth it' and while that is always a very subjective question, my own personal answer would be 1000% YES. Pittsburgh has really cold winters and so warm pieces that hold up well are just a necessity. Dudley Stephens fits into my lifestyle seamlessly, especially being at home so much. I wear my fleece items in the winter months 3 times a week these days (if not more, honestly). They are worth the hype. 

I'll share my review of each item with sizing notes so you can find your perfect fit. My two favorites out of all of them are the off white Park Slope and the Navy Jay Joggers. Once you get one, you'll want more. 

What is the difference between Terry vs. Vello Fleece?
Before we get into individual reviews, let's first talk about Terry vs. Vello Fleece. Dudley offers several different fleece fabrics but the two most common are the terry and vello. They have a page on their website dedicated to differentiating each fabric that they use that is helpful! 

The terry is a lighter weight fabric and therefore would be better for those who live in warmer climates. Terry is great for spring/early fall or even at night in the summer when it gets cool. Think of the terry as a sweatshirt weight! This is what the Jay Joggers are made with.

The vello is a true fleece (think brands like Patagonia, L.L. Bean, etc.). However, DS's fleece is the softest I have ever felt. It's high-quality and washes so easily and holds up wash after wash. This is a heavier weight than the vello and definitely great for those who live in colder climates. I find that the vello fits my Pittsburgh lifestyle most of the months out of the year and is especially wonderful in the very cold months.

How Do You Care for Your Fleece?
I put mine right in the wash along with my darks or lights (depending upon the color obviously). I dry them in the dryer (I've dried them at different temps depending on what load they are in) and they have not shrunk at all. They hold up wash after wash and keep their softness. 

I have this in vello, off white, size medium. 
Out of all of my Dudley Stephens tops, this Park Slope (in vello in the off white shade) is my most worn top. It matches everything and the off-white is a bit warmer which I prefer to the other bright white that they offer. I wear this top with the Jay joggers at least once a week to lounge around the house. When paired with cute sneakers, I think this top with the Jay joggers is cute enough to go to wear to the grocery store. It's great over the shoulders as the temperatures get a bit warmer, too. I get asked a lot about the turtleneck on these fleeces and if it bothers me. I personally like turtlenecks so it's not a neckline that I have issues with, but you can fold the neck down. When you fold the neck down, it looks quite like the Brighton Boatneck (you can see it folded down in the photo of me on the striped chair with the plaid mug). 

Sizing: The park Slope fits pretty similarly to the Brighton Boatneck (that you will see later in this post). I find this to fit tighter in the shoulders. I am typically a size small in pretty much every brand and would usually order a small in something that looks like this. However, I have broad shoulders and the small is a smidge too tight in the shoulder area. I would say if you have 'normal' or narrow shoulders, go with your typical size as this fits very true to size otherwise! If you are like me with broader shoulders, I would size up! I also prefer roomier items so the extra room in the body is just really comfortable but still not frumpy. 

I have this in vello, navy, size medium. 
This is the same thing as the off white color! Navy is a classic and I wear it quite a bit. I wear a lot of black in the winter months, so this gets worn more in fall and spring than it does in the winter months! 

Sizing: See above for Park Slope sizing! 

Brighton Boatneck dudley stephens
I have this in camel vello fleece, size medium.  
You all know how much I love this style of neckline. It has that very classic, Jackie O vibe to it. I get so much wear out of the camel as I think that color looks less 'athletic' and definitely looks pretty with a pair of jeans. It looks equally great with leggings as athleisure, too! This length hits me right at the hips so it doesn't really cover your bum when you're wearing leggings (but I don't mind). 

Sizing: I find this to fit tighter in the shoulders. I am typically a size small in pretty much every brand and would usually order something that looks like this in a size small. However, I have broad shoulders and the medium fit me better in this. I would say if you have 'normal' or narrow shoulders, go with your typical size as this fits very true to size everywhere but the shoulders! If you are like me with broader shoulders, I would size up! I also enjoy roomy items so the extra room in the body is just really comfortable but not frumpy. 

dudley stephens highland high low fleece top

dudley stephens highland high low fleece top
I have this in vello fleece, size medium, in neon pink.

I *think* this style has been discontinued, but I am going to keep this included in the roundup in case you find it second-hand on paces like eBay and want to know more about it! 

I would say that for me, the Highland High-Low has pretty much one function and that is to wear with leggings. This is my go-to for going to and from Orange Theory or walking with Henry. I love the longer length and the pocket is a nice addition, especially when walking Henry in the fall so I have a place to hold my phone. This also has a flattering boat neck style, however, it's less pronounced than the Brighton Boatneck. I am not normally a wearer of solid bright pink like this but the bright color in the winter really perks me up! 

Sizing: I also find this to be tighter in the shoulders but not as much as the Brighton Boatneck. I like a little bit of a roomier fit for this since it's a tunic style. Since this does cover your bum, I would also say to size up if you have wider hips as it does come down over your hip area!

Dudley Stephens Fleece Review

Dudley Stephens Jay Joggers

Dudley Stephens Jay Joggers
I have them in the terry fleece navy, size small. 
These joggers are the perfect ankle length, the perfect roominess, and all-around a very flattering fit. They are the GOAT of all sweats, in my opinion. They are easily the most flattering pair of joggers I have ever worn. Not to mention that they are SO soft and cozy. They're in the terry fleece so they're not as heavy as the vello fleece, but plenty warm enough for Pittsburgh winters. I'm actually wearing them right now as I write this post. Whenever they are in the laundry, I miss them, that's how much I rely on them in these cold winter months. I have been anxiously awaiting some of the other colors to come back in stock in a size small so I can scoop up more pairs. 

Sizing: I often size up from a small to a medium in joggers from most brands. I prefer joggers to be a little roomy and typically wear a 2 or 4 in bottoms, a 27 in jeans. I'm 5'6" and the size small fits so perfectly...as if they were made for me. So if you are in-between sizes, I would suggest going with the smaller size. 

Dudley Stephens Review

Dudley Stephens Review
I have this in vello in emerald green in a size medium.
This is probably my least favorite style of DS that I have and I don't mean for that to sound negative. It's not that I don't like it, it's great, but it is just that I much prefer the Park Slope style. I do, however, LOVE this emerald green color. It's hard to tell in this photo, but it's the most beautiful deep shade of green. It looks so cute with hunter boots. 

Sizing: The upper portion of this fleece is identical to the Park Slope. The bottom half is a tunic style so it covers your bum in jeans and leggings. Because of that, the body flares out a bit. This also has pockets which is a really nice feature. I get a size medium just like I do in the Park Slope because of the narrow-ish shoulders, however, I find that the bottom half is then a little big. It's nothing super noticeable, but it's probably a big reason as to why I prefer the park slope style. 

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