Monday, June 8, 2020

Affordable Outdoor Furniture and Decor

Affordable Outdoor Furniture and Decor

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We have a very small outdoor patio. Last year, we made the mistake by rushing into buying something for the small space. We got a small sectional and even smaller coffee table. It came as a set and when it was delivered, we had to build it The sofa and coffee table ended up being SO short. We were certain we did something wrong because the sofa and coffee table were only inches off of the ground. We were laughing hysterically once it was set up it was that low! Sure enough, though, it was how the set was made. I paid attention to all dimensions EXCEPT for the height. My fault. Sitting on the sofa was incredibly uncomfortable because of how low it was and the coffee table was basically unusable. The quality was actually nice and we did get it on sale. Sadly, we really never ended up spending much time out there. We never really had time to be disappointed as we were so busy last summer!

Now, as so much has been canceled this summer, we found ourselves disappointed in our outdoor setup. We know we will spend ample time out there this summer even if it's just enjoying our coffee in the morning and a glass of wine in the evening. We decided to call it a wash and start over. Instead of just tossing the furniture, though, we are giving it to a family friend who said they could make it work for a rooftop second property that they have. So I'm glad it's not a total waste!

So, we ended up ordering this set. It just arrived this weekend so we have yet to set it all up but we are excited! We weren't looking to spend much on our outdoor furniture and decor as we don't really have enough space to invest in something super nice and substantial. We also don't really plan to entertain out there, this is just more of space just for us. But, I am so excited to get our tiny little space into shape so I can start enjoying my morning coffee out there!

In my search, I found so many great outdoor items that are pretty inexpensive. Outdoor furniture and decor can be SO expensive but I was glad to see that there are also a lot of really great affordable items out there, too!
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Mackenzie said...

So many cute outdoor items!! My husband and I starting to look at patio furniture. We have been spending so much time outside on our deck during quarantine, but our patio furniture is very small and old from when we had an apartment together. I’m curious, do you have a chappy wrap blanket? I love the look of them, but curious if they are worth the money. I will be honest I am a huge blanket person.. I own way too many blankets but always get them at TJ maxx.

Sydney Carver Snyder said...

Hi Mackenzie! I agree, I absolutely love the look of the chappy wraps. So many cute designs. I have not tried them but they are on my list to try! I have heard only good things about the brand! I'll be sure to share if I end up getting one!

Maxwell Smith said...

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