Tuesday, May 12, 2020

A Lash Serum That Works + My Favorite Mascara

A Lash Serum That Works + My Favorite Mascara

A Lash Serum That Works + My Favorite Mascara
I miss my lash extensions soooo much. But if you read the blog post I wrote about them, then you can see that they're really not 'necessary' in everyday life. My pros for lash extensions are:

- They pop wonderfully in photos. 
- They're great for those who want to 'open up' their eyes a bit more. My natural eyelashes are long and full but they do not curl upward at all. 
- They're great for special occasions like a wedding where you might cry or a vacation where you'll be doing a lot of swimming. 
- You never have to wash mascara off of your eyes which is so nice and because you can't touch your eyes like you do without lashes, I truly think that it has helped to keep the area around my eyes less wrinkled had I not had them... no proof in that statement, but I really do think it could help in the very long run. 
- You really don't need eye makeup. 
- You wake up and your eyes are already somewhat 'done'. 

With that said, even with all of the positives, lash extensions are pricey and take a lot of maintenance appointments. I typically went every 2-3 weeks to get mine touched up. While I fully plan on getting them done when I am able to again, I don't think they're necessarily worth it if you aren't always in photos or don't have frequent special occasions. One of the most often asked questions I get about eyelash extensions is if they ruin your natural lashes. A lot of people think that they do and after getting them done for 4 years straight (without a single break) and now having no extensions due to the stay-at-home order, I can confidently say that in my personal experience, my natural lashes were not affected at all. Truly not one bit.

I have still been craving that extension look while at home so during the Sephora sale I got a 6-week supply of this Lash Serum. I have used neubrow in the past for my eyebrows (it worked wonderfully), but since I had extensions, I had never had any interest in a lash serum. 

I started applying the serum every morning and night when I got it 10ish days ago. It was about a week after I started using it and I wasn't really even thinking to pay attention for results, but I went to put on mascara for the first time in a while and I was like WOW. My lashes were SO long- almost 'too long' if that is even possible. For the neubrow serum that I have used on my brows, it took several weeks to really notice anything at all, but I couldn't believe the immediate results from this serum. 

I only got the 6-week Lash Serum and it's just $35 but you can get the larger size which is more economical. 

Because I've always worn extensions, I literally didn't have any mascara but found this tube of Mascara from a press package. I LOVE it. At first, I wasn't sure because I haven't tried any other mascaras in quite some time, but this stuff is so easy to apply. The brush is easy to coat each lash and doesn't make them too clumpy or spidery looking. You can see it on my lashes in the photo above. 

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Lauren D said...

Thank you for this! I just ordered the lash serum and can't wait to test it out. I stopped getting my extensions filled before the pandemic and got a little impatient with some of the stragglers -- and I ended up with shorter natural lashes than I used to have.


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