Friday, August 14, 2020

The Best Lounge and Everyday Bras

The Best Lounge and Everyday Bras

The Best Lounge and Everyday Bras

I randomly discovered this bra when I was in Target earlier this summer. As soon as I felt it, I wanted to buy it. They were out of my size in the store so I ordered it online and I am obsessed. I have been wearing it non-stop ever since. 

I don't love a lot of padding and this one doesn't have much, but just enough to give you a little coverage and shape. It's also seamless and the fabric feels like butter. The number one reason I love it so much is because it is INSANELY comfortable. I can barely tell I have anything on. 

It's definitely the least sexy bra I have ever seen or worn, but it's just great for every day under a t-shirt or sweater. You can see the photos of mine above- there was no way of making this bra look appealing, haha! But I swear once you put it on your body, it will feel amazing. 

I realized Target offers 4 different bra styles from this brand. I had never heard of it before but now I might be their biggest fan and just ordered a few more in different styles. 

Then, when shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I realized the brand is also included in the sale. Full price the bras on Nordstrom's website are almost double that of Target and to me, they look exactly the same. So, I'm not sure if the brand just made a budget line for Target because I can't find much info on the situation online but I'd much rather the Target price than the Nordstrom price! Even in the Anniversary Sale, the bras are still higher priced than the Target version

So anyway, all that to say, snag the Target bras while you can. They are all priced at just $23 and I find them to be true to size. They have a lot of stretch which is nice and makes things super comfortable and nicely fitted. I am smaller chested, so I don't need a ton of support and none of these have underwire or a ton of support. So, I'm not sure how they'd be with larger chests, but even if you just wear them to lounge in, the comfort is so worth it. They're like butter!

On the brand's own website, they have a ton of different styles, so I am intrigued to try something like this! 

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jcu said...

Yes! Tried these recently from Target and was wondering if it was a cheaper line as well but they are the best thing ever! Even if they aren’t super attractive haha.


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