Friday, July 31, 2020

How To Make The Perfect Charcuterie Board

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Kicking off the weekend with some talk about one of my favorite topics: charcuterie boards!! I live for a good platter filled with all kinds of snacks. Luckily, my fiancé agrees so we will often make a big board and just munch on that for dinner!

I whipped up this big one because I had just gotten this beautiful, nautical wooden tray from Wren Home which is a new-to-me brand. They have gorgeous wooden pieces and most of their items can be monogrammed. They offered me a discount code to share with all of you: SYDNEY20 for 20% off. The quality is SO nice, I could not recommend it more, especially as a beautiful gift!

I also thought I would share with you all what I put on my board. I change it up every single time but the thing that helps me to make sure it's varied and beautiful is that I start with 'large' items and work my way to the smaller items. So basically I'm left filling in spaces with things like nuts and berries!

- Red Grapes
- Green Grapes
- Blueberries

I usually start with big bunches of grapes and then end up filling in at the end with blueberries!

- Almonds (Costco)

We buy mini bags of nuts that are assorted from Costco. They keep well in the individual bags, are easy to tote around for snacking, and are perfect when you just need a handful or two for a charcuterie board! 

- Aged Irish White Cheddar (Aldi) 
- Mini Mozzarella Balls (Giant Eagle)
- Brie Wheel (President Brand)

Usually, the triple cream brie from Trader Joe's is my #1 brie pick but we didn't have that on hand! Sometimes, when I don't have a ton on hand to make a big platter, I like to bake a brie wheel and top with fig jam. SO good. 

- Bite-sized dry salami (Aldi)
- Prosciutto (Whole Foods)

- Jalapeno artichoke dip (Trader Joe's)
- Hannah Hummus (Costco)

The Hannah Hummus is something we get in a big tub at Costco. It is the BEST store-bought hummus I have ever had. It is so flavorful, smooth, and creamy! 

- Sliced sourdough baguette (Whole Foods)
- Fig and Olive Crackers (Trader Joe's)
- Triscuits 

- Carrot sticks
- Sliced Cucumbers
- Oh, Snap! Pickles

The Oh, Snap! Pickles are something I am never ever without. They are individual bags of pickles (which sounds really weird, I know) but the thing is that they aren't in a ton of liquid so they are INCREDIBLY crisp. They are my favorite pickles ever. I can't get enough. You can get them at Target but you can also sometimes find them in a pack of 6 at Aldi. 

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