Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The Best Coffee Mug

I love coffee mugs. An odd sentence, isn't it? But I really do. If I see a cute one, I can't help myself!! The problem is that the cutest ones are not always the most practical and I have learned over the years, that they end up just being a waste of cupboard space. 

So, this year, I went through all of my mugs and started to get rid of the ones I truly don't use and really tried to decide which ones I love the most and then order more of those. 

My perfect mug has to be able to hold a lot of coffee. I like 16oz of coffee and rather than have two cups of 8oz, I drink the 16oz immediately. This is probably my #1 requirement and I have to say that it's HARD to find a 16oz coffee mug. 

It also *must* be dishwasher and microwave friendly. I have no time to be handwashing my daily coffee mugs and I need to be able to pop it into the microwave if it needs to be zapped. I have found so many cute ones but if they have the beautiful gold detailing, it is not microwave or dishwasher-friendly. 

It has to be lightweight. I loved that Anthropologie initial mug- so cute, right? Well, it's CLUNKY and the handle is not great either. The heavier the mug, the more I feel like I am going to slosh coffee everywhere. 

The rim of the cup has to be thin. I love those 'character' mugs during the holidays- you know the Santa face and all of that? Darling. But oh my goodness, the rim on that is SO thick and hard to drink from. 

Ok, by now, you all probably think I am nuts, but let me tell you, I found the GOAT of coffee mugs. I actually can't believe I haven't done this post sooner because I've had the mug for years. 

Here is why I love it:

- Dishwasher and microwave safe. This has gone into the dishwasher a thousand times and has been microwaved and the cup looks as good as new. 

- It's made of bone china so it has a thin rim to drink from and is very lightweight. Because it is bone china, it feels very elegant and not at all clunky. It has not chipped at all. 

- It is 16oz!!! It holds a LOT of coffee and that alone brings me so much joy. 

- As much as I love colorful, fun mugs, this one is plain white and so it really goes with all of our dishes, which is nice.

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Maureen said...

LOVE C&B and lucky to have an outlet not far away! They never disappoint. This is wonderful!

krystin said...

I have literally been on the hunt for the perfect mug with the same "requirements"!! Thank you for sharing!

Lauren said...

C&B always has such great find! I also really like your note pad!


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