Sunday, June 28, 2020

Little White Dress and White Skirt

Snapped these on the hottest and most humid day we have had so far and was so glad to just throw on a lightweight non-clingy dress! I got a white eyelet dress in a very different style last year from Walmart and LOVE it. I wear it constantly so I decided to try out this one and it's going to be another favorite on rotation throughout this summer. 

We snapped these photos while we were downtown picking up takeout to bring over to my parent's house. They truly have an outdoor oasis situation in their backyard so we go over as often as possible. We picked up Condado which is one of our favorite 'make-your-own-taco' places. I think it's one of my fiacĂ©'s favorites in all of Pittsburgh. They also have the best margaritas and you can get them to go! 

I've been trying to dress 'nicer' when we go to my parent's house as I try to think of it as an 'outing'. I do love to dress up but the past few months haven't given me much opportunity to do so. I've taken it upon myself to dress up even if the situation doesn't really call for it!!

Another Walmart score that I have gotten recently is this flowy white Skirt. It has an elastic waist and pockets and is slightly sheer so it makes a really cute swimsuit coverup. I love it paired with one-piece swimsuits! I wore it to our club to sit out by the pool one day and my mom complimented me on it. I told her it was from Walmart and that they have a lot of cute stuff and she ended up ordering a few swimsuits for herself that are SO CUTE and inexpensive! She ordered this, this, and this and all are nice quality and so flattering on her! Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

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