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The Best Leggings + New Favorite Sneakers

The Best Leggings + New Favorite Sneakers

The Best Leggings + New Favorite Sneakers

The Best Leggings + New Favorite Sneakers

The Best Leggings + New Favorite Sneakers
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My #1 favorite pair of leggings are $98. It's not a price that is outrageous like some pairs can be (I mean seriously $250 for leggings?!), but it's also not inexpensive like many others are (the other day I saw some at Costco for $14). 

So over the past year or two, I have ordered an abundance of leggings to try and see if I could find a pair that lived up to my favorite pair that was less costly than $98. I wish I had this 'revelation' that I found some amazing pair that is exactly the same for half the price. The closest I found were these leggings that are full price $40ish and usually on sale for $15-20ish. They're great and very comparable, but just not as good as my beloved Wunder Under. 

The moral of the story here is that these are the very best leggings and I now feel very qualified to make such a bold statement. Now, obviously, this is all objective. Different people prefer different features in their leggings. But, in case you are on a search for the *perfect* pair, I am urging you to give these a try. Here's what I love about them...

- They give you a great amount of compression without being uncomfortably tight. The compression lasts all day as you wear them and after each wash.  

- The fabric is extremely soft but is cool to the touch so you know when you work out in them, they will wick away sweat and keep you cool. They feel 'slick' and really don't show sweat at all. Because they are slick they also don't attract lint or dog hair. 

- They are plain so you can wear them to workout or wear them with a sweater to lounge. 

- The fabric is thick enough so it hides any imperfections and just gives you a very smooth look. But it's also lightweight/breathable enough that you aren't overheating when working out. 

- I've had some of my pairs for many years and they have held up SO well. I've sweat in them and washed them a ton and they're as good as new. They have never pilled or ripped. 

- The high waist is flattering and modest for working out if you want to wear a cropped tank and not have your stomach showing. 

- There are different lengths, but the 28" is my favorite. At 5'6" they hit me right at the ankle. 

Besides the leggings, I also wanted to chat about these tennis shoes. First of all, do you guys call them sneakers or tennis shoes or athletic shoes or what? I always grew up calling them tennis shoes. Google Trends shows that most people refer to them as sneakers (hence the blog post title as 'sneakers' but it looks like it's a southern thing to call them tennis shoes... I'm a born and raised Pittsburgher so I have no idea why I call them tennis shoes, haha! 

I had been working out in the Nike Joyride Dual Run and the Adidas Ultraboost. I have always loved both. But I wanted to switch things up and after you run a certain amount in sneakers, you are supposed to replace them. I ordered the Nike Dual Run Flyknit because I liked the look of them, but they were AWFUL. The shoe had no support and just felt so uncomfortable from the second I put them on my feet. 

I then tried a few different styles of the 'On' brand of sneakers and did not like any of them... I could actually feel the texture of the outer sole when walking around in them! 

I finally hit the jackpot when I tried these Air Zoom Pegasus! They feel very similar to the Ultraboost but a little stiffer... which is not meant to sound negative, the stiffness just feels more supportive which I really like. They're a running shoe but I find them to be awesome for all types of workouts. 


Julie said...

From Pittsburgh and I too was raised calling them tennis shoes haha!

Molly said...

Originally from Michigan and also call them tennis shoes! But because of the Midwest accent, it always just sounds like "tennashoes." 😆


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