Monday, October 19, 2020

Gift Guide: Small Business Part I

I wanted to kick off my 2020 gift guides with items that are from small businesses. I wanted to do this one as early as possible so that these wonderful small businesses get exposure before the large retailers but also because I hope it reminds you to shop early with these small businesses so as to not overwhelm them and so you can ensure you'll get your items by the date you need them! Personalized items always take longer, so now is the time, if you can believe it! 

This gift guide solely focuses on small businesses and I am breaking it down into two parts because I just have far too many wonderful items to include. So Part II is coming very soon. I will also to include items from small businesses in future gift guides as well! 

June St. George Pillows// This company is really cool for those who love home decor. You can design pillows and rugs with a myriad of different colors, designs, and monograms. The pieces are incredible and the options are endless. We have the monogrammed pillow you see in the collage above on our bed and they are beautifully made and so soft. Not only that, but they can make dog beds. Henry has a bed that matches our bedroom pillows and it is the coolest thing ever and Henry LOVES the bed. 

Diane Hill Phone Case// Diane Hill is a London-based artist that creates the most beautiful chinoiserie style paintings. Her work is truly incredible. It is mesmerizing to watch the videos that she shares on Instagram. She created a line of phone cases with her artwork on them and they are just stunning. I have the phone case you see in the collage and it truly brings me joy every single day. 

Indigo Home Dog Bowl// Dana creates beautiful ceramic items, but most specifically, I love the dog bowls!! Henry has this chinoiserie bowl and I just love how it meshes with our decor so well. We have had our bowl for several years now and it still looks as good as new! 

Dudley Stephens Fleece// Who knew fleece could be SO cute. Functional and fashionable, Dudley Stephens makes the coziest fleece items from tops to bottoms. I have a few of their pieces and they are such high quality and so warm! You can read my reviews on the three DS items I have, here

Sasha Nicholas Champagne Bucket// We have several Sasha Nicholas pieces and I absolutely love them. You can choose from a bunch of different monogram styles and they have so many different styles to choose from. Their champagne bucket is something that was given to us from my sister's future in-laws. It was so incredibly thoughtful of them and I just LOVE it! They just came out with 160z mugs. We have their smaller ones but you all know how much I love big mugs! These are on my Christmas wish list, that's for sure! 

Lisi Lerch Earrings and Bags// You all know my love for Lisi Lerch! I have sooo many pairs of their beautiful earrings and wear them often, especially during the holiday season. I think something like a statement earring is particularly good for this year where you may not be getting dressed up as much as in year's past, but a statement earring can really dress up even the most basic of outfits! I love these pearl earrings that you see in the collage above! 

Wren Wood Board// I love my nautical-inspired wood board. I have made some beautiful charcuterie boards on this and I love that mine is personalized. This is the kind of thing you could give to your in-laws or someone who seemingly has everything as it is personalized, useful, and you can never really have too many pieces for entertaining! Use code SYDNEY20 for 20% off! 

Sail To Sable Clothing// I have been a fan of Sail to Sable for many years. Their pieces are classic, beautiful, modest, and elegant- which is hard to find!! 

Charleston Cotton Napkins// I love table linens and Jill creates the most unique and special napkins! She is who I used to create the Henry napkins!! I am loving the scalloped Christmas napkins

Unorthodoc Candles// I have the tranquility candle and it is one of the best smelling candles ever. It's lavender but also has hints of cedar so it's slightly cozy and floral all at the same time. I need to order a new one because I am about to burn through my current one! Even when it is not lit, I can still smell it and when it is lit, it fills a large space!! 

Dogwood Hill Stationery and Paper// We are using them for our wedding and working with them has truly been a joy and so seamless. They create beautiful things that are unique and personalized. I finally picked out a Christmas card that we are going to use from them, so stay tuned! Right now they are having a sale through October 25th. Take 15% off with code BIRTHDAYBASH2020.

Meg Carter Designs Earrings// These earrings are so special and the details are jaw-droppingly gorgeous! My mom is going to be wearing her earrings for both my wedding and my sister's wedding! Right now, they are having their biggest sale of the year. Buy one, get one free. You will be charged for the more expensive item in your cart. No limit and valid through 10/22. 

Weezie Towels// You know you are old when you are excited about towels, but seriously, we love these towels and use them daily. They are beautiful, personalized, absorbent, and soft! 

Garland Bags// These clutches are so unique. They are made with vintage scarves, designer fabrics, and vintage hardware. I have one and it's so special- truly a showstopper. I've worn it now with jeans, but fully plan on wearing mine the next time I get dressed up for a wedding or event. 

Chappy Wrap Fleece Blanket// This is not your average fleece blanket. I just received the Sail to Sable blanket in the mail and was SO excited about it. It's thick, but not bulky. If my eyes were closed and I felt the Chappy Wrap, I would truly think it was velvet. It's that soft.

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