Monday, August 17, 2020

How I Do Seasonal Home Decor

As we head towards fall, I always reflect on seasonal decor. It's easy to get caught up in the season or holiday when you are in a store like Pottery Barn or Target and end up buying things that don't really work in your home or items that just end up cluttering your space.

I've mentioned this in the past, but I am not super into seasonal home decor and decorating for holidays in my own home. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing it when I am out and about or in other's homes, but at my home, I find that too much seasonal decor can become too busy and has a cluttered/tacky feel.

That's not to say that I don't do anything at all! I have very small touches that I will do throughout the year depending on the holiday or season. The things I do fall into a few categories:

- Florals/greenery
- Scents
- Swapping out colors/textures
- Lighting

I definitely do 'more' during the Christmas season but still think I keep it to a minimum. I ran across the photos above in my phone and wanted to share them with all of you because I feel that it perfectly illustrates the 'small touches' that I'm talking about!

This little ginger jar sits atop the bar cabinet. I switch it out ever so slightly each season/holiday. It's not a huge change but it's something little and subtle. It doesn't really add too much or take away from anything else... subtle!! Florals, in general, are such an easy way to incorporate a season! 

Other things that I do when seasons change are swap out scents. You all read about my favorite fall candles but I also use diffusers in all of the bathrooms in our home, too! I think smell is such an easy way to create a 'seasonal' vibe! 

I also like to add ribbon/bows to items like you can see in the above photos...must be the bit of Grandmmillenial in me! I think it's fun and another really easy, subtle way to hint at the season or the holiday. I LOVE plaid and velvet for Christmas so this is where I really get into the ribbon. 

I also like to swap out pillows or throws for another easy change. I loathe throw pillows that say things, so rather than something like that, I opt for colors and textures. So right now, since it is still summer, I have navy blue and white throw pillows that have a woven/textured look. In the fall/winter, I'll swap those out for a brown woold Ralph Lauren houndstooth fabric and hunting Ralph Lauren navy fabric pillows. I don't do too much swapping when it comes to throws, but do love a tartan throw during the Christmas season!

Another slight change that doesn't scream seasonal, but rather just adds more warmth is that I plan to swap out the runner rug in my kitchen! I got a new one back in late March that is gorgeous (from Ballard Designs). It really has brightened up the kitchen and makes it feel summery! I plan on using that runner from April-ish to September-ish and then October-March, I think I'll use the more traditional red runner rug that I have had for years (no link, sorry!!).  They're two very different looks, but the red adds 'coziness' that I crave in the fall and winter and the blue adds the light and brightness that I prefer in the warmer months.

With fall almost here, I personally crave a cozy feeling, and to accomplish this, in the evenings, I always make sure that the house is lit with lamps rather than overhead lighting. Lamplight, in my opinion, is much warmer and cozier! We have lamps in our basement, in our kitchen, and even in the bathroom! I will do a blog post on lighting eventually because I think this is something Nancy Meyers does SO well in her films. I think a huge reason her films feel so cozy and familiar is that she uses lamplight in so many scenes- she is a fan of the kitchen lamp! 


Anonymous said...

I like your approach! Mine is similar, just a few touches here and there. I actually scaled wayyyy back on the Christmas decor last year and ended up loving it. I didn’t feel an itch to tear it down on December 26 for the first time ever!

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