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Valentine's Day Goodies

Valentine's Day Goodies

We are just about 3 weeks from Valentine's Day! Does anyone have fun plans to celebrate? We haven't made up our minds yet about this year but we are definitely not going out! However, I thought I would share our funny Valentine's Day story from last year. 

We were newly engaged so my fiancé wanted to plan a fun night out. He made dinner reservations weeks in advance (a surprise) at one of my favorite restaurants, Lydia's. At Lydia's, they have a pasta trio where you get unlimited pasta and there are three different kinds. They come around to your table and deliver them tableside out of big pans. It's fun and a little different than your average Italian dinner and the pastas are always homemade and delicious. 

Valentine's Day arrived and I asked my fiancé if he would tell me where we were going so I would know what to wear! He told me and I was excited. As we were getting closer to the dinner, my fiancé texted me and said 'go look at the menu'. Confused, I went to the menu... they made a special Valentine's Day menu and you could not order off of the regular menu. No pasta tasting trio (which is something they're known for). On top of that, there were such limited selections and almost every single dish contained goat cheese. I would consider myself an adventurous eater, I will literally eat anything... but goat cheese. It makes me gag. I literally cannot eat it. Ever. Even if it touches something, I can tell and it makes me ill. It's so weird as I know most people love goat cheese. So we laughed about it and then decided to cancel the reservation. Bummer, but I was glad we found out before we actually showed up! Funny enough, Lydia's is now permanently closed!!! We couldn't get a reservation anywhere else on such short notice and my fiancé felt SO bad. I felt bad that he felt so bad. I truly did not mind at all as the effort and thought meant more than anything else. 

So I said, it's totally fine, we have a big weekend coming up (it was a Thursday and my best friend was getting married that weekend) so I suggested we stay in and order something! He had me choose and I can't remember what I chose but it was one of my favorites and I was again excited, this time for a cozy night in. 

So we place our order via Uber Eats... there was over an hour wait for our food which was annoying but we guessed everyone had the same idea as us to stay in and just order out. So we waited for well over an hour and nothing. All of a sudden, we get an app message saying our order was canceled. We were like WHAT! It was already getting late at this point and we were both starving and I could tell again, my fiancé felt so badly that the night was not turning out as he planned. 
We were at my apartment and I didn't have any food in my refrigerator to even cook us anything. So we decided to order from one of our favorite Mexican spots. The food came after waiting for another hour and they delivered the wrong food!!!!! It was like a series of unfortunate events. By this time, we are laughing hysterically. So we ate the food anyway and still had a great night. The photo above was the only one I took that night and it was to remember the hilarity that had ensued. We were so hungry at that point, we didn't even bother with plates!!! 

We still laugh about that night to this day and I am smiling as I type out this story. Anyway, as we are so close to Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fun to round up some pink/red items that all make great little gifts. Whether you are sending your Galentine something or you're a guy looking to gift your love, these are all fun and Sydney approved!

Ruffled Swimsuit// How cute is this suit? I am craving a warm-weather trip!

Heart Earrings// I love these sweet heart earrings! So fun for February. 

Paper Cocktail Napkins// These are cute for hosting a cocktail party or bringing as a little hostess gift!

Lip Tint// I have the color 'naughty mauve' and love this lip tint. It's a great color without looking glossy or matte (the perfect in-between). It has a pointed sponge applicator so it's really easy to apply even without a mirror. 

Nail Polish// This is my go-to nail polish. It's the most perfect true, bright red. 

Silk Scarf// I can't resist a silk scarf, it adds a little something to even the most basic of outfits. 

Heart Pajamas// You know me and my obsessed with Lake Pajamas and how cute are these heart jammies?

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre// This is one of my very favorite perfumes. It's light and fresh and very easy to wear.

Bow Earrings// These are just darling!

Bud Vase// I have this vase in clear and I love it. It's the perfect size for tossing in a few pretty blooms to brighten up a windowsill or end table.
Bathroom Accessories Set// These are fun! Our guest bathroom is done in shades of pink so these would be great. 

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Pumps// These are my wedding shoes and I love them so much. They're more of a nude when you wear them but they look pink off of your feet. 

Sports Bra// This is my go-to sports bra. It doesn't have any padding but has a nice amount of compression so it holds you in. 

Monogrammed Phone Case// I have this phone case and love it. You can personalize it with any color. This makes such a nice gift!

Cooling Eye Balm// I love this eye balm. It's a fun little add on to my skincare routine!

Lettuce Ware Serving Platter//I have my eye on this one. I love lettuce ware and I think pink is just precious. 

Tissue Box Cover// I shared my monogrammed tissue box the other day on instastories and you all sent me SO many DM's asking where it was from. I find all of mine on Etsy and I found this one recently and just love the look!

Terry Robe// I love that this robe is short-sleeved so you can put on makeup and do skincare without sleeves getting in the way! 

Rattan Wreath// This is too too cute! A fun wreath if you live in a tropical climate... or just wish you did!

Clear Monogrammed Pouch// This is on my wishlist to carry with me in my Goyard tote. An easy and cute way to stay organized. 

Chinese Bouquet Heart Trinket Dish// I love this pattern. We actually registered for the Chinese bouquet salad plates for layering and this little trinket dish is so cute. 

Gift Tags// These are so sweet if you like to give out Valentine's goodies!

Blue and White Napkins// I added these to our registry last minute because I am just drooling over the pattern! I can never resist a good blue and white home item. 

Marem Perfume// I got sent a press package from Casswell Massey and I'm newly in love with their Marem perfume. It's very sophisticated and ladylike but has undertones of woodsy/musk the longer you wear it. 

Pearl Hair Bow// This is so inexpensive and so cute! 

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