Thursday, January 23, 2020


I hope you are all having a great week! It's been pretty 'normal' around here. I spent a lot of time creating content this week which always has me off of instagram/stories and email which can be a little annoying, but I love doing it and have so many great posts coming up in the next few weeks! 

I was planning on working on Monday (which I did for a few hours) but also was so glad to have one of my girlfriends go to Orange Theory with me that morning since she was off from work! We also ended up doing our grocery shopping together which was fun!

I sent off an e-mail that approved our wedding invitation suite to go to print which is so crazy!!! We aren't sending them out for quite some time still, but we are having them hand-calligraphed which adds an extra step into everything! Also, my parents were visiting my sister this past weekend and they sent out our shower invitation, too! Everything is coming so quickly now, it just amazes me!!

On a totally random note, I am trying to go all January without painting my nails or having them manicured just to give them a rest as I typically get a manicure every 2-3 weeks. It's been unsightly to have bare nails (I just feel so much more put together with manicured nails) but they are so much healthier now! 

Wearing: I'm not a huge statement earring wear-er, but I think there is something so fun and sweet about these heart earrings! Even though they're hearts they really can be worn year-round!
Eating: This is a PSA that Target is selling fun-size Hershey's bars that are PINK! I couldn't resist them in the store, they were so much cuter than the classic brown wrapper. 

Reading: Did you all see that Hermes is making lipstick?! I love Hermes, no doubt, but I'm not so sure I get the hype around the lipstick! 

Sale-ing: I don't typically shop at Matches Fashion because it's pricey, but I always love everything on the site. However, they're having a major sale where you can take an extra 20% off the sale prices using code EXTRA20 at checkout. I ended up snagging quite a few things for our honeymoon this summer, including this beautiful blush pink dress. They have tons of swimsuits, lots of incredible dresses and more... I had to restrain myself, ha! 

 We went out to dinner with our friends on Saturday night and they recommended 'Three Days Later' which is a thriller type movie and it happens to all be filmed in Pittsburgh. We ended up watching it and I loved it. It was so suspenseful and kept me hanging on the entire time. It would be a good movie to watch with your significant other as my fiancĂ© liked it, too! 

Listening: Any Mac Miller fans out there? I am loving his newest album- it's bittersweet to listen to! 

Loving: These earrings and this earring brand. Stunning!!!! 

Wanting: There hasn't been too much that has caught my eye this week except for this blue linen dress that is currently on sale. We are in that weird in-between right now with retailers. I really want to try this undereye primer... I have never heard of a primer specifically for under eyes so I am very intrigued! Since I haven't been finding too much lately, I've been using this time to focus more on decor/house stuff! 

Quoting: Even if you cannot give anything more, give thanks. // See more of my favorites, here. 

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