Thursday, August 27, 2020


This week has flown by! Not really too much to report here other than we had a major water issue here yesterday which ate up most of my day, which was not fun!! I learned a lot of new terms, that's for sure. Glad that is behind us!

This past weekend we had a picnic in Oakland. We got Chikn takeout (seriously best chicken sandwich) and sipped on bubbly. It was the most beautiful night and we were graced with a stunning sunset. It was a lot of fun and a great way to enjoy the wonderful weather! Sorry for the grainy photo, it was starting to get dark so capturing it was tough on an iPhone!

I know a lot of you have DM'd me in the past few weeks about the Wella Fusionplex sale at Ulta that usually happens around now. It's my go-to conditioner and I haven't seen it go on sale but I am checking their website literally daily and if I ever see it go on sale, I will share!! The best way to get these kinds of sale alerts is to follow me on Instagram so you are able to watch my Instastories! It's usually around $45 and I know when they have a sale, it goes down to $13! Fingers crossed it goes on sale soon!

I spent a lot of this week browsing for fall clothing/accessories/etc. and I've been pretty disappointed in the selection. I am not surprised as a lot of supply chains and all of that has been disrupted. I am over wearing lounge clothes so I am looking forward to a fall spent in cute sweaters and casual dresses- even if I am the only one to see myself in them!

I'm excited about a new skincare product that I just got earlier this week. I don't want to share it too soon because I want to really make sure I have plenty of days to test it, but just in the few days I have tried it, I am LOVING it. Will share details soon if I continue to love it!

Wearing: I've been living in this Dress. It's inexpensive and SO comfortable. We have had some more very hot days come our way and this is just the easiest to throw on and actually looks pretty cute with a sweater or sweatshirt over top! 

Eating: Did you all see the 10 fall recipes I want to try?! I'm hungry just looking at them. 

Reading: Last year, I bought a gigantic mum from Costco. I was so excited about fall and love the look of mums in the fall. Well, I quickly killed my mum. I am going to try again this year. So I found this article that shares some tips on how to keep mums alive. I think my biggest failure must have been that I kept it in its original pot the entire time. I repotted my basil plant and limelight hydrangea plant immediately when I got them so I think that is a big key for getting plants to thrive. Fingers crossed!! 
Sale: These jeans are one of my favorites and right now they are $10 off (under $100!) I love the lighter wash on them! 

 I absolutely cannot wait for a new season of The Crown!! Did you all see the trailer? It comes out in November! 

Loving: This weekend, August 28th – 30th,  Talbots will be donating 10% of net proceeds to our philanthropic partner, Dress for Success.  In addition, for every top purchased, we will donate one new professional top to Dress for Success – up to 5,000 – which means helping 5,000 women, and their families.

Loving II: This 'serene blue' color that Lulu has come out with is SO pretty. I want everything!! 

Wanting: These napkins are SO cute and feel like fall without being too 'themed'!! 

Smelling: I forgot to include this candle in my fall candle roundup, but it is SO good. I just ordered one. It's definitely a little more wintery because of the 'fir' but I can't wait to burn it! 

Quoting: 'There is no failure, you either win or learn.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

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