Monday, June 1, 2020

Summer Wardrobe Staples

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I typically tend to reach for the same few pieces over and over again over the summer months. It's not necessarily the exact same dress or top each time but they're all very similar and can be boiled down to a handful of pieces. 

I'm not a capsule wardrobe kind of person- that just doesn't work for me, my taste, or my lifestyle, but I think this is about as capsule wardrobe as it gets. It doesn't really cover all the bases, but you can wear a lot of these pieces in different ways. These pieces all stand the test of time over the years and are just easy to wear. 

Little White Dresses are such a staple for me. Love this one, too! I have so many little white dresses. I love bright white in the summer. I think it compliments a slight tan so well and just looks crisp and chic in most settings. 

White Skinny Jeans my holy-grail white skinnies! These are so comfortable, completely opaque, flattering and high-quality. I wear a size 2 and if you are between sizes, size down. 
White Cropped Jeans are obviously very similar to white skinny jeans but these have a little more of a casual look. 

Oxford Cloth Shirts are a year-round staple for me. They look great with shorts or tied up with a skirt or over a bathing suit as a coverup or under a sweater. The styling options are truly endless. I buy them in a few sizes which provides a bit of a different look. Perfectly classic. 

Flag Sweaters are such an Americana classic and I wear it all summer long and even well into the fall months. 

Linen Shirts and this is my very favorite. They just look so classic, chic, and put together while also having a very laid back vibe. I love white and then a beigey color is close second, but really any color works. 

Flowy Dresses are quite honestly the staple of my summer closet. During super hot days, all I want is something flowing that is breathable and doesn't require too much styling. 

Lilly Shifts will forever be a classic for me. I grew up wearing these and they will always have a place in my heart. Lilly has so many cute styles but their shift style is the most classic in my opinion. Throw on some sandals, grab a basket bag, and you have an instantly adorable and timeless summer look. 

Breton Stripe Tees are another year-round staple for me. I wear them constantly and just have a weakness for stripes. I especially love a tee that is boatneck as I find that to be the most flattering. 

These Linen Shorts, in particular, are my favorite as it's like you're wearing athletic shorts but they're so much more polished. Plus they are super inexpensive and because it is a linen blend, they don't get as wrinkly as 100% linen. 

Mi Golondrina Dresses are truly special and a weakness for me. They are so beautiful and just different than a lot of other things you see. I wear my dresses and tops constantly and always feel so chic in them. I wear dresses also as swimsuit cover-ups, too! 

I am all for Modest Denim Shorts which are surprisingly hard to find. Would you believe if I told you I got rid of all of my denim shorts save for one pair? They are by Rag and Bone and I have had them for ages but they're so comfortable and I just love them. The pair I've linked is very similar in style and modesty.  

Neutral Beachy Sweaters are so versatile and cozy. I love a cotton sweater with a loose-knit to it. It's casual and just looks classic and polished. Great for the cooler nights and mornings we typically have here in Pittsburgh.


Kelly said...

Love this! Staples for me are Lilly Harper shifts (the printed french terry is so perfect for summer), white jean shorts, allll the coverups (I love them as dresses and tops just as much as I do actual swim covers!), and definitely crisp white dresses.

d1miranda said...

Your style is so me. I love it! I wish I could wear the sweaters here in the Derp South but we rarely have the opportunity. Can you make styling suggestions for the denim shorts? It’s so hard to pair things with them without looking frumpy. Thank you!


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