Monday, May 11, 2020

Most Used Entertaining Items

While we are not doing a whole lot of entertaining at this time, I have been enjoying setting the table, using the 'nice' dishes, etc. I thought I would share some home items that we have been using a ton that will also come in handy in the future when we are able to have parties at home again!

Chilled Wine Sleeve// We don't really drink white or rosé but we do drink a lot of champagne! This sleeve is just beautiful and truly keeps champagne chilled without needing a messy ice bucket. It looks beautiful on a table but also feels 'civilized' when you're just drinking champagne without a whole dinner party. 

Silver Tray// Trays, in general, are so useful. I like to keep mine out as decor and then pull them as I need them for entertaining. I usually set up a 'champagne' bar where glasses and napkins and champagne are set out and it just makes for a beautiful presentation. Sometimes I use them when we don't have guests over to bring over a 'snack tray' from the kitchen to the living room! 

India Amory Printed Tablecloth// I'm obsessed with India Amory tablecloths. Her prints and the colors bring me so much joy and I just love setting my table with one. I just got my first one last month and I absolutely love it! 

Bud Vase// This is easily one of my most-used vases. It's little but beautiful and looks great basically anywhere since it matches with everything. You can also do an easy, low centerpiece with a few bud vases which I think looks so cute and is good because you can easily see over it! 

Cocktail Picks// We love these for our martinis, but you can use them for meat and cheese boards or really anything. They're so cute. 

Cocktail Napkin Holder// I have a few cocktail napkin holders and keep one full so we can pull it out when needed. These are so handy and pretty. 

Linen Cocktail Napkins// I love linen cocktail napkins. We don't really use them as actual napkins but rather coasters! 

Candle// I have never smelled an Otherland candle that I didn't love. I have an entire drawer in my house for candles and love these. 

Wine Aerator// This gets a ton of use. You can aerate your wine without having to pour the entire bottle into a decanter. This is like ~$10 and makes a great little hostess gift, too. 

Decorative Platters// I love meat and cheese platters. We make them for dinner sometimes for just the two of us! I love smaller, rectangular platters like the one pictured. Besides ceramic, I love wood boards like this. They're definitely more casual but I think they work so nicely for meat and cheese. We also have a few marble boards and the reason I love them is that you can chill them in the freezer for a bit before you add the meat and cheese. It then keeps your meats and cheese chilled for a bit after serving!

Silver Nut Bowl// I have a small silver bowl and I use it ALL the time. I have no idea where mine came from but it is great for serving things like dips and nuts but I also love it as a bowl to eat my own snacks. It's the perfect portion control I put things in there like chips or whatever and it feels nice to be eating out of something pretty but also is helping me to not go through an entire bag of something in one or two sittings. They don't have to be silver, I just have a silver one and love it but there are plenty of other 'dip bowl' options! Love this hammered copper trio. I also love these glass bowls

Pedestal Glasses// I love these for serving water at a seated meal but also love these for just pouring in my seltzer and feeling a bit more civilized. I really love these because they are dishwasher safe! 

Tea Spoons// We use these every day for our coffee but they're also great little serving utensils for dips. I also have the Christmas version and love those just the same! 

Leather Coasters// I got this idea from staying at Zero George in Charleston. On each bedside, every night, they had water bottles and under them would be beautifully worn leather coasters. The coasters kind of blended in with the dark wood of the bedside tables and also soaked up the condensation so there was never any water droplets on the table. Now I'm a huge fan of leather coasters. I just think the way that they age is beautiful and they make such a nice gift. 

Votive Candles// I use votive candles several nights per week. I just think they're inexpensive and a really easy to way to dress up a table or make it feel cozier or more romantic! This brass set on sale is SO cute. 

Canape Plates// I love tiny plates to set out as use for cheese plates but also again, as the nut bowls, tiny plates are great for everyday portion control! 

Preserved Boxwood// I use these as decor around the house. I'm not a fan of fake flowers but preserved flowers are similar to fake in that they last quite a while but are real and don't look fake at all. They have very little maintenance and what I love most is that you can use them in a centerpiece without having to run out to the store to buy fresh flowers. 

Small Crystal Bowls// I love using small crystal bowls to store things like matchbooks around the house in a pretty way, but it also makes eating chips a much more 'elegant' experience. Even if it's just a Wednesday and I want a snack, why not put my chips in a beautiful bowl?! 

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