Thursday, August 13, 2020


We got back from the lake on Sunday night so this week has been a lot of catch up with work and stuff around the house. We went to Costco to stock our refrigerator because we didn't even have eggs! Costco is one of my favorite places. I know that's about as lame as it gets but they have so many neat things!! This trip was a flop, though, as they didn't have that many 'cool' things. I can't wait until they have soups again- that is one of my favorite things to buy!

I had the best time at the lake. The change of scenery alone was wonderful. We just hung out around the house, lounged on the dock, went for boat rides, and took the jetski out. I read a few books, we watched a few movies. A lot of delicious meals were cooked and Henry had an absolute ball.

Henry went to the groomer this week because he gets MESSY at the lake. I wanted to get him in on Monday, but our groomer has been so booked this summer, it's crazy!

I have felt energized this week and feel a bit of creativity creeping in that I haven't felt in a while and I'm excited about lots of fall content to come!

I also feel like I'm at the point where I am SO OVER casual clothes. Don't get me wrong, I like sweatpants and pajamas and all of that. I have a great collection of lounge clothes, but I just want to wear cute polished outfits. So, I think I will make it a goal for myself for the month of September to get dressed in a cute outfit daily.

Wearing: I wore this Lilly Dress so much at the lake. It was so easy to just toss on since it gets so hot there during the afternoons and yet it looked so put-together. It's BEYOND comfortable so I couldn't love this dress more. 

Eating: My sister made street corn salad at our lake house one night and it was SO good. So my fiancĂ© made it for us this week and it was incredible. We used this recipe and omitted the vegetable oil and avocado. 
Drinking: We got into High Noons at the lake. They are vodka and seltzer in a can... unlike White Claws, they are not malt liquor but instead actually vodka.  

Reading: I read two books that I did not like while I was at the lake and I thought I would share those with you so you might want to avoid them. The first is All We Ever Wanted and the second is One Day In December. Both storylines were long and drawn out and I didn't find the writing in either particularly well done. I was so bummed. I LOVED The Nightingale so I've been searching so much for something super similar. 

Sale: I'm double posting today. As you all know, today is the official day where all Nordstrom cardholders can finally shop the Anniversary sale! So check my second blog post if that's something you are interested in! 

 Guys, I have no shows to watch. I have tried to get into so many different things and just can't. But, I'm re-watching The OC which I have shared on here like 10 times already, and really love it. It's a great and easy show to watch in the evening! 

Loving: I am just smitten over this tablecloth that I ordered on major sale from Amanda Lindroth. If you haven't checked out the brand, they make the most beautiful linens and homegoods. And, the sweet Diane Hill, a London-based artist sent me the most beautiful phone case that features her artwork. The case is truly stunning and I love the colors so much. This would make such a nice gift for the fellow Chinoiserie lover! 

Wanting: I've gone full-on fall-mode in my clothing searches. I can't wait for slightly cooler days and wearing sweatshirts to walk Henry!

Smelling: Did you catch this week's post about my favorite candles?! I finally smelled the leaves candle this week and I did not like it! It smelled way too strong and just smelled like apples and cinnamon which I don't love. I was bummed! 
Quoting: See more of my favorites, here. 


Laura said...

I love the phone case but concerned about protecting my phone. What is your opinion how well the phone case is made with phone protection?

Laura said...

If you are looking for something similar to The Nightingale try All The Light We Cannot See, Lilac Girls, Along the Infinite Sea (my personal favorite book ever), and the Alice Network.


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