Friday, August 28, 2020

Where to Find Vince Cashmere On Sale

Shop the Cardigan:

I kind of forget about Ruelala... I used to do a lot of shopping on there in college as the prices were good and they had really good flash sales on brands I love. Their site is a little 'all over the place' now, so it's become harder to navigate through all of the 'stuff' and find the real gems, so I kind of forgot about the site. 

However, I noticed the other day that they have a TON of beautiful Vince cashmere sweaters at very good prices. These photos are from back in June, but I've been wearing this Navy Cashmere Cardigan nonstop- in fact, I'm wearing it as I am writing this! In true Vince form, it's incredible quality, so soft, fits wonderfully, and is just overall a very classic wardrobe staple. As of writing this, the Navy Cashmere Cardigan is fully in stock in all sizes and well under $200! 

Vince is one of my very favorite brands, as you all probably can tell, but at full price, the pieces are so expensive so I love any way to save on a Vince piece! In my search, I also found a ton of Vince pieces at Nordstrom rack. Because these sales can always be spotty with sizes being sold out, I recommend using the filters up at the top to sort everything by size so you can assess what you like best with items that are in stock in your sizes. There is nothing more frustrating than finding something amazing and realizing it's totally out of stock in your size, right?!

Besides Ruelala and Nordstrom Rack, I also found a few on Nordstrom's 'regular' website. This black cashmere and wool cardigan is 60% off (a better price than some of the pieces in the Anniversary Sale)!!

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